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  1. Well I did use your 'Menu' to get thus far.
  2. Yeah the upload deleted the stars in the compressed image. They are visible on my local screen. Not lens flare, too low, and the lens has a 'bucket scoop' over the front, + it was set on MF and not touched twixt it and the Moon so focus should have been OK. Maybe that NZ balloon landing? I'll just put it down to "odd".
  3. I'm as rusty as rusty when it come to PP Lunar sequences. Here is my attempt that I will inflict on you from this afternoon. Photo tripod with Canon 7D, single frames with a spot of stacking etc in Pipp, AS2, PSP 9, oh and DXO 11 for good measure!!!! Just look at the file name for heavens sake. Cheers, Rich
  4. I like the detail and focus. nice one My seeing was awful, but hey.
  5. I'm baffled. I had the camera and 600mm pointed in the general direction of Orion S/E ish at around 18.10 UK time. One of the frames caught this strange thing. Note that it seems to be 'behind' the stars which I think are Alinam and Mintaka, and no it can't be Jupiter rising over the field! Any thoughts (ps the lens is clean etc etc) Cheers, Rich
  6. Nice one, I too have just set up, but I've no idea whether my combo' will work? We'll see.
  7. I reckon it is not about what you can't see, but more about what you can do with the circumstances. OK so I am now lucky enough to live at a very dark site, right now Orion is 'popping' outside my front door naked eye. The draw back is, I forgot that I had parked the black ML slightly further up the courtyard and walked right into it. doh and owch. There needs to be some less 'paranoiac' education about 'more light = better'. TV doc's, mini series', yada yada. Here it is pitch black, can't see a hand in front of your face, best security that I can think of because any neerdowell would have to bring their own light and thus be spotted or shot. We do have some laws about LP and how to stop it over here, but I guess that now goes out of the window over there.
  8. Tis funny, but as I now live here, I really miss the times that as a kid back in the 70's I had to lug 50kg paper delivery bags through the snow on foot at 6am on the Pennines, with the local recipient complaining if I was slightly late and not accepting that I had a bit of a problem with the 10ft drift at his entrance. If we had time travel I'd be back there in a blink. Your sequence brings back great memories.
  9. Nope you are all wrong! It was 'Clarence the Cross-eyed Lion'! or at least one of his ancestors. Rich
  10. Cheers John, got it,. CF it is "crap" here and seems to be moving your way!
  11. This is probably a daft question but why would you leave an untended rig with the Telescope over the open legs and not over a downward leg? I don't have experience of Alt/Az, just EQ. Good luck for tonight John.
  12. I agree with all you have said guys. But at this time of year I love stepping out of my front door then looking up and slightly right and seeing 'the Sisters' looking at Orion's Nebula! and thinking they 'got it nailed'. My E 2 W is a superb area of dark sky.
  13. and don't forget that you can 'roll' your mouse wheel to zoom in and out for more or less detail and then click on individual objects for detailed information. have fun.
  14. As above. Tip; in Stellarium check the icon that looks like a firework Catherine Wheel in the bottom tool bar 'Name Deep Sky Objects', then the name Pleiades will show.
  15. Divine NO! Go with what you have and try to physically make things work, even if on paper 'it is not supposed to'. All part of the fun IMHO.
  16. Future Lean have another free Astronomy course starting next week. Jan 8th 2018 In the Night Sky: Orion If it is as good as the previous courses, Moons, Gravity etc, it should be interesting. Looking forward to starting. Rich
  17. Well the 6D is weather sealed with a Mag/Alloy body. Nuff said. Of course you need at least both bodies and probably a few more, just think about all the things you could do with the shots and time saved by not having to change lenses!
  18. Well if your guide scope and imaging rigs have not shifted, check the GPS of your hill.......... just maybe!
  19. "Find a comfortable spot and just lie on the ground and look up" Yeah right, I'd either drown or float away!!
  20. Cold. The gas struts on the tailgate of my ML are fine in summer, but in winter I nearly always get 'brained' loading beer in the back.
  21. My over-riding major problem is "forgetting" I have a bad back. 4 exploded discs apparently from years ago according to the scans etc. Normally no pain, no problem, life is good, until I 'forget' and then hoick a few sacks of cement off the ground or some such. Life is then not so good for a good while afterwards, injections, physio', sleeping awkwardly, as for the WC, don't even ask. Backs need to be looked after. Rich
  22. Best be quick MS, only 6 left! I agree, I have the same, only badged Zomei. (came with a tripod) Certainly well put together.
  23. Your 'blobs' seem to have depth and look to be dark reddish liquid. Check that you have not been 'shot'!
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