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  1. I had this last night too - was tearing my hair out trying to figure out what had happened Then realised when I had switched off the lights in the shed I had also cut the power to the scope! Lesson learnt - check the obvious things first!
  2. Following, as I have the exact same questions!
  3. Thanks, I was beginning to suspect this as it warms up very quickly. Astoundingly it arrived this morning and I have clear skies here this evening so will hopefully get first light with it on its first day! Be interesting to see how it compares to my unmodified 600d
  4. Free Starlight Xpress CCD from ABS - was offered as a SX MX7C although after some playing with drivers I’m beginning to think it’s an SXV-M7. Probably colour. I know the gifter, James is on here so thanks for the camera, and I also know the original owner is also in SGL so they may be able to identify it No idea what the guide camera model is! One issue I have now is the cooler doesn’t seem to be working, that’s probably a driver issue I guess. Regardless, I spent an enjoyable couple of hours getting it running under ASCOM in APT so hopefully will get some shots once these clouds finally clear off.
  5. Continuing to strip down my collection, have an older (blue tube) Skywatcher 200p, focal length 1000mm. Overall in ok condition, some minor corrosion to the mirror cell and scratches to the tube, but the mirror itself is fine, with some debris. No finder scope I’m afraid. How does £80 sound? Collection from Tring
  6. Thats a really useful table! Exactly what I needed as it was both from battery to box, and then split in box to various different outlets cheers
  7. Just to resurrect a semi-old thread, can anyone please tell me what gauge wire to use for a power distribution box feeding 7no 2.1x5.5mm sockets from a 25amp battery? I always seem to way over spec ta
  8. I’m currently having a lot of fun playing with my 3D printer so was going to try building a truss tube newt. So it’s useful I also want it to be fast so looking for a mirror set of 114 / 130mm with focal length of around 500mm Long shot I know, but thought worth asking cheers
  9. Material costs may break the bank! PM me your address and I’ll look into shipping Cheers
  10. You mean like one of these? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:972117 If so, i'll print it out for you and send it across Cheers
  11. Got one of these with a recent scope acquisition and I won’t use it so thought someone might like it as a curiosity. Just pay postage of £2.90
  12. Yep, that all looks good to me - much appreciated.
  13. No, not bought yet - so if you have some spare that would be great, thanks Will go through BOM and let you know cheers
  14. I have one coming (one day - been a month so far!). Really looking forward to seeing how it performs vs my HEQ5 and EQ5 Going to give some basic imaging a try and use it for my new EEVA setup.
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