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  1. We had to get a cable along a 50m buried pipe, the cable was to connect a CB to a rather large aerial up the top of the garden. The solution was some fine string and a bottle of compressed air. Tie the string to a bit of foam that just about fits inside the pipe and blow it through. String is then used to pull the thicker wire through. Inside cable routing was generally done using badly trained ferrets, it generally worked but takes ages if the bloody thing decided to have a snooze.
  2. You have probably already thought of this, but its a good idea to run some high vis tape above the pipe to act as a warning if some bright spark decides to dig in the wrong place. Just seen photos, looks like you've got that sorted
  3. The SW tripod is 70cm tall, you also have the plate to store. My old 055C is 67cm with the centre column fitted, 62 with it removed.
  4. Will try and remember to measure it when I get home.. I have tried a couple of different tripods, the Manfrotto 055 (about £50 on ebay) is much better than the supplied one.
  5. I have two tent pegs hidden under bushes in the garden that give me a good North, I run some string between them to give a reasonable (for visual) polar alignment. Haven't done it myself but I think you could drift align if your doing AP.
  6. You can get an 055 on ebay for £50 delivered, I picked one up to use with my alt az and star adventurer. There is one on there at the moment for £40 delivered, looks like the centre column has been removed so that's its just the tripod screw. Might be worth checking that a head can be directly mounted on it though. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Manfrotto-055SS-Tripod-Only-USED-/182709754218?hash=item2a8a59996a:g:sOkAAOSwtTVZitvZ
  7. Some people were talking about it handling more when combined with a larger tripod, 9Kg was mentioned. Don't think I would want that much on it.
  8. If you want to use the Skywatcher Synscan app, its fine on android and iPhone. The SW Synscan app does not show you an image of the sky, you get a list of objects, select what you want, then the mount moves to the correct place. If you want to use a planetarium app like Sky Safari (in conjunction with the SW app), it does not appear to work properly with an iPhone or ipad. I do have it working with a couple of different android devices, both tablet and phone.
  9. I wasn't aware it had been marketed as working with skysafari. On Firstlights page for the mount it just mentions SW own app. Controlled wirelessly via Smartphone or Tablet using Sky-Watcher's free SynScan App for iOS or Android.
  10. Seems to be an apple issue, all plays well on my £50 android tablet, but no joy on my ipad mini 2. To be honest I tend to try and run stuff like this on a tablet rather than phone, bigger screen, battery, etc.
  11. Hallo from Broadstairs

    Greetings from over in West Kent. Have been to Broadstairs a few times for the micropubs.
  12. SynScan Alt/Az Cable

    And a necro thread revival from me, going to build one of these for my Az GTI Not keen on spending £20 on a cable that should cost less than £5.
  13. Bit of fiddling today and a trip to screwfix for some longer M6 bolts, but its up and working. Very stable, still a bit of fiddling to do. Probably going to add a pin between the two pillars, possibly drill indents for the screws stop the top plate turning.
  14. Any idea what cable is needed to connect this to a synscan hand controller? The handcontroller is RJ45
  15. I think an M10 bolt screws in to the bottom, you then get 3/8 on the top. Have ordered one to have a look. Just a quick note that screwfix do nuts / bolt / threaded rod. Need to get some M6 rod on the way home