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  1. Thanks!, love the image. I use Sharpcap and a T shirt for flats with an ipad for the white screen, maybe i need to change this? i'll look into better ways to do my flats
  2. I also thought it was light pollution but as I started imaging after the flip I couldn't work out why it was all around the image, I will trial one of the gradient removers for ps, looks like the way to go. Thanks.
  3. I just don't understand why it hasn't been this bad before? very impressed with your processing though, is there some software i can use in PS to remove the gradient to that level?
  4. Yes, i even re-did them but it may be that i'm doing them wrong?
  5. Hi, I just did a quick stretch to show the issue
  6. I was using Skywatcher evostar 80ED, an ASI553MC Pro for imaging and a HEQ5 Mount. The subs were taken from 11pm to 3am this morning. After stretching the image i see blue stars all around the the outside of the image and i can't balance the colour with the centre of the image
  7. Hi all, I have been imaging recently without issue but i'm very new to this, i went for the Markarians chain last night but it seems to have issues all around the image?, I'm not sure whether it's light pollution or poor Darks/Flats. I used a UV/IR Filter. Any help would be great just so i can find out what it is to make sure it doesn't happen again as this was a total of 4 hours imaging! Thanks. 1.TIF
  8. Thanks for this, I am learning a lot Thanks to you, much appreciated!
  9. Thanks for this, i think i have corrected the issue thanks to Thanks for this, i think i have corrected the issue thanks to Vlaiv's "save as" settings. I have applied Flats and Darks but there i a huge dust spot which i am going to clean before i next image!
  10. Thanks for this, i now think i have fixed the issue, i have uploaded a new stack if you want to take a look, if not then thanks for your help, much appreciated!
  11. I have added flats and dark flats but there is a huge dust spot that you are refering too, i will be cleaning before i image again
  12. Thanks for this info, using your "Save as" settings has definately re-instated my colours, there does seem to be more green in my images but isn't that normal in these cameras? NGC4565- 28 x 5 min,101g.TIF
  13. Thanks! That's a lot better than I have achieved in PS, there just doesn't seem to be enough colour in any of my images? Frustrating!!
  14. Needle.tiff is no calibration, per channel.tiff is as. Needle.TIF Per channel.TIF rgb calibration.TIF
  15. Hi again, i have tried all of the above but i'm still not getting colour in my images? i have attached a dss stack to show the colour channels, shouldn't they be over to the left?
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