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  1. Well I suppose you could. Didn't look at it from that perspective. Just worked for me. Might try your suggestion though Nick
  2. Hi. I had the same issue with my Cem60 and the OTA I was using. Solved by increasing the weight of the OTA by buying some gym arm and ankle wrap round weights from Decathlon (very cheap). I bought a combination of 1.5 and 2.5 kilos weights. When wrapped around the tube they are very stable as they are secured to themselves with velcro I agree the single 9 kilo weight you receive with these mounts is way too much and of course most retailers don't stock the smaller weight. The hole diameter is odd too at 28mm and other mount weights won't fit it. Nick
  3. Thanks After speaking to IVO at APT (strangely he has the same mount !) it appears that the slew controls in APT provide little to no response on the CEM60 and he suggests Pointcraft, platesolve, Goto++ and then use Commander to hone in if needed. What I achieved (which wasnt happening before) was the selection of an object and the straightforward Goto and it worked perfectly, meaning of course that APT is talking to my mount without errors or conflicts. One of the things which was interesting, which I had to dig deep in forums for, was in Commander, to enable the box "tracking". Apparantly this gives APT the permissions to talk through or with Commander. It would be nice wouldnt it, if there was a basic set of instructions for each mount out there, just so that the hit and miss effect could be eliminated. Nick
  4. Finally sorted this afternoon. There were quite a few steps which I had to get from multiple posts. But now all sweet with Apt
  5. Thanks I am using direct connection from pc to mount via RS232 port. Ioptron doesnt support EQMOD I actually receive an error report when i use manual controls in APT Nick
  6. Referring to a CEM60 non EC So I have a direct connection between mount and computer. Mount has latest firmware Connects fine through Ioptron commander and I can manually control the mount Connects fine through PHD2 and the mount connects Connects fine through NINA and I can manually control the mount However APT connects but I get an exception when I try to manually slew the mount and it just wont move Any thoghts? Nick
  7. Success Thank you all for your help I had to do a repair on the redistributable C++ package first and then I installed the firmware Plugged it back into my new machine and PHD has found it and connected Thank you all sooooo much for your help, saved me money and frustration You are all brilliant Nick
  8. Thanks I just downloaded the new firmware.... is that the same as flashing the firmware. For some reason I thought they were different Nick
  9. So I have a message back from Sam at ZWO and he says I have to Flash the firmware to the camera with as he puts it "name compatible". However he seems unable to offer advice on how to do this Any ideas on how I can flash this camera Its worth a try as its completely useless as it stands Thaks Nick
  10. I have just tried it as Administrator and compatability to Win7, still the same response. Could it be the cable thats causing the issue do you think. It looks like a classic printer cable with a USB at one end and the other like a square plug thats goes into the camera Nick
  11. Thanks, not sure how to do that if im honest Nick
  12. Just as an interesting point, I thought I would try my old Meade DSI II (yes I still own one in the original box !) Downloaded the drivers and the envisage suite and it runs fine (well it connects without issues) and this camera is a lot older than the ZWO Nick
  13. Thanks The camera does indeed show up under an imaging tab in devcice manager when, and only when I plug it in (the imaging tab isnt there before I insert the camera). However it has an orange warning triangle on it. When I open its properties it displays the following message under general headings:- The device cannot start (code 10) Insufficient resources exist to complete the API When I then look under events tab I see the following in the information section :- Device USB\VID_03C3&PID_120A\00000 requires further installation The device works fine under machines running Win10 with Intel chips, but I appear to be having this issue with my AMD based laptop. Nick
  14. Thanks. Just looking for reassurance before I delve into the bottomless wallet again.. Any recommendation for a reasonable guide camera. Would the mini be OK? Thanks Nick
  15. I'm in a bit of a pickle! Bought a new laptop last week cos my old one finally gave up. Thought to myself spend a decent amount but not stupid as its going to be used only for telescopic work. Amd Ryzen 3500U quad core processor running Win 10. Fast at multitasking and a decent screen. All looking good. Downloaded all my programs, Nina, APT, I-Polar, PHD2, Canon Drivers, Ioptron mount drivers, Ascom and finally got to my guide camera, the old Zwo ASI120MM (USB 2 version). Everything worked except the Zwo. Native driver download from their site is giving me an Error 10. Not sufficient resource to run Api in Device manager. Now my issue is that if the computer won't enable the native driver what's the point in upgrading the camera to a more modern version. Is it the computer? Or is it the incompatibility of Zwo and Amd chipset. I have emailed Zwo and all they tell me to do is flash the firmware on the camera. So I did this on a desktop computer as mine won't even run the firmware because it doesn't recognise the camera. Even after the firmware upgrade I get the same errors and the camera just isn't seen. How would this be different with a new Zwo camera if the drivers don't function. Help or insight would be much appreciated Many thanks Nick
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