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  1. A bit of an odd question. A month or so ago I was over at my parents and noticed something odd about the streetlights. They were moved to LED a while ago and looked a bit blue on the road, the odd bit was that above the lights there was a noticeable green cast. The green was so noticeable and elevated that it looked like an aurora, in the middle of Kent. I do keep meaning to take a photo of it, but haven't had time yet. Tonight while walking home I noticed some odd green light from the streetlights, so I recorded it. Hopefully the attachment works, ypu should see a green point floating around the bottom of the video, and the emitter appears to be on top of the lamppost. Any idea what its doing? Is its just to detect movement and turn the streetlight on? 20180504_210539 1.mp4
  2. JonC

    SkyWatcher AZ4 mount - SOLD

    If you were closer would have picked up, so not for me. Keep telling myself not to impulse buy
  3. JonC

    SkyWatcher AZ4 mount - SOLD

    Interested, where in South England are you?
  4. JonC

    old or new?

    My 100Ed came from ENS, very happy with it. Main advantage was that it was scope only, no eyepieces etc, and the price reflected this. There were plenty going on ebay from private sellers for more.
  5. JonC

    Windows version for cam’s

    Cant you just set the active hours to be at night, so that it updates during the day? Think you can set 18 hours aside when updates cannot take place in Win10.
  6. JonC

    Equipment reviews

    I don't blame them, Atik don't appear to have released an update for the software yet, the problem isn't with the pi, its with Atik Air. The latest version of the Pi was only released 4 weeks ago.
  7. Wifi extenders are uni directional, if you want to increase the range in a fixed direction, directional antennas can be used. To get a connection to a shed I have used an Alfa usb wifi adapter with a directional antenna, ideally you would have directional antenna at each end. Wifi has been pushed to 304km!
  8. JonC

    Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

    No problems with Win10 here, although lightroom is CS5, photoshop is CS6, both 64bit.
  9. JonC

    Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop

    Just a heads up, if you have an old version of photoshop / lightroom and your new camera isn't supported, you can use adobe DNG converter to convert files. Works well, supports new cameras as quickly as PS does, and free. My setup is CS5 and 6, so released 2011, using the DNG converter it still works with new cameras.
  10. A lot of my kit is 2nd hand, mainly from here. Its also worth keeping an eye on retailers that sell 2nd hand stuff as well, my refractor came from ENS optical and was a similar price to a private sale / ebay.
  11. I cant see why not. I have flown quadcopters where you steer the camera using goggles and head movements. Issue would be how quick the count can move, lag can make the user feel motion sickness.
  12. Have you got a photographic tripod knocking around? I have my AZ GTI attached to an old Manfrotto tripod (with the photo head removed) and it works well. £50 will get you something on ebay, maybe a Manfrotto 190. The problem with lightweight and cheap is that stability will suffer, you either have to spend more, or pack a bit more weight.
  13. One reason you might get a visit is if your using a red torch, reds used by people that are lamping with rifles. Things have changed over the last few years with more people using night vision kit, as its more affordable now.
  14. JonC

    Optical Wonder Baader Fluid

    Ebay has ACS grade solvents including acetone and methanol. Unfortunately I no longer have access to HPLC grade solvents I make GCs now so work with UHP gases, impurity measurements down to low ppb.
  15. JonC

    Integrated WiFi - The Future?

    My preference would be to have a ethernet port on the mount, preferably with the ability to provide power (PoE). You would then be able to add modules that would be directly powered by the mount, so wifi, a hub , etc. A hub would allow you to add and power other devices such as cameras and handle the data transfer. You can already get fibre optic converters if your using large amounts of data, or want to run over long distances. For now I think that the manufacturers are sticking with industrial standard connections, so that's serial. The industrial kit I work with is still controlled largely via RS232, although we also provide Ethernet, signal output is 4-20mA which even the newest facilities in the most cutting edge tech sectors being built are still using.

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