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  1. I have the same telescope and although I'm not looking to upgrade just yet, or answer your question (sorry), I'm certainly keen to see if anyone has an opinion on this.
  2. Welcome to the SGL I've done some skydiving out in the Algarve, beautiful place, with some lovely weather, especially from the air, I can see why so many would choose to live there
  3. Evening everyone, Any recommendations on a telescope for a five year old? Me and my wife and looking to buy one for a friend's 5 year old after showing an interest in ours. Thanks
  4. Ah good old Stockton, I lived in Teesside myself for just over 10 years. Kielder is quite beautiful, I haven't had my scope out that way, but there's some good views all the same. Me and the wife want to go back up to Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland, we went one year for a little stargazing as we've read it's one of the best places to go to, ended up looking at clouds all weekend, but I reckon it's worth adding to your list if your interested in recommendation. Anyway, welcome back
  5. So I have a celestron powerseeker 127eq and I was wondering if anyone could recommend a gear bag or protective case that would be good for transporting it around? I'd like to travel with it a little, but obviously I'd like to take good care of it too, so just wondering what others use to care for their scope's. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, just another newbie here Just popping in to say hi, I hope everyone is doing well Looking forward to getting into astronomy a little more and perhaps learning from all of you. Me and my wife have actually had a telescope for a couple of years, but we've only just started putting it to good use last week, better late than never I guess. We've got a celestron powerseeker 127EQ to have some fun with. Anyway, I look forward to getting involved here at sgl, seeing some beautiful views and learning how to get the best from our trusty telescope.
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