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  1. Already at the first hurdle, my guide camera does not have an st4 port. what then?
  2. Thanks, the main problem I have with this guiding is how my laptop will be able to cope and if I may run into errors installing the software etc I'm not a techy guy when it comes to computers, as it's loud 7 year old and takes a fair bit to get sharpcap running, stellarium crashes a lot and it's been through the wars, I just don't want to take my expensive gaming laptop outside. Once sharcap is running its ok but i usually turn it off when I'm done with PA. It should be ok though i played minecraft a lot on it, it's 6gb, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 and tb hardrive before ssds were a thing.
  3. Ok I might have gotten confused with guiding, I thought "autoguiding" was the thing people use for much longer exposures. and given the word "guide camera" to use for precise polar alignment.
  4. Thanks', I haven't tried no.3 because I don't have anything to remove those caps yet, (ordered circlip pliers yesterday) If it's RA then that makes sense because that's where the coffee grinding is at the moment. It was in DEC, took me many hours to fix that but I still get the knocking sound, I'm not sure which method fixes that one.
  5. I was told this is guiding, getting perfect polar alignment through sharp cap with a guide camera attached to the finderscope.
  6. I have a guide camera attached to my finderscope which is then plugged into my laptop and ran through sharpcaps polar alignment. I point at the home position and then it finds the stars, solution solved then I go 90 degrees in RA then adjust alt as till it tells me it's (excellent) polar alignment to at least 00,00,10. I was told that is guiding is it not?
  7. I will insert the other 10 pictures just to see if anyone notices a pattern
  8. Below are consecutive raw pictures if the ring nebula I took with my canon 600da and RCT 8" with neq6 pro guided with sharpcaps polar alignment procedure on the 15th of this month at 1am. I have 20 of these all 1600 iso auto wb 2 minute exposures. The problem will become apparent when you closely examine them, tracking is almost completely broken. I only stacked about 8 of them as most of the frames are unusable, some are star trails, some are commas and some are double exposures. This has become standard and getting worse since I tampered with my mounts gears and backlash adjustment. I have n
  9. I got my ritchety chreiten scope recently and after just 3 uses it was quite scarmy, assuming dobs are worse, heard multiple time's it doesn't effect the images, on camera sensors do
  10. Not sure what topic to put this in but I've been struggling with deep sky stacker, because of my optlong ccd light pollution filter most nebulas come out one shade of red, for example the Monkey's head nebula, see attached example. Dumbell and ring turned out as seen online and Stellarium. All 3 images were taken with a rct f/8 and a canon 600DA. I've never tried these objects without the filter as I got new equipment and this is the most active I've been in my hobby for many years. I'm not spending hundreds or thousands on software so preferably if i can get the correct colour on these with d
  11. I'm pretty sure it's the gears, i can hear coffee grinding and knocking, the image wobbles pretty bad on rate 2*, second idea is the ground, it's not very stable. Waiting for a dry day without aclear night so i can fill 3 large holes full of cement and gravel in my garden as it would e much better than what i have atm.
  12. I have an eq6 pro, i am currently deciding whether or not to upgrade to the rowan belt mod as every other image I take is unusable
  13. I have a C5 sct a ED80 and a RCT 8" f/8, I also use a canon 600da and a asi120 as a guide scope and I wish to photograph as many objects in the sky as my setup would allow. I've been doing 10-20 3min subs on each object and the weather has been kind enough recently so I have a fair bit now but I'm running out of the bigger ones. The obvious method is just cropping in processing but that would give less detail, a good example of the perfect size is crescent nebula. A bad example is basically anything that takes up less than 10% of the picture like the box galaxy cluster, eskimo nebula, fetus, s
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