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  1. Had a good time last night as well, started visual with a 5mm EP I picked up on here, then moved over to the webcam. Had a quick play with registax, but will have another go at processing it tonight.
  2. With a GOTO mount you can use it manually or you can use the GOTO function, you can choose. For most of my visual I vaguely align the mount north and either release the clutches and manually move the scope, or use the handset. I tend to set the GOTO up only if I am doing photography or struggling to find something. Once I had an idea of the scope I wanted for AP, and the payload of mounts, and wanting tracking, the extra cost of a 2nd hand GOTO (HEQ5Pro) wasn't that much more than the non GOTO.
  3. I have hired boats on the Norfolk Broads, have had some stunning skies. On several occasions we have been moored up in the middle of nowhere and been the only boat there, no nearby roads or buildings.
  4. I wimped out before the skies cleared, early start here at work today.
  5. Going to have a coffee and wait, have found a great decaff otherwise late caffeine rally messes me up.
  6. I am down in Hadlow so not far from you, gong to get my kit ready but cant have a late one tonight. Surprised how quickly the clouds vanished Sunday night, and how quickly they came back again.
  7. Are you OK with paypal and can you give me a price including postage (UK TN11 0HD) Cheers Jon
  8. Really good guide from jambouk. Only things I would add would be to run through the alignment process in daylight, that way you have an idea whats next in the menus, also triple check the format for date/time and location, I use an app on my phone for this (think its only for skywatcher synscan, its called syscanit). You could also get your finder scope aligned in daylight, then fine tune on a star. Work out where you want your kit to be and get a chair and table in place, and figure out where any cables or a battery will be. I tend to put any power related stuff in a box or on a bit of wood to keep them off the grass. And have fun! I had first light with my refractor last weekend, also had family around, it was a magic evening.
  9. Hi Jon, do you still have the 5mm X-Cel? Cheers Jon
  10. You could use a tablet (Win/Android/Apple) or your laptop and connect using one of the Bluetooth modules, think they cost around £60.
  11. Does depend how portable you want to be, just looked at 110ah deep cycle battery one and it weighs 25Kg.
  12. 17ah is £40 from Halfords, but if your looking at long term use a deep cycle battery and good charger are a better bet. I use Halfords one to run my mount, works fine.
  13. Looks about as rugged as my HEQ5, and a bit better than my camera, webcam, powerpack, etc. Chuck it in sandwich box with some sealant and should be fine, I would be more worried about my mount than the usb hub.
  14. Its images like that that inspired me to get in to astronomy and astrophotography. Really stunning. I am on holiday on IOW (Seaview) in May, might bring the telescope.
  15. apart from making sure everything is in the correct format, including location, time, date, no.