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  1. JonC

    Laptop question

    That sounds like a good deal, I have had a refurb from laptops direct in the past, and was very happy with the quality. On the Win10 front I have upgraded a couple of rigs to pro recently, after a bit of research I got the keys from Softwaregeeks, they have been trading for a while, and seem to have good online reviews, they also seem to sort problems out with keys, and they sell win10pro keys for £16 using a code during checkout (SUMMERTIME20). Not sure how they are doing it without MS shutting them down. Done a bit of reading, might be MS being nervous about the law on reselling software.
  2. JonC

    Laptop question

    The big heavy ones with the jet exhausts are also the ones that don't suffer thermal throttling Ideally I wanted something smaller than 17", but all the smaller gaming rigs at the time couldn't be used properly because they couldn't shift the heat. Think things have moved on since then.
  3. JonC

    Laptop question

    If I was in the market for a new laptop I would look for one with 2 hard drive bays, 256GB SSD minimum, and ideally a large storage drive. I rarely use an optical drive, but its there when I need it, other useful thing about them is that you can often shove a 2nd HD in there instead. My current laptop is an old gaming laptop, benefits from 2 HD bays plus the optical drive fitted with a Bluray writer. But is barely portable.
  4. JonC

    Where do you buy second-hand scopes?

    ENS, Telescope House, ebay, F1 Telescopes (near London). There's an 11" Celestron SCT on ebay at the moment, in London. But its on an EQ mount, not sure if its under mounted. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Celestron-CGEM-1100-Telescope-11-SCT-on-CGEM-Equatorial-Mount-Item-11099/113185175969?hash=item1a5a5cb9a1:g:ODEAAOSw-8BbXchb
  5. JonC

    Hi from Kent

    I am in Kent as well, near Tonbridge. Interested in the Hurst Green meetup. Orpington Astronomy Club camp out near Bewl in the winter, some of the astrophotography they post up is very impressive.
  6. Shipping wise the China to EU/UK bit is probably in a large shipment in a sea freight container, so would be pretty safe. Damage is most likely once the shipment is unpacked and sent to retailers and customers. I build and test gas analysers and we mainly ship them to the far east, packaging is 1m drop tested with a 25kg analyser in it, analyser is then inspected and tested. The packing is a cardboard box containing custom cut foam, think its at least 10cm on all sides.
  7. JonC

    Disc copier

    I used cdburnerxp in the past https://cdburnerxp.se/en/home For big stuff I use a cd duplicator with inbuilt printer, writes 3 at a time
  8. JonC

    astro cams - low res?

    Probably not trolling, but its an interesting question. It does seem odd if you have been away from the hobby a while that the resolution of some cameras is low, especially if you got caught up with the pixel count race of normal photography. Interesting that some of the latest DLSRs have lower resolutions than the previous generation. I think marketing departments like a single figure that they can wave at the competition, turn it up to 11. PS great thread, the article on Neptune is great.
  9. JonC

    Hard drive question

    With a bit of playing around you can move a hard drive with a windows 10 installation between machines. Its possible to reset win10 so that it picks up hardware changes, you can also revalidate a win10 install in a new pc as long as windows has already been installed and validated on it. Having said that with a modern HD and rig, I still prefer to start with a fresh install, quiet often dumping any crud the manufacturer decides I should have. Your laptop supports 2 hard drives, hopefully it has a SSD containing the OS, if the 2nd bay isn't used you could drop your old HD in to it, and carefully remove stuff you don't want. If you do have a 2nd drive fitted then I would spend £30 on a hard drive enclosure and transfer using that, also gives you a portable HD.
  10. JonC

    Reasonable price?

    I did some reading up on older Meade telescopes, main issue was electronics failing. Meade were refusing to ship spares, they wanted the entire scope back! Might be worth checking who can do work on the scope your looking at in the UK, Telescope House were the importer a few years back, and not that far from Hampshire.
  11. JonC

    Reasonable price?

    Are you buying private or through a shop? Shop wise ENS Optical sell 2nd hand kit (my 100ed came from them), Telescope House have a Preowned 12" Meade. For the kind of kit your looking at I would drop them an email or phone them to see if they can get what your after, they might have contacts.
  12. I use this one, 17Ah, £48, from Halfords so easy to get hold of. https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/battery-chargers-jump-starters/phaze-4-in-1-jump-starter
  13. They are pretty big in the flesh, visited telescope house a while back and they had several set up. They are not something I would want to move very often, but at least you can spend some more £££ on a equatorial wedge (£780).
  14. I am just concerned that they massively over rate the capacity, then again for £30 might just give it a go. Would be handy for charging kit when we go camping.
  15. Halfords do them, I have had one for a couple of years and seems ok. https://www.halfords.com/workshop-tools/garage-equipment/battery-chargers-jump-starters/phaze-4-in-1-jump-starter Had wondered about trying one of these for astro https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Heavy-Duty-80000mAh-Car-Emergency-Charger-Jump-Starter-Portable-USB-Power-Bank-U/282690374837?hash=item41d1a8ccb5:g:3l0AAOSwsTVaoOZg I have used one to jump a 300tdi landrover defender which had been flattened by a big inverter

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