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  1. Hi Guys It was the screw that was stopping the focuser from moving in and out, its now working perfectly, everyone was a great help. Kind Regards Chris and Sophie
  2. It always seems to look like the second pic, apart from the moon which was just a bright white light.
  3. Here's the pic of the focuser, hopefully i'm doing something wrong, and yes it does move in and out whilst i turn the focusing wheel.
  4. Ok, So the Moon has come out the scope was only just put away, so out it came again, bright white light looking at the Moon no crosshairs or secondary mirror, looked at a star again, exactly the same problem as above Im using the 25mm wide angle eye piece that came with the scope, which is connected to only the 1.25 adaptor, Steve, the focuser feels like its moving up and down, do i still need to check this screw, where abouts on the focuser is it? I've turned the focuser very slowly up and down, just brings the crosshairs and mirror duller and sharper, with a whiteish background. Thanks
  5. Tonight was the first clear night we've had in manchester for myself and daughter to start stargazing in ernest, but........ All we could see down the eye piece when lined up with a bright star was the secondary mirror assembly and the spiders (which looked like crosshairs), what have i done wrong or not done? Do i need to align something? Any help definetly appreciated. Kind regards and a Happy New Year Chris
  6. Thanks for the replys, Moonshane, I live in Sale (not Reddish, its just my surname), so not a million miles away from you. I take your points about imaging, I may go the webcam route once the hobby has taken hold properly, still trying to decide on the best scope for us, does this forum have a classified section? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, thanks for the reply's, I know were not going to see images that are like the ones in the magazines, but we'd possibly like to connect a dslr to the scope. The scope will probably be kept in the conservatory so storage isn't really an issue, but if there's a step if its to heavy for my wife to manage by herself she may struggle to get it down this, it would also be used in my back garden, which does get very dark. With the budget yes £300 just for the scope, anything else I would need I realise this would be on top. Thanks
  8. To add, Budget wise I'd say ~£300, don't mind used as long as reliable. Thanks
  9. Thanks James, a help already
  10. Hi fellow stargazers, I've been reading the forum for a few days now and have a probably less than basic understanding of which would be the best type of scope to look at buying. The scope would be used mainly by myself and 10 year old daughter as well as not as often my wife and eldest ( 13 year old) daughter. I've been looking at all types and almost settled on the goto 127 mak, but didn't go through with it as con census is its primarily a planetary scope and my daughter says she wants to see planets, galaxy's, nebulas etc, I've also looked at 130 and 150mm reflectors and the 150 and 200mm sobs but I'm just not sure, I don't want something that's going to be to heavy to move around or difficult to find and track objects in case my wife takes my daughter out when I'm not there, opinions would be grateful to help me decide. Regards Chris
  11. Just starting to think about getting into astronomy to support my10 year old daughter who is mad about space, just trying to weave my way through the mirad of starter scopes at the minute, so will post in other sections soon enough. Chris
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