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  1. Hmmmm....im not too sure mate ill give it a go tomorrow and let you know! thank you ?
  2. No, it wasn't, silly thought on my part but I thought I'd give it a go. Yes to both the next questions.
  3. Gave it another go last night, no luck. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong! I polar aligned it, set it to park, plugged everything in, connected Ascom, unparked it and set to siderial tracking then opened CDC. I made sure time and location were correct. I then slewed to a star in Ursa major in CDC and it went the opposite way to where I wanted it to go. I thought that maybe I mounted my scope the wrong way on the dovetail and that maybe if I rotated the DEC axis 180 that, that might help but no luck, I just got even more confused and stressed so I gave up and did some widefield
  4. Thank you all very much, forgot how helpful this site was! So am I right in saying I shouldn't need to star align the mount like you do when you use the supplied controller? Should my location and time be the only things CDC needs to slew to an object? Also what is APT and what is plate solving? Is this similar to when you hold ESC on the synscan controller when looking at an object to re-centre the mount and to tell the mount that's where it's looking? How would I perform this in CDC? Cheers
  5. Been a while since I've posted on here! Last night I decided to set up my astrophotography rig with the guidescope (which I havent done since 2016) and ended up not taking a single image, just packed up and headed to bed stressed ?. I have always just used to hand controller but I'd like to get into guiding more with PHD and using cartes du ciel. I set it all up, PHD was using QHY CCD with guidescope and seeing stars, EQMOD was connected to my mount and I could move the mount with the controls. I got confused when I got onto cartes du ciel... I tried to slew to an object and it
  6. Do it, trust me! The WO set comes with a pair of good EP's, I've only used those, it comes with a screw on magnifing lens (used to achieve focus on some Newts) that helps achieve a closer view of the planets etc, they're good for DSO's too.
  7. I have a pair of WO binoviewers, nothing beats a set of binoviewers. They improve the image and clarity more than any solo eyepiece IMO.
  8. Happy buyer! These came today and I can truly say I'm well impressed with the build quality. I managed to give them a quick try in my light polluted back garden before the clouds came over. Obviously, the first object I looked at was M42, I put the filter on the 28mm nirvana and WOW! Never have I seen the Orion nebula in that much detail before...I then tried the new ES 11mm with the filter and again, blew me away. I could clearly see the sharp nebula that runs down the left side of M42. I tried my bino viewers next but the clouds had covered Orion by the time I finished shortening the tu
  9. Couldn't have said it better myself, I completely agree on the petrol, it does add up but when I spend money on astronomy, I really don't regret it. Being clouded over though after setting up the scope is the absolute worse... ?
  10. Personally, my favorite spot is a very dark reservoir called Usk in Wales, there's a nice picnic bench to use laptop etc and a nice flat area to set up the scope. There's also a low horizon in every direction so there's no terrestrial objects blocking DSO's! It's about a 45 min drive away but well worth it imo. The only thing I hate are the many potholes in the country roads which feel 100x worse in my fiesta ST... I used to go on my own but recently met another astronomer through work which helps the thought of someone coming and stealing my stuff! Although to be fair, I never had those
  11. Thanks for the help everyone, It's really made me think about what I should do.. I think I'll probably get the Astronomik UHC first and then maybe look at the OIII a bit later on, I have no problem with spending a bit more on a premium filter if they genuinely do make an improvement from the cheaper ones.
  12. What is everyone's opinion on extra-terrestrial life? Do you believe we are alone in the universe and are unique or do you think the probability of life in other solar systems is almost 100%? I personally believe that most solar systems with "habitable" planets contain life and we are by no means alone. For me, the fact that there could be other other life out there fuels my passion for this hobby even more...when I look through my scope, it's cool to think that the star I'm looking at could be the "sun" for another earthly planet.
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