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  1. Pending Sold for post lockdown collection
  2. Hi Mark - it comes with a 2” focuser and a 1.25” reducer so you can use either size eyepiece thanks
  3. I obtained this 250mm newt last year as OTA only with my HEQ5 - I then built a dobsonian base for it with the intention of using it as my principal observing scope. Unfortunately since then I have discovered the dark art of eeva and that is taking all my time so this is now just taking up space so thought I would give someone else the chance to try a big (ish) dob Couple issues - obviously it’s a diy Mount but it worked fine - absolutely no issues to speak of. The main issue is the quality of the mirror with lots of corroded (right term?) areas - saying that, it doesn’t
  4. Looking for one of the above so thought I’d check in here before buying new cheers
  5. Good Morning everyone - I recently got my 600d modified and finally had a chance to test it out in the single clear night I have had in what seems like months. I chose the Horsehead / Flame region as a test as I really wanted to see how well the Ha comes out. My setup is a WO Megrez 72 with an OVL field Flattener on HEQ5. Images are 38 x 60seconds, ISO800 with flats and bias. I have very quickly stretched as i could tell there were issues whilst imaging but wanted to get something to look at and pick apart. Just wanted clarification on a couple things - fi
  6. Hi - I spoke to William Optics and they have said that ideally I should plump for the v3 as it’s the dedicated FF for the Megrez so I will hold out for one of those - thanks for the offer though and good luck with the sale. cheers
  7. Interested in this too - did you find an answer @david_taurus83?
  8. Hi, sorry - has now been sold, I thought I had archived. Will do so now. ta
  9. After watching @Lockie most recent video it’s made me realise that there may be a possibility that someone has one of these lying about unused. I have a Megrez 72 and use an OVL FF with my Canon 600d and it’s not quite the right match, with some dodgy stars at the edges so would be good to get the dedicated one. ta
  10. My modded 600d has just turned up so now I’m ready for those long crisp clearless nights! oh.
  11. Today is a good day, Firstly as some of you will have read, I had a camera stolen by a courier a few months ago - They refused to pay out as it was classed as a non-compensatable item, but after several months of arguing and emails to the CEO they have finally admitted liability and paid out. New camera now on its way now to be modified by Astronomiser. Secondly, I ordered an Evostar 72 months ago and its turned up today, at least a month sooner than I was expecting! Happy Friday all!
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