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  1. We already use a sort of CO2 as a fuel system, its biomass. I work in industrial gas. and we provide CO2 purity analysers to various places that produce a lot of CO2, rather than wasting it, its piped in to greenhouse (usually tomato), gets cleaned and compressed for industrial gas use, or gets used by fizzy drink producers. Pretty sure CO2 enriched atmospheres are being used to accelerate biomass fuel production, definitely read about one trial a few years back. The problem with using CO2 directly as a fuel is that it is very stable, that's one of the reasons its used in fire extinguishers.
  2. Before moving I kept the tripod and weights in one of those plastic outdoors storage boxes, get the right size and you can keep the legs spread and tray attached, the head was kept inside.
  3. The 130PDS is a dedicated AP scope, so currently beyond my abilities to get the most from it, as a visual scope is a big compromise. Its been much easier trying different techniques with the 100ED, without spending a fortune on additional kit. Currently experimenting with webcams for planetary, and have a 2nd hand dslr to try after that. To be honest getting the mount and software sorted is much more difficult than the optical side of things.
  4. I was in the same situation as the OP, I ended up getting a 2nd hand SW 100ED as a 75% visual / 25% AP scope. My reasoning was its OK at visual and AP, if I decide to specialise later on it will still be usable for the other use and will have retained its value. My original intention was 100% AP (hence a 130PDS), but have also found visual extremely enjoyable so got the 100ED. Mount wide I have a HEQ5, also 2nd hand. HEQ5 PRO £450 (private) 130PDS £120 (shop) 100ED £385(shop) I am currently learning AP, and trying out different techniques, software , etc. I think the 100ED is a good initial scope to learn with, its going to take a few years for me to get the most out of it. The 100Ed might not be brilliant at any one thing, but its good enough to get going with, and by the time I have mastered it I will have the knowledge of what to do next.
  5. Might be worth looking for a 3D printed design, then asking around to see if anybody can print it for you.
  6. Telescope House are over in Edenbridge, the stuff I had from them recently had Bresser UK on the receipt. One thing that cropped up is that 365 Astronomy has its own brands, they then supply those brands to others including Telescope House, those brands are Green Clean - high pressure air dusters and other optics cleaning products Moravian Instruments - CCD cameras not only for deep sky astro imaging, but also for scientific, forensic etc imaging Optolong filters - a wide range of light pollution and narrow band filters for imaging with CCD, CMOS and dSLR cameras Photonic Cleaning Solutions - First Contact polymer for most professional and scratch-free cleaning of fine optical surfaces as used by NASA and other professional observatories. Now available for amatuers as well. Primaluce Lab products - wide range of high quality APO telescopes, astro modified and cooled dSLR cameras, radio telescopes, PLUS tube rings and dovetail bars, etc. ZWO - cooled and uncooled CMOS cameras for planetary and deep sky imaging (and lots of accessories) So if Telescope House does not have it in stock they can ask the importer (365 astronomy) to ship direct. Depends if 365 are the wholesaler of the filter wheel.
  7. I put credit card, but its 0% for 30 months, and has allowed me to get a new scope and mount without waiting, also added a couple of EPs. Main reason I went that route was that the 100ED and the HEQ5 came up 2nd hand.
  8. I am off to the IOW for a weeks holiday later this month, haven't deiced if I will take my 100Ed + HEQ5, or go simple with a SW Star Adventure + DSLR and possibly bolt my spotting scope on for visual. We will be around Seaview so not expecting it to be particularly dark at the rented cottage, but could drive out along the coast to Bembridge Fort or go West of Blackgang Chine. Any idea of a suitable place to try?
  9. Have you tried stacking the 5000 rather than trying to select the 1 or 2 good images? Generally the idea of taking lots of frames is to process the video file using stacking software.
  10. Had a good time last night as well, started visual with a 5mm EP I picked up on here, then moved over to the webcam. Had a quick play with registax, but will have another go at processing it tonight.
  11. With a GOTO mount you can use it manually or you can use the GOTO function, you can choose. For most of my visual I vaguely align the mount north and either release the clutches and manually move the scope, or use the handset. I tend to set the GOTO up only if I am doing photography or struggling to find something. Once I had an idea of the scope I wanted for AP, and the payload of mounts, and wanting tracking, the extra cost of a 2nd hand GOTO (HEQ5Pro) wasn't that much more than the non GOTO.
  12. I have hired boats on the Norfolk Broads, have had some stunning skies. On several occasions we have been moored up in the middle of nowhere and been the only boat there, no nearby roads or buildings.
  13. I wimped out before the skies cleared, early start here at work today.
  14. Going to have a coffee and wait, have found a great decaff otherwise late caffeine rally messes me up.
  15. I am down in Hadlow so not far from you, gong to get my kit ready but cant have a late one tonight. Surprised how quickly the clouds vanished Sunday night, and how quickly they came back again.