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  1. Hi Maarten, The only conversion I've seen used the DC-102 controller. QHY8_modification.pdf Peter
  2. Hi Martin, Have you considered medium format lenses, they usually have more backfocus... maybe a 6x7 Pentax lens would make it possible to still utilise the FW8? Peter
  3. At 1230 euros, £1100 that is a good way cheaper than the current ASI1600mm pro price. Adam Think you'll find the online price list for the Moravian cameras is exclusive of VAT! Peter
  4. Hi Martin, No experience with this combo but you may get more help with a little more info; What's the total backfocus of the camera & filterwheel combined? Also percent thread on the filterwheel? Peter
  5. Hi Jon, What's your price for the Esprit120 as ad plus the FT as listing... FYI the 1st & last Adaptor you listed are the same part no. Thanks, Peter
  6. Modern Astronomy are the sole UK importers & are collected in batches from Lucas by them, you have the choice of collection from Modern Astronomy or delivery in person by Bernard.
  7. The OIII is a mix of 15 & 30 minute with an Astrodon 3nm, the background sky is much better on the longer exposures... guess the 15 mins. could be just adding noise as showing hardly any signal above a murky background sky.
  8. Bit slow with the processing on this out of season/year HOO image. Peter
  9. I've had a similar issue with my One9.0 when using Windows 10, found a reboot of Windows with the camera running & connected fixes it! Peter
  10. Face of Rygel nebula (Cave) Peter
  11. Will fit the Rowan AZ100 directly without the need for a saddle!
  12. I have over 120 expired sale/wanted ads on ABS with only 11 being successful, just makes me an unsuccessful seller/buyer. I think the definition of a dealer is someone who makes a profit selling things. Peter
  13. The light pollution here sucks!
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