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  1. Just had a look with the PST.. Yes, some nice activity on the limb
  2. Yes, they were just full moons when I was a child.... It's the 'worm" next month.... Apparently... .... Nice shot by the way....
  3. Sorry to hear this. I have often wondered if I've turned the scope off when I roll the roof back and leave everything for a while. I find it hard to believe in this day and age that an expensive piece of mechanical equipment would damage itself beyond repair at worst, or cause an expensive repair at best. I don't think you should be too hard on yourself here, there are many ways a mount could be stopped from moving apart from striking an observatory roof. I've had a slewing scope come to a complete stop because a camera cable wrapped itself around the mount for example. Surely manufacturers wo
  4. Very nice that. I got the PST out yesterday and saw that prom. First look at the sun in a while...
  5. Are there any non astro shed builders in the area? You may be able to get something made to your own spec for a lot less... Just a thought.
  6. Never had that, got an obsy mounted 12 lx200gps. I have a little 300w Heater on a thermostat in there. Set at a few degrees.
  7. Nice images. I wasn't able to catch that transit but do remember the 2016 May transit very well. Lovely hot clear day with a beer in my hand.
  8. Yes, just had a look at that. Very nice indeed....
  9. And there lies the difference between Internet shopping and browsing a real shop... Some great pics there to be sure....
  10. Yes, a very good bump. Reminded me to have a look at this again after many years. I must have forgotten the significance of this triple, so I slewed the scope over to it last night and had a good look. Amazing to think how small that white dwarf actually is and what distance we are observing it. It probably took me a while to learn about this star as it doesn't get a mention in what was for me 'the bible' of observing back in the early 70s, Patrick Moore's 'The complete Amateur astronomer'. Odd really as he does talk about white dwarfs and mentions this triple in the constellation guide at th
  11. Incredible images. What link do you use for those?
  12. Yes, just coming in after a good few hours. Moon very nice....
  13. Oh yes, plenty to see up there. Totally agree
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