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  1. So I manged to remove the corrupted files from the ProgramData folder, I then reinstalled ASCOM followed by the Atik core software, but the filter wheel was still not being picked up. Then I noticed the working laptop was using an earlier version of the Atik software (June 2020), so I installed this and success! NINA will now connect to the EFW2 on my second PC.
  2. I prefer the first image and I have to say your composition with the terrain is great, I love the way the star clouds tower over it, almost like thunder clouds.
  3. Great M108, and I love the mosaic of distant galaxies captured. I presume that was just painstaking work on your part to create this?
  4. This reminds me of my situation back in the early 90’s except I didn’t sell my gear, I put it away thinking I would be back into it after a few years. It gathered dust for nearly 20 years and AP changed beyond all recognition, so if it is any consolation I think you have made the right call. Anyway, good luck with the sale but clearly you won’t have any difficulty moving this high end kit.
  5. Here is another DSO "lucky imaging" effort, the best 150 x 5 sec Lum subs of M27 from over 1800 taken with the Esprit 150/ASI 178. Processed in Startools ver 1.7.
  6. Sorry should have picked that up from your signature info. I have the QHY colour version, looking forward to giving this a work out on the Esprit and not just keeping it for the RASA.
  7. Very nice M81, that’s a mono camera with filters, right?
  8. I think I have traced it to a couple of Atik corrupt files on the one PC. The trouble is they are in the ProgramData folder and Win 10 is very protective of them, I’m finding it very difficult to replace or overwrite them, the corrupted code appears to be protecting them from deletion? It’s beyond my software capabilities so I’m keeping the one laptop that the EFW will connect to as the RGB slave scope and reconfiguring another laptop to control the OAG scope and mount.
  9. I have posted about this on the NINA forum but thought I might see if anyone on SGL has encountered this issue: I am running two versions of NINA currently, the latest full release, and the nightly build 114, both on Windows 10 machines. I have an Atik EFW 2 which connects to the full release version no problem but I get a "file access path denied" error on the nightly build version. The wheel connects OK under ASCOM on both machines, they are both running the same version of the Atik driver, any thoughts? Logically it sounds like the nightly build version is the problem, but it was working yesterday on both versions after I installed the earlier version of the Atik core software, but today not so. Maybe a Windows update issue? I uninstalled the latest Windows update from yesterday but still the same, works OK on the one laptop, but not the other.
  10. Wonderful image Peter. I find getting a great photo of M31 hard enough, never mind trying to capture any faint Ha that surrounds it!
  11. No, I will try that, but I do find the collimation changes over time anyway on the 16”, it will shortly receive an upgrade by having some fans fitted to the base of the mirror cell. I store it in the garage when not in use and at this time of year the garage door sees all of the afternoon sun so the Dob must be at 10-15 deg above ambient when I first take it out to use, not good!
  12. Yes, that is correct. The lift may look awkward, but if the scope is put horizontal on the mount, with the clamps loosened you can just tilt it out of the dovetail with these handles. If you have tall tripod/pier it would be harder but my pier was a short one for imaging use only.
  13. Do you want the handle to stay on permenantly? @Tomatobro made these for an Esprit 150, from aluminium angle and some sturdy plastic handles off the internet. They do have to be bolted on and off but I safely put the scope on and off the mount with these maybe 30+ times before I got a permanent setup.
  14. I have a very bright LED streetlight adjacent to my back garden and have recently taken up visual astronomy on the back lawn. I was thinking of erecting some poles along the boundary fence and attaching a blackout curtain to this but realised we have a ruddy great tilt able parasol in the garden already. When put up in the correct location, it blocks the streetlight a treat! Nobody will see you putting it up at 11 pm.
  15. What a brilliant film! I just love the footage of British engineering in a bygone age, and the approach to health and safety. Steel erectors riding on the crane lifts, machinists gently caressing the workpiece while it’s still turning in the lathe, ah those were the days. But what an achievement, they looked really chuffed at the end of the film and so they should.
  16. I have to adjust the collimation every time I use the scope as it gets a bumpy ride from the garage to the back garden. I slacken the o rings completely then tighten them up in the focuser each time, then carry out the collimation process. This has given me excellent star shapes (but visual only) every session so I have to conclude the Collimator is ending up central in the focuser each time.
  17. I think he is based in Cambridgeshire so might not be too far for you to take it.
  18. Sorry to hear about this unfortunate event, I have come across a few mishaps related here on SGL, but not this combination. +1 for trying Es Reid to see if a bench test is possible. From memory FLO charge £75 for one on a new Esprit purchased from them, so I presume a test service is available. I think adjustment of the collimation is possible, but I’m not sure what could be done if there is more damage done than that.
  19. My experience agrees with Olly. The dust mote pattern (and alas I don't keep and assemble the kit in clean room conditions, so there are a few bunnies on there) is the same on all 4 filters, telling me the dust that counts is on the camera sensor window.
  20. Spikes or no spikes, I’m looking at the galaxy, and that’s first class
  21. I have a slightly different take on “the best scope is the one you use the most”, at the end of the day I think it is a balance between what you want to see, convenience and budget. The ultimate grab and go instrument is the mk 1 eyeball, and that works fine for some folks but most of us into the night sky want to see more and buy a scope or binoculars. What really matters to me for visual is glimpsing faint objects and maximising detail, I have a reasonably dark location and I am prepared for some set up and take down ‘hassle’ to get the best views at the eyepiece. I don’t like the idea of always wishing I could see more so I went for the biggest aperture I could afford, knowing that this would be big and heavy and require time and effort to set up. However I do understand that this philosophy won’t work for a lot of people, its just my take on it.
  22. Me also. I keep the same flats until I disturb the optical train which is usually a few weeks unless we have a particularly lean spell of clear nights.
  23. Here is one hour of Lum integration from last night, taken with Esprit 150/ASI 178. The object was very low down for me but the SN is still quite distinct through the murk.
  24. Yup, neither of the two Esprits on the rig have ever had an eyepiece anywhere near them. The previous scope I bought you can't look through if you tried, your head would block the photons. But several years ago I had a really great first visual session with a 20" Dob at Eddington Lodge in North Cornwall, unfortunately the dark sky/large aperture combination rather spoilt me, I keep comparing my current visual forays back to that experience.
  25. Great capture, following it by hand must be quite a challenge.
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