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  1. SynScan Alt/Az Cable

    And a necro thread revival from me, going to build one of these for my Az GTI Not keen on spending £20 on a cable that should cost less than £5.
  2. Bit of fiddling today and a trip to screwfix for some longer M6 bolts, but its up and working. Very stable, still a bit of fiddling to do. Probably going to add a pin between the two pillars, possibly drill indents for the screws stop the top plate turning.
  3. Any idea what cable is needed to connect this to a synscan hand controller? The handcontroller is RJ45
  4. I think an M10 bolt screws in to the bottom, you then get 3/8 on the top. Have ordered one to have a look. Just a quick note that screwfix do nuts / bolt / threaded rod. Need to get some M6 rod on the way home
  5. Gitzo do an M10 to 3/8 adapter, might be usable after modification, only £7. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gitzo-GS5000C-M10-to-3-8-Adapter-/372039898425?epid=1234549530&hash=item569f4e5539:g:bFYAAOSw4CFYxqFM
  6. 2nd hand photo tripods look like a sensible route. Plenty of 9kg+ capacity manfrottos on ebay for around £50. Did spot an 055 for £40 delivered, its been modified to remove the centre column but that's not a problem for the use you want. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Manfrotto-055SS-Tripod-Only-USED-/182709754218?hash=item2a8a59996a:g:sOkAAOSwtTVZitvZ I opted for a Meade field tripod that I will modify, but that's because I will be using a Meade ETX with it as well.
  7. Just looking through ebay for the best way to add a 3/8 tripod screw, various options on there.
  8. Sooo, like some others I picked up a SW AZI GTI wifi, and like others have found that the tripod has a bit more flex than I am happy with. I had thought that one of my camera tripods would be suitable, but when extended to a usable height they bounce around more than the SW one. While looking for something else on ebay I stumbled across a Meade field tripod designed for Light Switch telescopes, sold by telescope house for £50. Looks sturdy enough and with a bit of fiddling should be usable with my old ETX105 and the AZ GTI https://www.telescopehouse.com/meade-field-tripod-for-light-switch-telescopes.html First appearance and it looks ok, not as heavy as it looks online, but seems stable when extended, top plate and spreader are plastic so care needs to be taken. I have replaced the screws on the top with some metric thumbscrews to act as stand offs, need to get some longer screws to bolt up from underneath and through and adapter plate. The adapter plate is made from some skip scavenged ali plate from work, hole in the middle will house the 3/8th tripod screw (need to get one from ebay). SW tripod pillar thing will bolt on top My rather nifty purple workbench, pillar drill was £65 on ebay, very glad I purchased a nice solid vice. Once I get the tripod bolt will put it all together and report back.
  9. I have just tried this with two different versions of skysafari Android tablet skysafari 4---works perfectly. Ipad sysafari 5 plus-- cant get it to wotk. In both cases I have the synscan app running in the background an have done an artificial alignment with the syscan app. Odd.
  10. Stupid question about these. I have a HEQ5 with the RJ45 synscan handset cable, the port on this mount is smaller RJ12, the synscan also has an RJ12 called the multi purpose port. Do I need and RJ45 - RJ12 cable, or does it use the two RJ12 ports? Cheers
  11. They sell grey market stuff so the manufacturers warranty might not be applicable. They have been around for years, I purchased a Nikon lens from them several years ago, product was as described, no problems with them.
  12. Just ordered one of these from FLO as well, going to try a few different tripods to see what works best, the deciding factor was that I can use my syscan controller as a backup if the tablet / phone packs up. I have picked up a Meade field tripod from Telescope House, going to try and modify it to take this, although I have a SLIK photo tripod as a backup.
  13. You would be better off getting a desktop, you get a lot more bang for your £££. If you absolutely have to have a laptop then an ASUS ROG is one of the better more powerful laptops, you should just be able to get one 2md hand. The Problem with a lot of the more powerful laptops is heat, they cant shift it easily, so the bigger the better in this respect, battery life tends to be poor, they are heavy, the graphics cards in them have a tendency to fail (due to heat most frequently). Having put up some negatives I have to say I wouldn't be without my aging Asus ROG laptop, I use it for a range of stuff including lightroom, video editing, etc. 2 hard drive bays plus Bluray drive fives me plenty of options, currently have an SSD main drive and a 1TB storage drive fitted. When researching laptops a lot of the reviews found that smaller ones couldn't run at full speed due to high heat, the CPU and GPU ended up being throttles, hence my one is 17"
  14. Observatory Planning Permission

    Just asked my tame planning officer (wife). Because its closer than 2m and exceeds 2.5m it would need planning permission, but if its up for more than four years (document end of construction) you are immune from enforcement action, you could then ask for a certificate of lawful development. Just be warned that your current neighbours might not complain, but even people looking to purchase a neighbours house could enquire and then you would likely get a visit. Things get more complicated if your house is listed, in which case there is no date when enforcement could not be taken.
  15. We already use a sort of CO2 as a fuel system, its biomass. I work in industrial gas. and we provide CO2 purity analysers to various places that produce a lot of CO2, rather than wasting it, its piped in to greenhouse (usually tomato), gets cleaned and compressed for industrial gas use, or gets used by fizzy drink producers. Pretty sure CO2 enriched atmospheres are being used to accelerate biomass fuel production, definitely read about one trial a few years back. The problem with using CO2 directly as a fuel is that it is very stable, that's one of the reasons its used in fire extinguishers.