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  1. Awesome capture! very well done! I also managed to snag a pic of the Milky Way and the Southern Cross in full view using a Nikon D3500, with ISO-12800 with a 10 sec shot using f/3.5 18 mm aperture. I did the shoot in freezing temperatures (about 4 Celsius) and my fingers were about to fall off! but it was worth it May the Force be With you.
  2. welcome to SGL! you wont regret it
  3. got bored with quarantine so had a go at drawing the Orion Nebula on canvas with acrylic paint. Its not really accurate but its great anyways! stay safe everyone! May the Force be with you.
  4. thats an awesome pic! you were REALLY lucky! well done May the Force Be with you.
  5. I have one of these scopes too. it was a bit of a struggle but after sometime just playing around and watching a few YouTube videos for guidance, i finally managed to get the scope aligned and tracking! i focused on the Orion nebula and noticed that the scope tracks it without much problems for maybe 30-40 minutes and then starts to go out of alignment again. I keep realigning when this happens, and it takes about 5 minutes to get it up to speed again. enough time to do some astrophotography and produced some really good results so far! Here's to clear skies! May the Force be with you.
  6. great shots! you've managed to get the exposure and focus just right which is sometimes quite tricky to do with a smartphone camera. I took a 30 second video of Saturn with my Samsung Galaxy A20 attched to my Celestron Nexstar 6SE SCT with an universal smartphone adaptor, and stacked the best frames through Registax 6 and enhanced it a bit. Honestly it came out great and i wasnt expecting it to loke that good either!. Hers's to clear skies! (although its raining like nothing outside right now!) May the Force be with you.
  7. I took this image in a different camera (Nikon D3500) setting with exposure time 13 seconds with ISO 25600. I attached the camera to my Celestron Nexstar 6SE SCT and i used tracking. It came out really great and i was really happy that i managed to capture some greeat detail since i'm just startin to figure out the camera setting through a LOT of trial and error!. I processed the image through Registax 6 to further enhance detail. I think it came out good. It really helped that the air polution is really low and we have really clear skies here in Tasmania. Telescope - Celestron Nexstar 6SE SCT Camera - Nikon D3500 Exposure time - 13 secs ISO - 25600 Date - 22/03/20 Time - 20:32 May the force be with you.
  8. awesome detail and very well done! i took an image of m42 through NASA's Micro observatory with exposure time 60 seconds with 3 filters (RED green and blue) which I combined into one full color RGB img through the JS9-4L astro image processing software https://waps.cfa.harvard.edu/eduportal/js9/software.php which is available on the website. The website allows you to request images acccording to your chosen settings and they e-mail you the images in a day or two in .FITS format. You then process them thru the software and create your final image. Micro observatory website - https://mo-www.cfa.harvard.edu/OWN/astrophoto/microobservatorychallenge.html#standoutentries May the force be with you
  9. Good capture! I requested a similar image from NASA Micro Observatory taken through red, green and blue filters each taken with an exposure time of 60 seconds. I combined the 3 images to make one full color image of the irregular galaxy. Here's a few other pics of M82 that i processed through the JS9-4L astronomical image processor that is used t process images form the Micro Observatory They aren't in really good quality tho but its still good Happy stargazing! May the Force be with you
  10. wow that's a great pic of m42 you got there. Very impressive!
  11. guess the saying was true "Ad Astra per Aspera..." - A rough road leads to the stars. No truer words. Remembering the Apollo 1 astronauts. You are remembered as heroes for ever
  12. man you literally have chunks of history on your hands. thats a BIG COLLECTION
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