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  1. Thanks for this tip. I managed to find this in spite of the moon. Primary looked yellowy white to my eyes, with a blue secondary. Lovely!
  2. The little dobs like the heritage 130 or 150 only stand about 2 feet tall, so you do need to stand them on something. I have a little triangular table my son made, but a patio table would be fine I think. I would stress that buying a dobsonian requires you to learn the sky. As others have suggested, a goto mount may be preferred, but it does depend on individual preference I think. I've only ever used the dobsonian, so my opinion is based solely on that. Pete
  3. Also one other thing to add (sorry, not wanting to monopolise the thread or state the obvious). If you go for binoculars, you'd want a tripod as well or it's very hard to show someone what you were just looking at.
  4. And shown extended. You can see that the secondary mirror is exposed. It would also be possible to drop things into the tube, which would be a Bad Thing. Hence some supervision required. Most people make some kind of light shield to fit inside the open section, which would also help protect the optics. I haven't made mine yet. Pete
  5. Hi. I'm chipping in here with what I hope is a helpful comment, so you can see one decent but fairly cheap option. Below is my 6 inch Dobsonian telescope - cost me 200 quid, although the prices have gone up. It collapses down to half its length (shown collapsed), weighs only about 7kg, and will give superb views of loads of stuff. Wine for scale. Some caveats - ideally would require adult supervision to avoid sticky finger prints on mirrors, and would occasionally require tweaking to align mirrors (not difficult). Ideally you'd give it time to cool before use - what I do is take mine o
  6. Not a stupid question - my fault for not saying. Thanks Pixies for the proper designation of this star.
  7. Everyone on this forum is so helpful, so you shouldn't be afraid to ask if you don't get something.
  8. Beta Mon i have seen, yes, but it's one i like to go back to. 32 Eridani I have yet to see, so I'll add it to my list for this weekend - thank you! When I started being interested in astronomy, I couldn't understand why multiple stars would be worth looking at, but they can be truly captivating can't they?
  9. I made the most of the clear weather tonight to take a look at a few double and multiple stars. I started in Canes Venatici with a nice easy one, alpha CVn - Cor Caroli. This is a very easy split, appearing as a double at 30x magnification, but quite striking with the brighter blue-white primary and yellow secondary. Since I was in the area, I thought I'd also take a look at the famously red star, La Superba, Y CVn. Finding my way was complicated by the lack of guide stars, everything being washed out by the moon. But I knew more or less where it should be and, sure enough, at low pow
  10. According to Clear Outside, you should be ok later - at 8pm for 1 hour, then 10pm onwards. Good luck!
  11. If you haven't already seen it, can I suggest "Winter albireo" h 3945 in Canis Major? Edited to say sigma orionis is pretty amazing too (if you like beta monocerotis).
  12. It's very hard water here, but I can honestly say I've never noticed distilled water in shops. Perhaps I haven't been looking hard enough.
  13. Given the choice then, RO or distilled? I fancy RO might be cheaper to get hold of.
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