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  1. Nice one Paul! Going to have a go myself tonight after nearly moving my scope into the neighbour's garden to get a decent view lol! Think quite a few will be out tonight! Best regards, Ralph
  2. Two excellent captures. Well done! Best regards, Ralph
  3. Lovely detailed shot. Those festoons are very prominent. Great image despite the less than ideal conditions we are all battling! Best regards, Ralph
  4. Excellent detailed capture - a triumph over difficult conditions for you! Best regards, Ralph
  5. That is a cracker capture. Well done! You can see the storm easily. Just wish Saturn wasn't so low here....might have to demolish a neighbour's house lol! Best regards, Ralph
  6. Congratulations Mariusz!....Just spotted this thread and I managed to be featured too at 15.35 with an IR effort inc Europa & Io - captured mid May! Had the programme recorded for later but was tipped off on Twitter!! Lol! Once again congratulations!! Best regards, Ralph
  7. Thanks. No I haven't - just a quick first light.
  8. I haven't posted on here for quite a while - continuing ill-health being a major factor but I took delivery on Tuesday of the new Skywatcher ED72R from the guys at First Light Optics (superb service as ever). What's more it was actually clear and I managed to get out and got first light on the bright afternoon moon - lovely sharp view. I attached my ASI224MC and managed the attached image ( 2 pane mosaic ). Very pleased. Best regards, Ralph
  9. Lovely capture Simon despite the less than stellar conditions! Lovely crisp shadow and plenty Jovian detail as a backdrop. Too many showers about here last night for me to risk taking the gear out into the wild lol! What camera did you use Simon? Was this with the C9.25? Cheers, Ralph
  10. Thanks very much ineed Reggie. Most appreciated sir. Clear skies to you.? ?! Best regards, Ralph
  11. Lovely, detailed capture Peter. Often the unexpected turns up trumps and that is certainly the case here! Pleasure to view. Best regards, Ralph
  12. Many thanks once again Simon and Angie! Cheers Simon - that is indeed actual capture scale but Firecapture is indicating a focal length of over 8m and a resolution of 0.15" - I have absolutely no idea how accurate that is!! I use a flip mirror and, of course, there is a filter wheel in there as well. I just know I have pushed the scope as far as I can! Focusing is a bit of a delicate touch - quite literally - as I have no electric focuser etc. - I am just using the stock focuser. Best regards and thanks to all once again,
  13. That's a fine, detailed image Craig. Well done! Best regards, Ralph
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