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  1. "Worth it" is very difficult to answer. You should certainly notice a big difference between your 600D and a FF. See my sig', 700D, 7D, and 5DIII. Noise control improves dramatically as you go up the line + the 'pro' bodies are weather proof etc. But the price per picture also increases dramatically. Do I need a FF 5DIII for the type of photography I do, most certainly not, but do I enjoy using the best tool I could afford, most certainly YES. One caution, if you have a large collection of APS-C designed lenses 'white square' they simply will not fit onto a FF body, all 'red dot' lenses will fit either type. Rich
  2. In my kitchen I have an EQ3-2 with 150P, an HEQ5 with 200P, a Zomei with 5DIII, a fridge freezer full of photographic kit, a large garden chest full of Astro kit, 3 screens on my main PC and enough cables to rewire Jodrell Bank. This is the natural place for this kit. I used to have a wife, but she was somewhat 'untidy'.
  3. Nice one John, lucky you, I couldn't even see the clouds, the rain was that thick!
  4. Howdy, yes I do have one that I don't use. EFS 18-55 mm non IS inc front n rear caps. Drop me a PM, see if we can do some sort of swap, T/brush... Best, Rich
  5. Never a truer word spoken! Happy Canon camper here, but the monetary price per individual picture does not bear thinking about.
  6. Wider than 18mm, faster than f3.5 and better IQ all for £200. Only really leaves Tokina and Tamron as brands in the running. Sigma, Canon and Samyang will all require almost double the budget. I do have lenses from all of these and can say that I am happy with the quality vs price. But with lenses you have to spend increments of £100-£200 to see a result. ie £70 18-55 Canon = £190 Tokina 12-24 f4, = £400 Canon 17-40 f4 L and then....£2000+ Canon 11-24 f4 L USM ........and onwards. Most of the time edge distortion etc etc can be removed/cropped out PP if RAW shooting. Best, Rich
  7. Clearly it was the annual cross border Lancs/Yorks "Ballistic Parkin Competition" always held in November. May result in 'smeared' images; but famed for "we keep eating Parkin" (well you would, wouldn't you, if the stuff kept landing on your telescope!) Rich
  8. Having previously purchased my Tamron 150-600 from Anthony, I can only say that he was very honest in his description of condition etc, and clearly he does look after his kit. Personally I would not hesitate to make another private purchase from him, and may yet do so, if I move one of the big Tamrons along, before he sells the Sigma. (I can't justify 3x super tele zooms even though that would give me a lot of fun comparing). My experience from purchasing from Anthony (Hobsey) was a real pleasure. Rich
  9. Yup, I have many pairs of fingerless Thinsulate gloves. Coincidence is that I am wearing a pair as I sit at the desk reading and replying to this thread. No heat on at the moment and a balmy 12°C in the house! Rich
  10. Great looking thing, now all you have to do is to figure out how to make the OTA vertical! Congrat's
  11. Not quite, but I understand. One of my locations is on a slope, if I didn't do at least some leveling, the whole rig would be in danger of falling down hill.
  12. In my feeble opinion, you did ask. The first one is way over cooked in contrast/sharpness etc. The second one that you don't seem to like is GREAT. nice and natural, given the conditions. 3rd n 4th detract from the 2nd. But please keep at it, comparing results is a great way. Best, Rich
  13. If it is still available, have a look at Dion's tutorial on leveling etc from the AstronomyShed it will give you a good insight. And no I do not rely on bubble levels, go figure, my gimbal head has one mounted vertically!!
  14. Lovely report from what looks like a fabulous location.
  15. Superb shots! and no mistake. But you are missing 'a Little Egret' flying foreground through center shot. You did ask. Nice set.
  16. Use 'captions', eg. "Here is my picture of the Eiffel Tower taken in Glasgow" That should work. Rich
  17. I'd certainly stick with the TAL 1 for quite a while and see if over the next few years your daughter or you get bitten by the bug. Here is a very good and detailed review/report on the TAL 1. Rich
  18. I didn't get light until around 15.00 local time. All day was just an eerie dull orange subdued light. Even the birds stopped singing and the cows just lay down in the fields. However around 13.00 local time I did start to get glimpses of the Sun. These single frame shots with the 5DIII and 150-600mm Tamron, any graininess is not 'noise' but sand cloud from the Sahara. Happens quite often but not usually this dense. Unfortunately I cleaned the Glossy Black ML on Friday, I now have the Desert Storm version. Thanks for looking. Rich
  19. Good Zips with BIG TAGS, if you have to ask, it is already too late!
  20. Any picture/image that gives pleasure to the 'picture taker' is a good picture in my book.
  21. Found the step. I had left a previously clicked convert colour to mono ticked in PIPP. Should have done the Mono later in the chain. Rich
  22. In your neck of the woods, certainly.
  23. It should really be a "Poacher's Moon", not allowed to hunt at night. Nice capture.
  24. Create a basic kit signature, so that even when you don't mention with what you want to use something ie camera, then we'll have an idea. I don't see why you would need drivers for the camera, plug it into your computer and the deal would be done automatically.. BYE is good.
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