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  1. I managed a couple of hours on M45 the other night while very clear. Took the opportunity to do some visual with my 200p dob. Luckily the below freezing temperature inhibited dewing on the 130's secondary.
  2. Wow another clear night I was able to use, makes two in as many months! I took some more subs to add to my M31 picture, I'd like to get a high quality looking image of one target before moving onto the next. I also purchased Star Tools and have found it much better to work with than DSS>Lightroom & Photoshop. Although I need to use PS and HLVG as a final touch! About 270 x 30".
  3. I took some more subs of m31 last night. The moon was over 90 deg away, yet the stacked image shows a glaring gradient swamping half the image, is this the moon? I've not seen anything like it. I think it might be the SW 0.9 CC perhaps. Since I have used it my flats never seem to work properly. I'll add an image once back from work..
  4. Great, can you use smart phones with this yet? How about polar aligning with just a tube to look down?
  5. Did the 90 1200 end up being OK? It's a shame I can't find anything about this frac. Does it have two lenses like the evostar?
  6. Beautiful shot. Only 30 minutes? What size newt?
  7. Bit over stretched, but a hour and a bit on m31. Dew ruined half my subs!
  8. Hi, The 150 has a longer focal length, so a higher magnificatoon. With the ZWO it will be at a higher magnificatoon due to the smaller sensor, so you would probably need to guide! 60 sec unguided is great anyway with that scope. Cheers, Shaun
  9. Make sure you have the shutter speed set to high. I spent ages not being able to see a star because I hadn't set it to 30sec.
  10. Great work. Perhaps add some narrow band to it? Simon Todd recently imaged this, it's quite a small target. To small for my 130pds.
  11. Lovely globular cluster My first stack with my 130pds on my heq5 of M27. A bit noisy because of iso 1600. Also bad shaped stars because of the sw coma corrector. Need to chomp the draw tube off a bit.
  12. I've just noticed with my 130pds that the images at the beginning of the session show 90-100 stars, and by the end 45. Also sky blackness goes from 0.9% to 0.3%. I use a 130pds. There didn't seem to be any dew on the primary at the end, but something has to have caused this as my target was approaching zenith at this time, and the nearby street lights turned off near the end. Has anyone else had this issue, and what can one do about a primary dewing up?
  13. That's very nice and quite a high resolution for fl700mm, this wasn't a DSLR shot was it? I also photographed this target, but my 130pds I have a much wider FOV at FL585mm...
  14. Hi Gordon, No the dec axis would only turn intermittently and wouldn't slew in dec even with just a DSLR attached. I sent it back for a refund. I recently purchased an HEQ5 and it's infinitely better. It's not much heavier, (another thing that I found odd about the EQM-35), but it's easy to balance and the clutches work as they should. 0 problems with it so far and it doesn't have any of the external exposed gears and motors or janky clutches. I saw on youtube someone has the same stiffness issue, and compared it to a star adventurer, which was very easy to balance. Honestly would avoid it and get an HEQ5 as it's paired well with a 80mm frac and guiding equipment.
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