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  1. Think this will sort you https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetails-saddles-clamps/astro-essentials-vixen-type-photo-dovetail-bar.html I would add an arca swiss style clamp to it and an arca swiss plate to the camera to make life easier. I have a quiet a variety of tripod heads spanning many years and makes, using £10 arca swiss style plates and clamps you don't have to jump between adapters. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aluminium-Acratech-Wimberley-Manfrotto-Arca-Style/dp/B00OCG0B7K/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_421_bs_lp_tr_­t­_­1­?­_­e­n­c­o­d­i­n­g­=­U­T­F­8­&­a­m­p­&­p­s­c­=­1­&­a­m­p­&­r­e­f­R­I­D­=­DSXW5A9XXTXBQFSKB2XB You could add a ballhead as well to make pointing easier,
  2. JonC


    I like those, must get some for the inlaws. Where did you get them from?
  3. JonC

    3D Printers

    Main task at the moment is learning how to use the various software. Going to start with Cura to allow me to use existing models, have also downloaded and got the free license for Fusion 360 so I can make my own models. First test print came out very well, probably haven't got enough PLA to do a 2nd, picking some up tomorrow. The quality of the components of the Ender 3, and its ease of assembly has surprised me.
  4. JonC

    3D Printers

    Just built my Ender 3 Pro and running a test print. Very impressed with the way the kit is packaged, everything you need including the tools, and some spare washers, very easy to assemble. I have a spare raspberry pi laying around, is octoprint worth using?
  5. JonC

    3D Printers

    I will be interested to get your thoughts on the Ender, its one I am considering getting. Did you get it on ebay?
  6. JonC

    3D Printed Spool Holder (off topic)

    Just out of curiosity, is there a get you started 3D printer out there? Ideally under £200, or are they all similar? Cheers Jon
  7. JonC

    Hello from Maidstone, UK

    Assuming that the two local pubs are correctly named I am a Man of Kent
  8. JonC

    Hello from Maidstone, UK

    Probably a bit better, got Tonbridge to the south and Maidstone to the north, need to head further south to get better skies.
  9. JonC

    Hello from Maidstone, UK

    Hello from just down the road in Hadlow
  10. JonC

    Win 10 Home to Pro update path

    If your on win 10 home 64 bit its easy, no wipe required, but as always backup anything valuable. I have recently done several upgrades and new installs using keys from https://softwaregeeks.co.uk/product-category/windows-10/ I have used them a lot, other people have been using them (on here), etc. Costs £20. Instructions are provided with the key, here they are 11 | P a g e w w w . S o f t w a r e g e e k s . c o . u k UPGRADING TO 10 PRO. IMPORTANT! Step 1: Before running the upgrade, you MUST DISCONNECT YOUR COMPUTER FROM THE INTERNET Step 2: You will need to upgrade to 10 PRO by using the following dummy key in control panel --- system and security --- system --- change product key: VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T Step 3: After the upgrade is completed and you see you have installed Windows 10 PRO in Control panel --- system, RECONNECT YOUR COMPUTER TO THE INTERNET Step 4: Click on change product key and use the purchased key (Purchased key is always in the email
  11. JonC

    Nikon D7200 Vs D7500

    I would stick with your D7100 over the D5600, its a more pro body, has a better focus system, more metering options, better control setup, is weather sealed (lens dependant). I tend to jump a generation or 2 when upgrading, last one was a D90 to the 7200.
  12. JonC

    Dark frame before stacking...

    If the camera is set to autofocus it will not take a photo if you have the lens cap on, that would be my guess.
  13. Don't buy anything yet. What eyepieces have you got with it? Best thing to do is get the hang of setting it up and being aligned, az-gti is pretty easy to use.
  14. What model tripod? Many manfrottos have 9Kg capacity.
  15. JonC

    Debayering a DSLR's Bayer matrix.

    What are the current "starter" cmos mono cameras? Just wondered what price point I would be looking at. Cheers

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