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  1. Cheers for all the info, will have a look through the videos, and consider the ZWO cameras. Hub wise that isn't a problem at the moment, my laptop has plenty of usb ports (for now), its also pretty powerful.
  2. My current setup is a 130pds, mounted on a HEQ5 PRO. I have been using it with an unmodified Canon DSLR which is going OK so far, but I do like the look of EAA as an option. Do you think my current rig lends itself to EAA (also considering getting an 80ED), obviously the bits that's missing is the camera. Is there a budget camera <£200, or an older model that I should look for 2nd hand. There are a few doing the rounds on ebay and although the 2nd hand cameras appear to be rather old. Cheers Jon
  3. Hi Gus, are you able to post? One of the other sales threads for an 80ED had a postage price of around £15. Alternatively I am in Kent so could possibly meet if your down in Romford at some point.
  4. Can I have 2nd dibbs if Darren drops out. Cheers Jon
  5. I work in industrial gas analysis, our kit is used all around the world to analyse anything from the CO2 in coke, to the purity of gas gases used in the semiconductor industry. Our analysers do have USB, its used to connect a keyboard, or usb stick. RS232 is the current standard for interfacing equipment, most kit is still built with mA outputs to interface with stuff that predates RS232, these functions are often tested by customers so that the analysers work with their control systems. We still get requests to add extra functions that can be triggered via RS232. I have also just looked at the specification of one of the newest AMD motherboards, hidden amongst the headers is a serial port header.
  6. Yes that will work., I have used one with my mounts. Have you considered getting a battery pack instead, that way you will have something to use if you ever want to go mobile. In the UK they cost about £40, and can be picked up in places that sell car accessories, amazon also do them.
  7. Half tempted to get a Startech myself, just for general computer use. On the subject of hubs, using cheap ones cost the company I work for serval thousand £. We sell an analyser for around £30,000-130,000 and the company that makes the inbuilt control PC used the cheapest hubs they could find, literally looked like something out of a Christmas cracker. Because they faled we had to engineer a new solution (PS2 splitter cable), and send somebody out to change them. We sell mainly to China and South Korea, but also Europe and US.
  8. Yep that will work, I use this one from Halfords has the same sized battery as your Celestron powertank.
  9. Hmm I like that, I had looked at similar boxes in B&Q. Not just me that has a sphinx then! What is the box on the right leg? Also a reminder that I need to fix the spreader arms on my one, one had been repaired in the past, and another snapped the other week.
  10. I had a friend that had a 40ft sea freight container as his shed. He worked as a crane operator at the time so lifted it over his house ( midd terrace), then cut it up and hauled it up the garden. The base was the heaviest bit, massively reinforced. Once it was in place he put it back together, then insulated and boarded it out. He was ex REME so was very handy! Probably the best shed I have ever seen, very warm once insulated and heating installed. Also worth noting that they can be made pretty secure.
  11. Thanks for the advice. Going to have a ponder about this, if I did go the ED80 route it would be used as a travel scope on the Star Adventurer, for AP it would be on the HEQ5. For dedicated AP I have a 130PDS, haven't really got to grips with that yet, have been concentrating on using the 1100D with a 135mm prime.
  12. I am currently pondering getting a refractor for mainly visual, the main use would be planets, but also as a general visual scope. The slight complication is that I am starting to get in to astrophotography, mainly using the Star adventurer and a canon dslr. After a lot of reading the SW 80ED looks like the ideal candidate for the astrophotography side, but is it too limited for visual? My eyepiece setup is mainly 2", with a 2X barlow. Looking at for sale adds, ebay and new I can afford Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro OTA (£350 + a star diagonal. This is really over budget) Lightwave Altair 72ED-R on ebay for £275 Vixen 102m Refractor Telescope OTA (£175) Starwave Premium F11 Refractor (£300) I keep coming back to the 80ED because it would small enough to be nicely portable, I could probably get away with mounting it on the star adventurer and take it when I go camping. I am just unsure how usable it is for visual. Mount wise I am sorted. Cheers Jon
  13. Just looked at the advert, the seller looks odd, although they have loads of feedback Borg Pharma Ltd my guess would be grey import with no VAT or duty paid, although not sure on duty for astro kit. You have to contact the seller directly to purchase, looks a bit dodgy.
  14. Currently looking at this kind of stuff, I have a large bush / shrub thing in the garden that I plan to take out, then put a pad down for the telescope. I had read about the heat thing with concreate, but think rain and cloud are going to be more of a problem than it being too hot!
  15. Quiet a few of the local Kent villages do not have street lights, the residents decided they didn't want them installed. But at the mention of the street lights being turned off at midnight in the towns people think Armageddon will unfold. Unfortunately the village I known live in keeps the lights on all night, but its not too invasive. I like walking back across country from one of the great local pubs, sometimes takes a bit longer than anticipated. Had a Canadian service engineer over for some training a few years back, we were walking from his hotel through some woods to the pub, he seemed a bit on edge, halfway to the pub he asked if there were likely to be any dodgy people hanging around after dark, my response was yes, us.