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  1. Hmm seems more cost-effective to buy from Ali express!
  2. Thanks ! Yep might look into building my own
  3. Thanks for this. a bit out of budget for me unfortunately I suppose I could just get the ali express one and see how I go and attach a regulator if needed
  4. Hello all does anybody know what this work fine or would I need a 12v 10amp voltage regulator? is LifePo4 necessarily better than LIon for the use of heq5, TEC camera, dew heaters, laptop etc ? It’s trick as Ali express is not so easy to navigate. Also some battery packs say their nominal voltage is 11.1v which is no good £185.46 30% Off | 12v Lifepo4 50ah lifepo4 battery pack 12v 50ah waterproof lithium ion battery batteries for for inverter,Golf cart,MPPT Solar https://a.aliexpress.com/_m0zELXJ Or this £80.08 25% Off | Kanavno 12V Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Rechargeable
  5. Thanks for this! it is actually equidistant (1hr) to Stevenage which has a better bortal rating so I might go for Stevenage!
  6. yes so it’s this area I’m thinking of probably best for me .... Stevenage etc If anyone knows a decent preferably high altitude car park or something please let me know!!
  7. Thanks for this everyone. Yes indeed the idea is to get out in the early evening come back late and up for time with the kids for school!!
  8. Valid point but next to impossible unfortunately in my case
  9. Hhahah well actually I remember the place I read about was a notorious [removed word] and boy racer car park in the middle of the forest so not too far off I suppose
  10. Yes I think off near to Bishops Storford is geographically best for me. I am hoping to set off 5pm and be back at 2am or so.... Funny depends where you look say diff info
  11. I had also read that somewhere in Epping Forest is quite dark but the information seems to change year-on-year
  12. Does anybody know a dark site near to London? I have seen the South Downs advertised as dark skies but on my app it seem to be bortle 5 (green is bortle 4) I am in North London so north is better to save time. any help pls!?
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