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  1. Ed in UK

    Jupiter & Venus

    @Grumpy Martian Hi Martin, EP's are as follows: kit 25mm, BST 18mm, BST 12mm, BST Barlow x2. When I have used the BST EP's they are very good and really pleased with the investment that I made. Ed
  2. Ha Ha at least I'm not going mad then. I thought Newts only inverted the image, probably one reason why I have struggled with star hopping . Finally did a test this lunch time to conclude the image was inverted & flipped. Glad I asked. Thanks everyone for your help. No diagonal or prism involved. Looks like I need to learn how to read a start chart upside down lol......
  3. Sorry guys "Stupid" question time again. Do Newtonian scopes just invert the image or do they flip/reverse it as well ? Ed
  4. Ed in UK

    Jupiter & Venus

    Clear skies have been forecast for tonight
  5. Ed in UK

    Jupiter & Venus

    LOL Seem to be losing more than winning at the moment. It'll happen one day....
  6. Ed in UK

    Jupiter & Venus

    Tried again last night. Although the forecast was for scattered clouds until midnight then overcast all I got to see was the underside of Stratocumulus clouds.
  7. Ed in UK

    USB Camera's

    Ah good idea Neil. We have an old action camera thingy somewhere that is cigar shaped but you have to press a button quite firmly to get it to take a photo or start recording. May have a play with it. Same old story, need to find it though.... Ed
  8. Ed in UK

    USB Camera's

    Looks like old camera has been lobbed
  9. Ed in UK

    USB Camera's

    Thanks @philhas, just had a read through the thread. I've just remembered that I should have and old compact digital camera kicking around (which has a CCD sensor in it IIRC), I'm going to dig that out, if I didn't lob it when we moved house a few years ago..... I'll have play and see what I can come up with. Thanks
  10. Ed in UK

    USB Camera's

    Hi There, I wondered if I could pick a few brains that are far more knowledgeable than mine please. Last night after being wowed by the views of Jupiter I did spend a small amount of time trying to get a couple of images on my phone just to send round family & friends etc. It's something I've tried before but really struggled to get anything meaningful. I'm not looking for anything fancy just a replication of what I see in the EP. Would be nice for record keeping of what I see as well (Sketching ability is 0). I have done a quick tour of the net and really struggling to find anything but this seems to be the best that I can find. https://uk.telescope.com/Orion-StarShoot-USB-Eyepiece-Camera-II/p/110030.uts I'm probably looking in the wrong places Has anyone seen or got something similar or better ? Don't mind having it hooked up to a computer, and I'm assuming focusing of these camera's is done by watching the image on the computer anyhow. Budget ideally is around the £50 mark, could go a bit more for the right option. I did think about getting a holder for the phone that attaches to focusing tube, but I'm a little unsure if the the unbalanced weight may break the focusing tube over a period of time. Many thanks for your help.
  11. Ed in UK

    Jupiter & Venus

    Thanks John, nothing exciting really but had a great time, hoping to see Saturn tomorrow night if the pesky cloud finally clears....
  12. Ed in UK

    The clouds that never arrived

    Great report again Neil, sounds like a busy night. If the conditions are ok tomorrow night I may just have a bash at Saturn and Mars myself. Not seen Saturn yet so hoping that will be a real treat.
  13. Well it's been a while since I last managed to get out with the scope due to work, weather and holidays. Tonight I saw Venus beckoning me when I really should have been heading off to bed ready for an early start in the morning, but I just couldn't resist. Scope out and got lined up on Venus, the planet phase really seems to have changed since last time I managed to look at it which was back towards the start of May. Managed to track Venus for about 10/15 minutes but the clouds moved in and started to obscure view. To the south I could now see Jupiter calling so I spun the scope round and WOW probably some of my best views to date of the planet. Banding clearly jumping out and four moons clearly visible. Went down to my 12mm BST (x75) and had some great views for about 3 or 4 mins max before the cloud finally blotted Jupiter out too. I waited a while to see if it would clear and managed to catch it a couple more times briefly until there were no breaks left. Although I managed to upgrade my EP's in April I've had very few opportunities to use them, but tonight I was really pleased with their performance and can't wait to get a better session. Thanks for reading.
  14. Ed in UK

    19th April

    Redscouse I used 18 mm EP Barlowed giving a magnification of X 100. It was a little low at first but as it climbed the view improved. if I had given it longer I may have seen a little more. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  15. Ed in UK

    19th April

    Managed to get out last night again for a couple of hours. Spent probably all of my time close to Leo starting with Denebola and revisiting it after the other night. I moved on to Regulus to look at what I thought maybe U5470, but I now see that Regulus is a double star so I assume the smaller star close to it is the second star and not U5470 Next was Pollux and I attempted a hop to 2331 open cluster of 30 stars. I'm sure that I got to 64,65 & 59 but just couldn't find 53 & 47. After several attempts I decided to try again another night. Wanting to finally find something I used Arcturus as my starting point and used the setting circles to jump across to M53. Really pleased that after less than 5 seconds searching with the scope M53 popped into view. Couldn't make out any detail, more of just a cloudy blob but chuffed to have found it. Then finally with one last check of the sky and there was Jupiter. Spent a while looking at the planet, 3 moons to one side and the fourth on the opposite side but close to the planet. At first Jupiter was just a creamy disc but after a while the bands came into view. First time I've really seen these so really chuffed with my efforts. Can't wait for the next session and to start getting star hopping sorted.

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