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  1. Set up last night and the night and day videos have deleted and started fine so far. Night video was only 25 seconds long however so I must have missed a delete script somewhere. Will leave running for a few days to see if it’s stable.
  2. I have mine switched off at the mo whilst I await parts for the enclosure. I will restart it later and leave running to see if I encounter the same issue again. I did wonder if it were location based as all three of us are at a similar latitude I believe (Herts & 2 x Essex)
  3. Just image size, Didn’t check movie size but wondered if that could have had an impact. I did comment out the deletion lines but as you say, there are a few so may have missed the pertinent one.
  4. Mine has returned to normal now - did have an issue with file size as I was using the buffer grabs so I had the banner text in video - those files are significantly smaller so have now reverted back to the original image
  5. I also finished around 4:30 - unfortunately I now have to look after a 4year old who thought that a 5:30 wake up time was appropriate. So far it’s been a struggle!
  6. I was out this morning - pretty clear skies but no joy unfortunately. Venus popped up at the same time as the police, so at least I could use that as evidence for why I was hanging about on a hillside! FYI the site was far darker than that - photo was iPhone night mode
  7. I’ve scoped a good observing site in the chilterns, up high looking across low and flat Bedfordshire so fingers crossed will see something.
  8. That’s strange - same thing happened for me, I just assumed it was because I had been tinkering with it and missed the delete step. perhaps something funny happening with sunwait?
  9. Don’t know if it’s just me but I’m having trouble viewing your pictures at the moment. Just showing up as black rectangle.
  10. I have a deforked Meade ETX125 which I love, although focus can be a bit of a pain. Long term plan is a Wegat back just because I’m a bit of a tart. Personally I think they are the best looking Maks too
  11. Good to know, will save me some frustration later! Mount planned and being printed; IMG_1452.MP4
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