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  1. ^ Looks like a solid piece for the price! I was debating between this and the Samyang 135mm F2 lens. Seems like there are some trade offs either way... Samyang will be a bit more money. Hmmm. More decisions!
  2. Hi Folks, I'm a bit new to this but seem to be stuck in trying to get rid of this "grain" that goes across the imagine. There is a lot more to be done to bring out M31 but the grain is there. This was stacked in DSS with 19 lightsx90seconds, 10 darks, some bias, and flats as well. I've worked at this for a bit in Photoshop and APP. Any thoughts on how to remove this grain? If I continue to stretch this it becomes much more noticeable. The original picture comes out a big "green" which is (I believe) due to the Svbony CLS filter I am using. Shot with a Canon 600d, 70-300mm lens, at 300mm F
  3. I know this is an old post but wanted to add in how much I would recommend fixed lenses over cheap zooms! I've been working away on the my Canon ef-s 55-250 lens and not super happy with the results. However, I picked up this Super-Takumar 135mm F3.5 lens for £35 and it really is much easier to work with. And.. frankly, better results. I really blew out the stars on my edits here (much to learn there!) but this was captured using an unmodified 600d, CLS filter, and the Star Adventurer. 19lightsx90seconds.
  4. Ah! Thanks... Yes, I have this. I was curious about the various scope options!
  5. Yup... That's right! I was just chatting with the folks at FLO and they strongly encouraged me to order now to ensure the Christmas present arrives in time and isn't back ordered. I currently have: - Star Adventurer - Solid tripod - 600d - some basic camera lenses (50mm, 135mm, 55-250mm) - Skywatcher 90MAK - Assortment of 1.25" eyepieces I'm "asking" my wife for a small scope foo photography and for what we bring for camping (so visual as well). 4 boys are starting to get into this so this will be a nice compliment to my Skywatcher 90MAK. I want to make sure
  6. I had a much better night last night. I backed off to 135mm on my lens and was able to take 25x80s exposures that were good. I took this under bad light pollution and a moon that came out in the middle of the night. More work to be done! But feel okay as this is my 3rd time trying this!
  7. Yes, this is a great idea. I may try using my ball head right on the L bracket tonight and leave things as 'untouched' as possible.
  8. I did a quick check of this when I got this a few weeks ago... but probably should check again in more detail to make sure! I'll do it before another try tonight. Btw, do you find that you can get the stars to be "sharp" in the polar scope? No matter what I do with the focuser it always seems a bit blurry to me.
  9. This was my 2nd night out with the Star Adventurer mountb... Went for M13 due to the position of the moon last night. Single shot at 150sec. No edits except for cropping in. Canon 450d, 55-250mm lens @ f7.1. I was shooting at 250mm. I didn't start stacking the pictures as there is a bit of star trailing. Any over 30 second had a bit. I assume I'm not getting my polar alignment right? It seemed "just right" and I'm on a good tripod that appeared to be level! New to the tracking business but I would like to be about to get 1-3 min subs!
  10. Update for future buyers... Having now used the Neewer CF Tripod and the Calumet 8202 I can conclusively say this isn't close! I was able to speak with WEX and they honored the 30% off coupon so the price was not that different. https://www.wexphotovideo.com/calumet-carbon-tripod-without-head-1682343/ MASSIVE difference in the middle column stability between these two. The difference was not so much in the vertical but more more so in the left/right movements. The legs are thicker and provide a bit more stability as well. I have my MAK90, Canon 600D and 55-250 lens on the Skywatcher
  11. Hi folks... Just an update on my journey here. I purchased the Neewer CF tripod off of Amazon. Very nice tripod! HOWEVER, no matter how much I tighten the column the middle column has some 'give" each way. It is super stable once I'm on target but the small shift in the middle column when I'm slewing can mess up my polar alignment (this movement is left right about 5mm). I can obviously return this but was curious if you had heard of this?
  12. Oh no!! They ran out of stock... Will look at their other options tonight.
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