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  1. I was looking at Mars last night but would have struggled to make out any detail. The planet will appear like a bright red/orange star at 25mm and a small red/orange disc at 10mm. Both images should be relatively sharp. When out of focus the planet will appear as a fuzzy ball. Are you sure that you have the eye piece sitting in the holder correctly ? With my limited knowledge it sounds like you have a focusing problem. If you can use your scope during the day have a look at a distant object such as a tree or a building and make sure that you can get that in focus. If you can't
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll give a high magnification a try.
  3. In Sky Safari you can preset the visual magnitude to only show certain stars etc. Stellarium is free though.
  4. I use these eye pieces with my scope and I saw a massive jump in quality. So much better than the kit EPs. I have the 18mm, 12mm and the x2 Barlow. All give a great viewing experience. I decided to stick with the kit 25mm as that seems to work fine for me.
  5. Although I've had my scope for a couple of years it hasn't had much use and I'm pretty much still inexperienced. The other night I was looking at M13 which pretty much matches everyone's description of a fuzzy ball. I couldn't really say that I could start to resolve any of the stars, maximum magnication was x100. Would a Ultra High Contrast Filter help? If so any recommendation please. TIA. Ed
  6. Some great advice here for you. For me I would say that planning is key a successful nights gazing. I use Sky Safari 6 Pro for my digital map and it has a facility where you can compile observing lists so you can plan what to look at. I fund it extremely useful. Plus one on the Turn Left at Orion, worth every penny. It can be a bit confusing at first but stick with it.
  7. Great App. I find it extremely useful for planning sessions.
  8. @Kronos831 have a read of this useful guide.
  9. Well done on the M42. For now I would just get used to using your scope on finding objects in the sky. Have a look around here as there is a very useful sticky about which Eye Pieces may be best to use with your scope in terms of high, medium and low magnifications.
  10. Kronos831, With Sky Safari it's possible to search for object in the app. Look for the magnifying glass symbol and press it. Then enter the name of what your looking for then press the magnifying glass symbol to search. Choose your object from the list and then press centre for it to be shown on the map. I find Sky Safari really useful not only to find objects in the sky but also to plan sessions and star hopping. Good luck.
  11. Alarm went off at 0230h, cloud and rain, reset to 0330h, cloud even more rain. ? Back to bed, woke up at 0500 for a loo break, by chance looked out of the window to see stars winking at me. Yes moon clearly visible and in totality ?. I dont think I've got dressed so quickly. Ran outside with the camera and watched the rest of it until just before 0700h. Great unexpected sight.
  12. I'll give a spin in the early hours but currently for is forecast. ?
  13. After the poor weather forecasting of recent, I've just got my stuff ready for the eclipse tomorrow morning. Given that the skies are clear when they forecast cloud, I'm applying a touch of reverse logic. Forecast here is pretty poor, but we'll see what the gods have in-store for us.
  14. Fingers crossed @domstar ?
  15. Managed to get out last night for a session and was hoping to spend some time in Auriga looking for clusters that I have listed brighter than magnitude 8 on SS6. Sky was pretty poor with high level cloud being luminated by the moon making only the brightest of stars visbile. With the naked eye I could just make out Polaris and Orions belt. I started by aiming my scope at Altinak and dropped down to Sigma Orionis. Through the scope I could see A/B, D & E with Struve 761 just visible. I increased magnification from 25mm ( x36 ) through to 18mm (X50 ) then upto 12mm ( x75 ). At 12m
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