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  1. serbiadarksky

    Orion widefield

    Thank you!
  2. serbiadarksky

    Orion widefield

    Thank you! Yes those areas are huge, thats why I want to do it with my 50mm lens
  3. serbiadarksky

    Orion widefield

    Thanks! I am going to make a panorama, I want to include the nebulosity around atar Meisa, the Rosette and Cone nebula too and as you said, the part towards top too
  4. serbiadarksky

    Orion widefield

  5. serbiadarksky

    Orion widefield

    Thank you! Yes I am
  6. serbiadarksky

    Orion widefield

    Yes. Thats what the "a" stands for in 1300Da (astromod)
  7. I already posted a similar image (16x4min) but now I was able to add 3h to it and it makes a difference! Also I edited the whole image in different way..not dark as the previous one, more dust visible, not oversaturated stars (finally!) but the background is a bit blurry due to star reduction Canon 1300Da with Canon EF 50mm fq.8 set at f4 43x4min at ISO1600 Star Adventurer for tracking
  8. serbiadarksky

    Taurus & Auriga border

    I said last few weeks, sorry actually moon was the least of a factor, as it was almost totally cloudy always! Thank you!
  9. serbiadarksky

    Taurus & Auriga border

    If needed I can upload a version where I applied some noise reduction?
  10. serbiadarksky

    Taurus & Auriga border

    From my backyard, sqm js 20.55. I use the filter to remove the LP gradient from the stack esepcially in lower corners, with filter I dont have ti worry about them.
  11. serbiadarksky

    Taurus & Auriga border

    Thank you! However I thought that it will get a bit more attention haha
  12. This is my first light in 2019. Such a great start! Last few weeks weatger was horribly bad..snow, wind, -20, clouds..than clouds dissapeared there was the full moon..but this year started great. I captured this image on january 2nd. Canon 1300Da + 50mm f1.8 @f4 22x5min iso1600, all images were dithered The "gift" I got for myself is just a dew heater, it works nicely for me. Edited in PixInsight, a hard one honestly.

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