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  1. Forgot to add... X2 Barlow on an Lx200 12gps... Captured in k3ccdtools.. 3000 frames
  2. Hi All, Just looking through some old files I took from back in 2006 and came across an avi of saturn. The seeing looks exceptional in it, which is rare for my location. Gave it a quick process and I'm quite pleased with it. It got me feeling all nostalgic for the little philips webcam that took this hobby by storm. 14 years ago and saturn was over 40 degrees in altitude... Ed
  3. That's an excellent image. Well done. Ed
  4. Some incredible detail in there... That's a fantastic image. Ed
  5. Very nice that...I do like the colour too, I find that closer to my visual interpretation of late. Ed
  6. Cracking image that. Ed
  7. It would be nice to see a few prominent sunspots appear to really make it official... Nice image by the way. Ed
  8. That's a superb image. Well done. Ed
  9. I'm a big fan of the widefield shots and inclusion of planetary moons. And that's a very good example. Ed
  10. Thanks for the info, it certainly paid off! Ed
  11. I'm really impressed with anims of the planets, that's very nice. I'm tempted to have a go with Mars entering a more civilised time. I'll have to check drive space, imagine these things produce huge files. Lots of small captures against long captures for the best individual frames? A topic worthy of debate for those who do this probably. Ed
  12. Superb image, the position mirrors my visual observation. It certainly seemed to be short lived. I couldn't see it at 2am but local seeing was pretty poor. Ed
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