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  1. Ack what a nightmare of a night to start with - decided to fettle with the polar alignment using the tools in PHD2, what a mess on! The Drift tool would give me a line to move the mount along and get Polaris in the reticule at the end of the line to resolve a 7arc-min error , then I'd do another and the polar alignment line would be heading off in a sort of reverse but not quite in the direction I had just adjusted from with a 12 arc-min error! after messing around with that getting it to say 6arc-min I thought I'd give the static polar align a go, after following the recommended location adjustments and repeating I'd wasted an hour and not got an alignment. I went back to Ekos and did my polar alignment in there and got it to 22arc-seconds error (by their measurement). I know there will be expected disagreement between PHD2 and Ekos on PA - they use different ways to get there but it seems quite a large magnitude of error and I noticed looking through one of my guide logs a day or so ago that the PA error increased when I slewed to another target on the other side of the pier so I think something isn't right (cone error?) It's that problem of wasting good imaging time messing around testing stuff! After that and 2 crashes of Ekos, a session of the autofocus trying to focus on the kitchen window (mount seemed to lose its position!) plus a whole section of Blue filter subs lost to the soil pipe getting in on the image I' glad to have managed to get a decent session in at last for the last hour or so!, I've got 33 mins of Ha left before I bang out some flats (though I'm tempted to not bother with them as I left the scope out after the last session so other than the focus tube moving in and out and the filter wheel changing round, it hasn't been moved... Guiding has been so-so but I've checked the subs and eccentricity seems to be 0.5 or less, so OK on that front After a lot of reliability tonight seems to have been an outlier!
  2. Hi Peter, thanks for that I've updated my version of the webcam script to cover the revised twiSetVid value but I don't think this is where the problem is at. There is still something wrong however.... It seems to effect the movie making for both day and night movies, no longer are the a combination of timed exposures, but seem to be stuck at a particular time. The movie is about the right length, so the concatmovie script is being run and adding a frame each time, the problem is it keeps adding the same frame each time - I can see this as I have the timestamp on the frames! Why this is occuring I am not sure, if I manually run copypic and concatmovie, it works. So my suspicion is still around the other thing thats changes which is the times used as a result of no astro-dark. At present this is corrupting the webpages as the file it is stored in is now in a different format as posted above, I think the " --:-- (Midnight sun) -00:10" stuff is breaking the scripting somewhere (perhaps in the webcam script or the web pages)
  3. Yes, it was part of the Astroberry install.
  4. Managed to get the SER files in to something readable... You can just about make out the stripes on Jupiter, and maybe my imagination is letting me see a spot too
  5. Well teh viewing window as they passed over our kitchen in to next doors house was a little longer than expected - they appeared higher up then I was expecting too! Not really the right FL for this and my first time using Oacapture so I now have some SER files which I need to convert to something viewable... I could only see the moons (4 I think) of Jupiter with the exposure turned up higher than the level required for detail.
  6. I might get a glimpse around 04:00 as they pass a gap between teh houses, not sure there will be enough darkness then though...
  7. Hi Pete, I think it's because at my location we now have no astro dark so when the script runs the Astro rise is "--:--" and this breaks the script (I've not looked in detail as I have some image processing to catch up on so this is just a theory ) Here's the output from webcam: pi@raspberrypi:/home/allsky $ sudo ./webcam raspistill not running N /usr/bin/raspistill -q 100 -ISO auto -co 70 -awb greyworld -n -ex night -ag 9.0 -dg 2.0 -ss 6000000 -w 800 -h 600 -o /run/shm/webcam.jpg E V E N T HH:MM OFFSET --------------------------------------------- ----- ------ Astronomical Rise (18 degrees below horizon): --:-- (Midnight sun) -00:10 Astronomical Rise (Real) : --:-- (Midnight sun) Nautical Rise (12 degrees below horizon) : 02:46 -00:10 Nautical Rise (Real) : 02:56 Civil Rise (6 degrees below horizon) : 03:52 -00:10 Civil Rise (Real) : 04:02 CAMERA switches from Night to Day : 03:54 -00:08 VIDEO switches from Night to Day : 03:59 -00:03 Sunrise (0 degrees below horizon) : 04:45 00:00 Sunrise (Real) : 04:45 Sunset (0 degrees below horizon) : 21:05 00:00 Sunset (Real) : 21:05 Civil Set (6 degrees below horizon) : 21:48 -00:00 Civil Set (Real) : 21:48 CAMERA switches from Day to Night : 21:57 -00:09 VIDEO switches from Day to Night : 22:00 -00:12 Nautical Set (12 degrees below horizon) : 22:54 -00:00 Nautical Set (Real) : 22:54 Astronomical Set (18 degrees below horizon) : --:-- (Midnight sun) -00:00 Astronomical Set (Real) : --:-- (Midnight sun) Sat 30 May 01:51:55 BST 2020 pi@raspberrypi:/home/allsky $ webcam
  8. I've found that if you load up the current running log file and then find log section for guiding, you can zoom in on sections of the trace if I right click I can select Analyze selected frames (the ones in teh zoomed view) and this will pop up an analysis window, in there there are 2 tabs, clicking on teh frequency one shows the frequency trace, if you have something repeating, you should be able to find it on there and work from that to try and identify where it might be (a noise every 30 seconds for example - might need a stopwatch and some observation of the mount workings though!)
  9. That moment when the soil stack vent gets in the way of the image...
  10. White colour as the hourglass wings of a butterfly?
  11. Looking great - I've just got up and the darks are still running - I'm not sure the focus was quite right on mine comparing it to your's - but will know better when I can calibrate the subs.
  12. Thanks - I guess I was expecting less as I think I had less with the DSLR and going for the larger filters, from what I read, would have no effect on the vignetting.
  13. Hi Simon, I asked the supplier, FLO and the advice was "The tension should be 1 to 2mm of movement. When tensioned correctly the drive should be smooth, if you hear any kicky noises it is ether to tight or to loose" I guess it's quite hard to describe what good looks like because that movement depends on how much pressure is applied to the belt to get the deflection. My replacement was a new one from FLO which I paid for - I am not aware of an alternative supplier and I am hoping that this isn't a frequent consumable part once the tension is right Both axis have a very slight wobble on the spindle I hadn't considered swapping them because they came in separate marked bags of components for each axis, so assumed they might be different, I do have an issue still on teh RA axis so might try swapping over to see if the issue changes - I've done what I can in terms of grease and worm mesh on the RA so that might be an avenue to explore.
  14. Decided to stop my schedule capture that was running, guiding was ace but I think the focus was a bit out. Restarted it to get a new auto-focus and guiding now no where near as good Should have left it alone! Progressed with the proof of concept for the telescope kit, moved the RPi and dew heater to a bit of wood suspended off the telescope rings, not there is only power and ethernet going to the scope rather than a trail of wires If this works out I will knock up a more permanent bit of ally to properly hang it all off - might have to shorten some cables too. I've not tried taking the scope off the mount yet - that could go absolutely fine or not ! I've probably inadvertently cable tied something LOL
  15. So there's a bit of a problem at the moment, the movies are not quite right which I think is because of the output of Sunwait and the loss of astro dark here. I suspect there needs to be an exception in the code to handle detecting the "--:--" and in that case using another time, perhaps Nautical?
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