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  1. Is there any refractors that are fast, not reallllly expensive and longish fl?
  2. Currently mount only (but will add guiding asap) and later I will try to get a scope
  3. Looking for a scope thats good for dso and galaxies..like 200/800 awesome for DSO and for bigger galaxies..but heavy
  4. Thats exactly why I asked tgem if they will sell the neq6 or eq6r, they have a higher capacity
  5. I dont really have money for a long focal lenght and fast refractor..thats why I am looking at newton, but I found a 6" RC now for like 400$.
  6. I want to buy from amazon as I have a -50% coupon so I can get a mount for half tge price. Anyway, is the AZ-EQ5 enough to hold a 200/800 f4 skywatcher newton with guiding and a 1300D dslr? For AP the payload is 15kg.
  7. I e-mailed SkyWatcher on support@skywatcher.com some 2 weeks ago about selling EQ6, AZ-EQ6 or EQ6-R on amazon..I saw they have AZ-EQ5 and EQ6-R, but EQ6-R is out of stock and still says on amazon "We don't know when will this item be available again." Is support@skywatcher.com the right email? They dont have any other email lol..or maaybe someone knows when the named items will be back on stock?
  8. So than I will need a lens collar for my 135mm samyang? Or it will be fine attached to the camera? It weights somewhere around 800g
  9. Γεια σας and welcome to SGL nice to see more and more people from the Balkans. I live in Serbia and visit Greece every summer Nikola
  10. I heard a lot of similar problems..at the end of the day the fix is really easy..it is up to the date format..it must be the USA format
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