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  1. As the title says, I am after 12nm Ha clip filter for my aps-c canon eos. Budget around 90£
  2. Interesting. As the colors get a but saturation - the color mottle accross the image shows up..I thought it is only my editing went wrong. I suggest start ditgering
  3. How much are the galaxy images cropped? I am sure thats not the real fov as the esprit 150 doesnt have that much fl.
  4. Exactly. He is a good youtuber and I enjoy watching him too, but when I see he reviews a product I just simply ignore it and I dont even watch those videos.
  5. Same here! In april also I think I saw your posts on facebook in Star Adventurer group but using a vixen gp?
  6. This filter comes from same factory as optolong. 190$ for Ha filter..hmm
  7. The link you provided is only the 2 motors and the hand controller. The mount comes in around 400-500 too.
  8. Never heard about them before and I saw only 1 review which wasnt helpful at all. Anyone use one of their SVNBONY 12nm ha clip in filters? If yes can you share some opinions?
  9. Answer for 1: No. Thats not the goto kit so it will not slew to target nor you can use autoguiding. Answer 2: if you add the synscan motors with hand controller than it is the same. So just buy the one with synscan already. Answer 3: they are exactly the same. The EQ5 is called in Europe, NEQ5 in UK and USA.
  10. Yes you can say that. I do not know what options are available tho.
  11. You ever heard about pixinsight le?
  12. I should mention that I used PixInsight lol
  13. @GraemeH I took the time and played with it. I didnt oversaturated it, but noise reduced the background, keeped the fain nebulosity north and west from nebula too. I hope you like it
  14. Nice! Is there any way to upload the stacked unedited tif file?
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