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  1. Thing I like about these programs is there ability to suddenly ignite a thought, for instance its often thought that the "let there be light" moment was when the first star was formed but surely any matter that had a temperature above absolute zero would have been first. Alan
  2. Basically what these calibrators do is measure the response of your display at various levels then create a new ICC profile that corrects for any errors and is stored on your computer. This is a fully automatic process with most calibrators. There are lots of these devices around but this is the new Spyder version here Alan
  3. To be honest you cant do better than get a Spyder or similar calibrator...I use an old Spyder 5 on my laptop and it guarantees correct colour balance as well a properly defining the black and white points, this ensures that any image posted anywhere is correct even if the laptop has a limited colour gamut range which most do. Alan
  4. Things are moving fast, have viewed a few Milky Way pics taken with just a smartphone that are as good as a what a DSLR and 14mm lens could do a few years back. Alan
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum.. I agree that its worth stacking those videos but first I would run them through software called PIPP, this software will allow you to center and crop the video which will give the stacking software like Autostakkert a much easier time as well as reducing file sizes. Alan
  6. It seems to me that there are more than a few of us that are fine with the TPM chip but fail on the processor version, what is it about the older i7 chips that win 11 doesn't like? Alan
  7. Lovely shot, must give my Sammy a go but keep putting it off. Alan
  8. I run win 10 home and can honestly say that I have never had an update forced on me, in fact I have to actively go looking for them. I have only the basic settings for active hours etc enabled but do check for any updates for Win or system/drivers/software on a weekly basis.. As a side note on my android phone I get updates to my apps every day sometimes 20 or more at a time and updates to the system at least once a month. Alan
  9. I have a high end gaming laptop thats only a few years old and MS says NO, meets all requirements apart from the i7 processor version not being supported. Alan
  10. No astro gear I know of is designed to be waterproof weatherproof but perhaps damp proof so its best to dry each item as best you can and leave then somewhere warm and dry, sensitive electronics can be placed in a container of uncooked rice if its realy wet. Alan
  11. Yikes and I was worried because my DSLR had six.. Alan
  12. Nice, unfortunately the video does not play for me just get a "cannot be found" message. Alan
  13. Canon cameras are usually AP friendly and will shoot without lens by default provided its in Manual mode or even the semi auto T or AV settings but will not normally work with the others or in video mode without changing the "shoot without lens" setting in the menu as already mentioned. Alan
  14. Probably but he has done what the might of Nasa cant, land the booster and bring a capsule to good old earth rather than a splashdown in the sea. Alan
  15. Also noticed that they had trouble "yanking" the chute tethers from the top of the capsule but I think I would rather it be like that than just falling off. Alan
  16. and me, very moving. Alan
  17. Just over 30 mins to go where no Star Trek captain has gone before... https://www.blueorigin.com/ Alan
  18. A lot of people do get put off EQ mounts but as said polar aligning can be simple and quick for visual and I certainly prefer these mounts for Lunar or Planetary observing and with a simple RA motor it will keep the object in the FOV for several minutes or more. Even a basic rough and ready set up will allow for some quick Planetary imaging or even a few minutes of widefield imaging with a DSLR and 50mm lens. Alan
  19. It wont work on pluck foam but OK with the stiffer stuff available as well as the black polystyrene type material thats made up in thin layers. As with most things its best to try it on a sample first. Alan
  20. I do miss the Maplin cases P.S. If you want to make nice clean holes in foam or other soft material get a set of these... But importantly run the drill in REVERSE.. Alan
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