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  1. Awesome Mike. I'm very jealous . I'd settle for one in a row right now!
  2. Great work! Double cluster in the middle, Heart and Soul nebula to the left, I think M103 near the top... with a few more there too in that wide field shot!
  3. Coming thick and fast this week Mike - sounds like you're getting some great conditions. Another brilliant image - lovely detail and contrast. As usual, it was a pleasure to view at 100% on Astrobin too.
  4. Good tip @SyedT. I came across this article recently and after configuration it did increase speed significantly for the Starnet++ process! I have a relatively old card in PC terms - nVidia GTX 1060 6GB.
  5. Stunning Mike, super crisp image and the full disc was great to view at 100%
  6. Great first light report and even better you got to share those initial wow moments too. Plenty more to come I'm sure
  7. Interesting thread @johninderby I have to agree, I find it challenging at times when looking things up or referencing stuff. A staggering amount of knowledge without doubt and when I do reference them I get lost (in a good way) reading surrounding sections/pages... but it's not used as often as some of my quick reference lunar books. as @andrew s mentioned, it was clear this wasn't quick reference on purchase
  8. Love it and I hope it meets all the design expectations! Given all your constraints it's a really impressive approach over the traditional obsy builds It does look a heavy load to lift that top half as you mention!
  9. Further confirmed here https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/thinkpad/t-series/t440p/
  10. As you mentioned, the SS is the key. If you have two with this, they should be USB3 (this is backed up by the additional device manager items) I have an older laptop that has some USB3 ports (not blue) marked with SS and these have been fine for two different USB3 cameras running high frame rate and also long exposure. As with all astro stuff though... best to test it all out.
  11. All the previews looked fine for each sub, just varying light pollution. You weren't stacking NEOWISE in DSS recently and there's some settings still changed from doing comets? I threw the whole lot into APP and just said "Go" effectively. I got a nice image out the other end (just APP's DDP stretch, no processing for LP etc):
  12. Awesome images Mike. Excellent, sharp detail... can hardly tell it's been processed. A cracker at 100%.
  13. Something still doesn't seem quite right. This is a well known, matched FF/FR with a clear, documented back focus requirement of 55mm (little more with filter in path to sensor). What about taking things out of the equation next - filter wheel (add appropriate spacing back to 55mm).. and even the FF/FR (to check an image straight from scope only) It seems such a common route you've taken with the ZWO image chain and SW FF/FR... in theory what you did first should have been fine (maybe tiny tweaks later)
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