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  1. I'm on my second NUC i5, first one was onboard the mount running on a 12v supply it was the slim version with just the M2 ssd worked fine until 3months out of warranty... started using sleep mode before switch off as it just booted up when powered remotely, died in its sleep just didn't wake up one day! Now have the NUC8I5BEH it's a little taller with space for standard sized laptop drive... couldn't swap out the memory but put the old M2 ssd in & Windows 10 booted straight up! Dicided to keep the NUC in the closed area of my observatory by using supplied power adapter always on
  2. Hi Ed, Here's a link to the best place for info on the ETX; http://www.weasner.com/etx/menu.html Hope it helps, Peter
  3. This time of year is particularly bad for moisture in the night air, you could try warming/drying the area with a hair dryer... but if it's already in the Quickmenu you'll need to make a selection to exit, if moisture is the problem it should work for sometime before it builds up & starts again. Peter
  4. Maybe worth posting this issue here; https://groups.io/g/Sitechservo Give as many details as you can remember. Peter
  5. My guess is although the mount was pointing East you had tracked past the meridian into the west therefore needing a flip to advice further west... Peter
  6. Thanks for letting me know, glad you got it sorted. Peter
  7. Here's a couple of pictures that hopefully explain the issue & show how to fix! Peter This picture shows how corroded this area can get, once the thin coating on the track has eroded it's susceptible to shorting to ground this can be moisture/dew if this happens it will activate the QuickMenu & cycle though until the short is broken, see Gemini L4 manual for a fuul explanation of the QuickMenu... as you can see silicone stops this being an issue!
  8. Hello Ian, I once had a similar issue, mine was caused by a short on the main board tracks that run under the 15 pin socket where the hand controller is plugged into the gemini controller. Over time the socket can loosen a little due to usage & the board coating gets worn leaving the tracks exposed & open to shorts, I fixed mine with a silicon potting compound... if you decide you have the same issue before applying make sure the area is dry. Please feel free to PM if you have any questions. Peter
  9. I had a problem with my Chroma OIII filter, got in contact with Chroma direct & sent them images showing the issue. They replied asking that I return it for a replacement, also supplied the RMS labels for the return... I even received the replacement filter before I managed to send off the old one! Ended with an email from them explaining that when tested a thin layer of lubricant had found its way onto the surface of the filter which had caused the issue... still a little baffled by this but can't believe the standard of service! Peter
  10. This is my process using AA5 & PS2, I've rotated, cropped & framed the image...hope that's OK? Peter
  11. My image didn't seem to load properly, have deleted this entry. Peter
  12. I use a StarTech 10 port USB Industrial Hub on the mount with 2x Atik One 9.0 cameras, l think they make a 4 port USB 2.0 Industrial version... these need a 12v supply. Peter
  13. Hello Rick, I have the flattener shown in the Robindonne post, I've added a few measurements that may help... I think the optics would be the same in both versions as they would have been specified by WO. Peter Please substitute depth for length where necessary...
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