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  1. Gonna be expensive getting those dust carts up there!
  2. whipdry

    William optics FLT105 serial no 02158

    Perhaps you missed the fact it has a LZOS optics making your comparison less valid, maybe look at a secondhand flt 110 with TEC F6.5 optics or something with highly regarded optics! Peterl
  3. whipdry

    Atik Base - early adopters requested

    Dave, Never used Maxim but I'd think both Lakeside Ascom drivers should work independently. I'm assuming both driver are visible the ascom chooser & your able to select the 2nd driver, do you then open properties within the chooser window & set them up? Peter
  4. whipdry

    Atik Base - early adopters requested

    One of each running 3x SGP on a single Windows 10 NUC although I believe both Lakeside & Robofocus support at least x2 focusers with thier ascom drivers. Peter Here's the rig;
  5. whipdry

    Atik Base - early adopters requested

    I can confirm 3x SGP works using Sharpsky, Robofocus & Lakeside controllers. There will be issues with Ascom driver that aren't written specifically for running 2x identical hardware, I found Atik were vary helpful sorting the ascom drivers for my 2x One 9.0 cameras as the filter wheels had conflicts with the normal drivers. The only other hardware Ascom related problem I've had with SGP is the warmup with my G3-16200EC cooler not always switching off properly. Peter
  6. whipdry

    Atik 383L+ and Cooling after a Reboot

    Hi Alistair, Yes, that's normal behaviour when cooler power is removed. You can set the cool down and warmup periods within SGPro. As for SGPro crashing this can be caused by Atik services not responding correctly normally due to the power up sequence/order of your rig, you should either power up your computer 1st or do a Windows restart once all the components of your rig are powered. Peter
  7. All stunning in there own way, think I'd put 3rd place image 1st as it's pure astronomy rather than a mix of landscape & astronomy. Peter
  8. whipdry

    Mesu 200 Arrrives

    OK, 25kg of Geoptik 2x10kg plus 1x5kg =£325. (Modern Astronomy) 25kg of Baader 2x12.5kg =£336 (see link) Peter
  9. whipdry

    Mesu 200 Arrrives

    I have 3 of the 12.5 kg Baader stainless steel counterweights on my Mesu, think they also make 6.5 & 8.5 kg. Here's a link for the 12.5 kg if anybody is interested; https://www.astroshop.eu/counterweights/baader-cdp-counterweight-12-5kg/p,15462?utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=15462&utm_campaign=1812&utm_source=froogle&gclid=CjwKCAiAmO3gBRBBEiwA8d0Q4nyLgJhaQs8ZhYOmr5TTVpeWV2Q4aLm33OQwBpPrIL4b9J2vakKsRRoC21YQAvD_BwE&utm_content= Peter
  10. whipdry

    Determining Camera Tilt

    Just remember it's the camera that's dumb it doesn't know you've rotated it 180 deg.... in reality the star field the camera sees has rotated, but the tilt problem stays in the same place on the sensor and therefore also on the image. Peter
  11. whipdry

    ASI 1600 mm cool pro and DEW

    Hi Rod, l've had slight misting issues with most of the cooled camera I've owned, I found this tends to happen if the sensor window is horizontal (scope pointing up) during cool down. Resolved by setting park with scopes horizontal & always cooling prior to unparking & imaging. Have not owned a ZWO though! Peter
  12. whipdry

    Deep Iris from Germany...

    Much improved, very nice. Peter
  13. whipdry

    NGC6820 from the dual rig

    Great image Sara, can't stop myself coming back for another look! Peter
  14. whipdry

    Sh2-150 in Cepheus

    Great pair of images Jens. The CMOS most certainly shows the advantage of the larger sensor working @ 0.78 arcsec/pixel, very smooth. Peter
  15. whipdry

    SHO Propeller Nebula

    Thanks for your comments. Your right James it's in Cygnus, centre of screenshot/chart;

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