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  1. hello guys, i am a korean living in perth and i am just wondering i have a 8 inch dobsonian and it can fit in my car so where 8is the best place in western australia to go? thank you and clear skies
  2. I saw the orion nebula tonight in the country it was amazing and i also saw venus
  3. i looked at the orion nebula in the country and it was beautiful!
  4. ive got more info on the telescope i won: its a 8 inch collapsible dobsonian non goto telescope and 10x50 finder scope thx and clear skies!
  5. thx... tonight ill be looking forward to looking at the orion nebula tonight. clear skies!!!!
  6. Hello guys its space1234 here and ive just won a brand new telescope!!!!!!! The telescope is a brand new skywatcher 8 inch collapsible dobsonian! could you plz tell me what objects you can see with it? thx clear skies
  7. looking at the orion nebula tonight

  8. hi and welcome to SGL!!!!!
  9. hello, I am a beginner at astronomy( but a pro at cosmology ). I got my first pair of celestron upclose 10x50 binos! anyways, the question is that what objects can you see in it in a light polluted city.(perth) thx and clear skies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. So could you see lots of details in objects with a 6inch.dob
  11. Cosmos 90 wifi telescope waste of money. I wouldnt reconmend a goto mount for beginners. Id reconmend the celestron astromaster 90 eq because its only £130 with the motor drive included and a motor drive can follow the objects in the night sky and you can even get apps like the night sky lite on your tablet its free and the app shows what is up in the night sky so cosmos 90 telescope complete waste of money in my oppinion
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