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  1. Another shot of my easily accessible local subject, Burrow Mump. This time with the Milky Way arching above it. Taken over the recent new moon with my modified Canon 6D and the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 stopped down to f/3.5. This is a 27 shot panorama... 9 profile panes, 3x 20 second shots per pane stacked in Sequator. The resulting images were stitched in Autostitch and the image then tweaked in Rawtherapee and GIMP. The foreground and the ruin were lit with a couple of Ulocool LED lamps at 2500k and 5% intensity (these were a great Amazon buy!). Unfortunately I couldn't get the sheep
  2. I think the reflection on the low cloud, on an otherwise cloudless night makes it worse. However, it's pretty retina burning when your eyes are adjusted to to the night. It's a good job that most of the good stuff is to the south!
  3. Just for a bit of fun. Here's the impact the Hinkley Point C construction site is having on the northern skies near me... I wonder where they are getting their power from?
  4. Offers now accepted on Starsense for Celestron mounts and Celestron C6N.
  5. Clearing down some of the hoard... Sky-Watcher EQ3-2 Deluxe - Ok condition, slight crack on one tripod leg adjusters but it still holds fine (photo included) - £70 collection, as I don't have a big enough box (Langport, UK) - Sold Celestron C6N Reflector - Good condition, no dents or dings (usual marks on dovetail), clean mirror - £70 collection, as I don't have a big enough box (Langport, UK) - (Offers accepted) - Sold Celestron StarSense for Celestron mounts with RS232 hand set - £215 inc P&P (Offers accepted) - Sold Celestron Starsense for Sky-Watcher (or Celestron)
  6. Hi Skyline. I have one that I am looking to part with, I know it was a while ago but are you still looking?
  7. A couple of slight breaks in the cloud here in Somerset. Took my work Teams meeting outside!
  8. Thanks Paul. You know it's a good location when you turn up and there are 6 other photographers there... Most with far better equipment! It is a great subject, going to try for a milky way arch over it. Both 'Burrow' and 'Mump' mean hill in old English so its proper name is Hill Hill... And for a different kind of 'Space Cadet' it's supposedly on the Saint Michael Ley Line...
  9. Another shot of the 'Super' moon... This is over one of my favourite local subjects Burrow Mump. Taken with my 6D adapted to a vintage k mount Sigma 75-300 with a Clubman x2 teleconverter hence the CA and slightly soft appearance. I really need to get a decent zoom lens. Image is a composite of 2 to prevent over exposing the moon and blowing out the image. C&C or a free Sigma sport 150-600mm welcome...
  10. For sale a barely used EQ5 Deluxe mount. A bit of corrosion on the nuts & bolts and some minor rust staining on the counterweights. Has 2 counterweights and all the original packaging. Looking for £195. Collection preferred (Langport, Somerset). Can deliver within 30 mile radius for fuel costs. Would consider courier but box is 25kg and big so would be at buyers expense. Cash on collection, bank transfer or PayPal F&F.
  11. @Cobberwebb that's worked out really well. looks like you've managed to bring out some of the Ha too which is great considering you are not using a modded camera.
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