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  1. Thankyou one and all for the many words of wisdom. I feel inclined to make the raised floor as suggested by Tomatorbro, but with crossmembers as pmlogg has done (but including cable mananagement), without drilling to the concrete base, for each drill hole will break the sealant barrier. Obviously, there will be four holes required for the pier, and another eight for the four observatory quadrants attached to the floor. I am thinking now that once these are drilled, to "paint" the insides of the holes with a suitable bottle brush with a view to re-establishing the seal. How successful that
  2. Many thanks Tomatobro, for taking time out to come back to me. I had in mind originally to simply seal the surface (thanks for product info) and once the base was sealed to the pad with silicone, tile it with the interlocking tiles. However, there is a deal of merit in having a floor in as you describe, so I intend to pursue that route for better air flow. I was going to use the cable guard used in offices where it has to traverse the top of a carpet, but the raised floor will make cabling internally a lot more flexible. The last owner of the observatory had kitchen carpet directly on the
  3. Last week saw the completion of a 2.4m x 2.4m concrete pad to accommodate an old Pulsar 2.1m dome I have acquired. What did anyone who has already trodden this path do to their concrete pad both before and after the dome was fixed in position? I am thinking in terms of sealant to afford protection against both concrete dust and any damp from below. I am probably less than a month away from starting the build. Any advice is very gratefully received, and thankyou in advance for any advice .
  4. Just had the same issue with a recently acquired ED80 and replacing the stock focuser. Skipper Billy's approach was spot on. All I would add to that is that when you get to the screw adjacent to the 'scope description label, I used a piece of metal as a heat shield to protect that from any melting or lifting of the label.
  5. Thank you to everyone for their interesting and varied responses. I think the wider range of members indicated by DirkeSteele at Baker Street Irregular Astronomers may reflect that "you are where the people are" and therefore achieve a better balance. Possibly the same for George Jones before he left the city. Our observatory here in the Isle of Man is out in the wilds, with no public transport in the vicinity, so we obviously start with the disadvantage of limiting ourselves to those with private transport and children with parents who are prepared to ferry them to the observatory and re
  6. I doubt there is any "scientific" data available, so simply doing a straw poll here, how does everyone read their own situation? Is the average age of those attending your astronomical society meetings, or maybe just your circle of astronomy friends, increasing year by year, remaining static, or getting younger, and what reasons do you believe are attributable to your perception?
  7. As a final note, thank you John for your suggestion resulting in a successful outcome. Emailed FLO at weekend, Martin replied Monday morning, and I've ordered it this afternoon. I'm told it is in stock at Vixen UK, so everything is good. As a side note, FLO tell me that the UK stock code for this item is 78011, if anyone chances upon this thread looking for the same thing.
  8. Thanks one and all for the advice. I'll contact firstlightoptics to begin with, for I buy the majority of new equipment from them, and it is intended for an AZEQ5 that I bought there. As I am not in a huge rush, hopefully it is an item they can source.
  9. I'd like to buy a Vixen Optics 38011 Vixen Porta Multi Plate, pictured below which appears to be widely available across the pond, and even from Teleskop Express in Germany. I haven't managed to find any astro retailer in the UK stocking it, but if you know of anyone carrying it in the UK, please let me know. I'd be happier spending with a UK astronomy outlet rather than swelling the coffers of Amazon UK.
  10. Many thanks for your response Freddie. It is good to know that you see no problems, and no one has shot it down in flames, or indeed come back with alternative mounting thoughts. The Coronado has arrived today, so I shall pursue this path as the apparent best route. Again, thank you for your time. Kind regards, Mark
  11. Good evening one and all, I have in transit to me a Coronado PST (not new) that I wish to mount upon the second dovetail bar on my Evostar 120 refractor. The refractor has a Baader ASTF120 white light solar filter attached which protrudes about 2cm all around. In order to collimate the two scopes with each other and ensure the PST clears the ASTF120, my initial thoughts have been to employ a Sky-Watcher Guidescope mount attached to the second dovetail bar and the PST in turn to that. I'm not sure, but I suspect I need the additional plate as shown on FLO. According to the specificati
  12. Regrets are I suppose, those things under your control which you wish you'd made another decision. I don't have any of those, but I still wish it had been possible for me to find the few hundred pounds needed to go see the 2006 total eclipse of the sun in Turkey. The family budget could hardly be raided so there was no choice, and I have no regrets about that. Perhaps if I made it to 2017 in the US, that would make up for it?
  13. Last year's near occultation (from my location) of Jupiter by the Moon sticks very much in my mind. Seeing Jupiter and its moons right up close to our Moon was awesome. I saw many photos of this event afterwards, and not a one was in any way whatsoever a comparison to what I saw through the glass (of a modest ETX-105PE) with my eye. So glad the cloud stayed away during the event.
  14. Success!!! Well, I bit the bullet with a junior hacksaw, and with a great deal of care started to cut a slot. Once well on the way, I progressed to the full size hacksaw, again ever so carefully, in order to widen the half finished slot to the driver bit width, and then continue until I was happy it was deep enough to get a good purchase. With one of the flat blades (with proper machined concave surfaces so the blade does not jump out of the slot) inserted into the electric screwdriver, I slowly applied power, and yippee, it gave way! I honestly didn't expect it to. For the record, I wouldn'
  15. Is is just me, or do you find as I do that the majority of 9v battery compartments on most astro equipment are ridiculously tight? The Duracell batteries always seem overly fat, with the trailing wire being the last straw, whereas rechargeables don't seem to "bulge" the same way, but still even those are usually too long for the said compartments. For info, the latest one that caused me to put pen to "paper" is the SkyWatcher electric focuser. Mark
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