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  1. I thoroughly recommend Sky Safari having used it for past few months with the synscan WiFi dongle in my observatory. The sheer number of deep sky and solar system objects and it’s ease of use make it a hit. Downside is that you’ll need 2 devices if you’re on iOS - one for the synscan and one for Sky Safari - and a charger for extended sessions in the cold.
  2. Come to Andover AS. We meet at Grateley village hall on the way to Andover. If the weather is clear we do some observing in the car park afterwards. http://www.andoverastronomy.org.uk/ Next talk is from Grant Privett on 21 March who has been tracking satellites launched from the ISS and deducing their orbits. Their tea and biscuits aren’t bad either!
  3. What about the hell of Io’s constant volcanic eruptions, the blast of an impact crater formation or the birth of the universe in the Big Bang? But my favourite idea has to be watching the hell of an accretion disc around a black hole as superheated matter falls forever into a singularity and the remaining life of the universe is played out in moments.
  4. You could include monitoring planetary weather: Jovian transit timings and monitoring the Martian dust storm for example. Making planetary science strong and stable??
  5. It looks a great read and useful planning tool doesn’t it? The review on CN are very favourable too. I like the way they describe the objects and how the views vary from instrument to instrument - much more useful than a DSS image or long exposure photo. I am also hoping they describe what part of the Milky Way is being observed - looking through the spiral arms, towards the galactic core or out into deeper space. I often think of the sky being a flat plane so understanding the depth of the Milky Way will be wonderful.
  6. I’ve been told to leave this unopened for another 47 days.
  7. This is how I hold all my sketching kit. Laminated A5 ring binder, pocket pencil holders, red clip light and some bulldog clips.
  8. I’d second staying at home and waiting for a darker time of the month. I don’t think the moon is a source of light pollution. A lot of light yes but not pollution - and far less light than the sun to be fair!! ?
  9. It seems everyone’s off on hols where the skies will get dark and the planets aren’t skirting the horizon.
  10. Hi Gav I’ll bet the views through those scopes will be lovely. We are very fortunate to have access to the observatory complex through the club to the Director. There are several lay-bys and pull ins on the summit road you can use although I’m not sure which is best. Have a lovely trip in the meantime. Mark
  11. July 2018 sees another trip to Tenerife with friends from the Basingstoke Astronomy Society Exped Group. I had such a great time last year I can not wait to return again. Super excited. From Tenerife, the planets will be high in the sky, the summer milky way will be glorious and there are a reasonable hours of darkness (unlike home where it isn’t getting dark at all!). A key question is what equipment to take. We have access to a telescope which is fantastic for observing the planets but it is always well utilised by the group. While I would love to fill my boots it wouldn’t be fair to use it exclusively so I am taking my 6” Maksutov and a tracking mount (all second hand) along with my binoculars, camera, eyepieces, sketching equipment etc. I paid extra for my flight so I can take a hand-carry suitcase. This means I can take all my delicate optics with my in the cabin while the heavier, more robust tripods, extension cable etc can go in the hold. I made a short video of how it all goes together here: and a brief blog post here: http://www.refreshingviews.com/travel-telescope-for-tenerife-july-2018/ Super excited! Dark skies above the light pollution and I have my binoculars, telescope and camera with me.
  12. Martin Mobberley has a guide to webcam imaging which describes high resolution, lucky imaging with high speed cameras.
  13. What lovely sketches. Have you tried the Quick Map site? It uses Lunar Recce Orbiter radar and observational data. It has a tool that allows you to drag a line from point to point on the surface and then gives a height profile. Very useful for comparing observations with spacecraft data. http://quickmap.lroc.asu.edu/?layers=NrBsFYBoAZIRnpEoAsjZwLpNKG%2BscB2fDbMADlPnNAE5rDgjZWakiE2mAmOuqt3J9%2BjTOKQ9QPRkmBSuBcgGZoPQUskVVYicDhwo3OQbRCkBkueCroisls5iLO63GX32%2B5cufe8bspWmt4M1urKMuEURFEhcChsDvIU9LoqPHEYcpGeWHqqymGkAHRQIKqJ6UiFZqXlNtDKRkoFTb7GFWrFrGUqTUkwfTVNntDDjZHU4%2BDiKtKyFaBjJTyzNaAd9fN1ves2ENN9bcoaezlNAdsjQUezBUS7iBVEW72G-TxP4x8ja0e-RpSAH7VQ8YLve4qIhXbIvFrJIJnLxBHooiiDJinPIqChZdFvdFPfLkRKYnKiaxgwlYtT4kkbCHPA6wlGgZG8GKY%2BZorEsPxBHE1WLVYAoL6LMU8QnjZSk-5JEpypDi1njOhzFXgGlyFDgemk8AIoZQkZwXkXaCs2nQYn9JoC6BOvz67laTZ%2BdSHaKoT2pa3CVIczXAcCGSVhu1IMNMphh4PR80ungrIjkfX48Zp92x%2B0GkbQY0kzBAA&extent=-90%2C-59.32156512404224%2C90%2C59.32156512404224&proj=10
  14. Can I throw a left field option in? I’m writing this on a family holiday in La Palma where I’ve bought a 6” Skywatcher mak in my hand luggage (with eps and ASI camera) while my AZ goto and tripod went in the checked luggage. This gives fantastic optics on a tracking mount. Not so good for wide field of view but great for visual deep sky and moon+planets. Cost wise was made more palatable by buying both the mount and tube second hand. I hope that is of use!
  15. I’ve had a nearby pub install 3 massive spotlights on their front, each brighter than a streetlight. A polite chat on the lines it cast shadows in my property got it resolved - I didn’t mention astronomy. I joked that I could read a book at night in the bedroom with the curtains shut! It all depends on their response but a polite chat is always a good place to start although I can’t say it’ll be successful. Another thought: if it’s a business or council property then highlight the benefits to their environmental policy. I know also campaign for dark skies has some really good advice on resolution and legal aspects of light pollution. Good luck!
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