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  1. Just tried it on my One9.0 subs zoomed in on the hottest pixel on the dark and blinked a Ha sub and it's shows the hot pixel in the same place... funny I never thought to do this when I had the same issue so thanks for the question. Peter
  2. Only thing I can suggest is do a 20 min dark frame adjust the histogram so just the hottest pixels are viable then blink with the light frames and see if you get a match... not tried this myself. Peter
  3. Thanks. I'd hoped for an integrated (one on mount computer) salutation but Atik are reluctant to create a 3rd Ascom driver. After dropping QHY for Atik seems they now support 4 cameras. I've started using the 1st cooled camera I bought for guiding the very reliable SXVh9 but this is bigger than the GP meaning would hit the roll off roof if not removed when opening and closing! Peter
  4. A little history... I built my first triple HOS imaging setup a few years ago using a SXVh9 & 2 QHYImg2pro cameras only to find 2 identical cameras came with driver issues! OK time for an upgrade... With my experience of driver issues in mind I contacted Atik who at the time assured there were no issues with using multiple One 9.0 cameras. Over the next few years... Built observatory, lots of equipment upgrade added including Atik cameras 2x One 9.0 and GP guider, oh no would you believe it... camera driver issues only 2 cameras supported!! Ironically I was guided by Atik. Peter
  5. Hello Paul, Have you concidered the TeleVue TV-102 F8.6 doublet? Peter
  6. Looks similar to the one for my Losmandy G11 that has grub screws in the other 3 holes that you leave a little slack while just using the 4th knurled one to tighten after rotating to the desired position. Peter
  7. Yes much too tight! I tried making them bigger by sanding but gave up, ended up forcing the thin ones on and cutting the rest... far from ideal! Maybe use them to get the correct spacing then invest in metal rings. Peter
  8. Hello, I've sent you a PM as I'd like to buy the Lakeside focuser. Peter
  9. For anyone considering purchasing a Mesu l think the mk2 has a lever system that releases the drive in both RA & Dec. Peter
  10. I used Preciseparts in the USA for a single piece part M68 male to M54 male, just tried the website but doesn't seem to be working! Looked at TS and from what I could see the 3 parts l've listed here might do it, have a look at them and see what you think. M68a-M68a all male thread 12mm long. TSM68i-M54a has M68 female to M54 male threads both 5mm long. M68Konter M68 female thread locking ring 2mm long Priced in euros total is 128.90 plus shipping. Peter
  11. As SGPro indicated the camera lost connection you might want to make sure that the power supply to the camera is stable, also think about replacing the USB cable from the camera to the hub. Picture below is a make do fix on a flaky USB, a couple of blobs of bluetack did the trick on this occasion... works OK on my permanent setup!
  12. I'd like to sale one of my TV-102 scopes as I wish to purchase an Esprit 150ED. The one for sale is the newer of the two I have and includes; Everbrite dielectric diagonal with 2"/1.25" eyepiece adapter, Clam tube holder, 20mm plossl and Hard transport case. It's the one in the photo with a matt black finish. All in very good condition except for the metal screw-in cap that I've dropped twice! I've used it mainly for imaging but would like an Esprit 150ED or simular triplet scope for smaller objects. Asking £1600
  13. Three images of the Tulip Nebula/Sh2-101 using exquipment listed below; Ha image 28x600s with SXVh9 1.4mp cooled CCD, Canon 135mm Lens @ F4 = 9.17 arcsec/pixel (image resized to 75%) OSC image 15x900s with early QHY8 6mp cooled CCd, TV-102 @ F6.9 = 2.29 arcsec/pixel (image resized to 35%) Ha image 18x900s with QHY Img2Pro 1.4mp cooled CCD, TV-102 @ F6.9 = 1.89 arcsec/pixel (image at full res.) All mounted on a Losmandy G11 with SXV guider, controlled and processed using SGPro x3, AstroArt5 and PS2 on a Window7 laptop. Peter
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