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  1. Finally got to image Mars this year after some appauling weather in the UK. This was my first time out using the ZWO ASI 224MC on a very cold eve. I think i've probably the maxed out my equipment (Skywatcher 200p) and the location (back garden in the middle of an estate) for this image, so pretty pleased with the results. Its 15% of 11000 frames stacked using Autostakkert, and Registax used to bring out some detail. Equipment used: Skywatcher 200p with dual speed focuser, EQ5 mount with dual axis motors Tal x3 Barlow ZWO ASI224mc with IR Filter Lenovo x270
  2. My second attempts at Orion on the 3rd & 5th March. Great viewing conditions from the centre of my town, hardly any street light glow on these eves. Quite pleased with these, various exposures, which gave different colours when processed.
  3. Another attempt at a non tracked image of Jupiter, used a steady hand to try and keep the image on the SPC880's sensor, and used Castrator to centralise.
  4. Thanks. SPC880nc using SharpCap attached to a TAL x3 on my 200p.
  5. Non tracked and only a couple of images, viewing conditions were good from my town, little light interference
  6. Thank you. I had attempted jupiter before with my 130p and was chuffed with the results but had to work hard to get them, the 200p was a joy to use, and even at such low frame count I was pleased. I am still playing with the settings of Sharpcap & registax but the hardest thing is locating jupiter on the webcam especially with 2x Barlow. Going to try my 3x Tal Barlow later if this cloud clears...
  7. Hi All, Just a quick test of my 200p setup, only 172 frames stacked, results aren't too bad. Cloud cover soon ruined any further attempts.
  8. That was with the standard x2 barlow, I have a TAL x3 but it's not the best with the 130p. Ive just upgraded to a 200p so hoping the Tal x3 should be more suited to that scope
  9. just uprgaded to a 200p

  10. My 4th attempt at Jupiter with my 130p and spc880 it's cold out there!
  11. My 1st attempt at Venus via my 130p and spc900nc + 2x Barlow, very misty out there tonight (in Scotland), but Venus still shining in all her glory
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