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  1. Thanks everyone I’m done and dusted cable installed etc! thanks for your help
  2. Hope you’re all having a great catch up. bit of a boring question is there a decent mobile phone Vodafone reception there for Internet would anyone know? just so I can keep on watching my tutorials when I get there!
  3. Aha ! Thank you for this! of course. learning all the time!
  4. So I got a 13.8 power supply and 10 m of the cable. using a calculator I had expected approx .7 V drop with at 7 m I plugged it into the 10 meter line cable and read the volts and it was 13.8 i’m not complaining - it’s nice to have good juice ! But still maybe I was fine with the cheaper option!
  5. Thanks for this Olly. I have to say so far so good with the large bin however I will be keeping my eye on this at the whole time plus I can never stop tinkering So I might just give it a go
  6. Great news Paul - Thanks Im your neighbour T130 and will be arriving late Friday night. Ill leave the camper outside and bring it in Saturday morning. Ill be sure to say hi! Thanks al
  7. @steviebee box section 10cm x 15cm base plate 30cm x 30cm
  8. I’m sorry I don’t know.
  9. I have two focusers for an unused 200p One is TS optics and the other is sky watcher stock. The stock one is missing one focus wheel as was going to be used for an auto focuser but it doesn’t effect operation Not in showroom condition but work perfectly £30 + p&p? Thanks IMG_2130.MOV
  10. Shoot was trying to get. all purchases from same site i cannot Looks like Ill by the cable suggested above from Farnell and supply from CPC/Farnell Thanks all
  11. I think this belongs in a different forum section
  12. I reinforced the underside of the decking many times and coach bolted it in. It’s not ideal but it actually works great. when polar aligning I have to stand aside check it and go back and forth and stand aside again so my weight on the decking does not influence the alignment. Plus I control it from inside the house on Wi-Fi which helps They said a non-decoupled pier on a decking would not work but I defied that!
  13. I bought it 2nd hand. It’s great. Can check measurements tonight if you want to know
  14. Yes mine is similar - Its just the contour of the pier I cant have it that neat there will be .5m mains cable and cig socket hanging about. I just wanted to get it as neat as poss -I should stop moaning !
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