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  1. Not sure if this is quite the right place to ask but... I have a virtualy unused CG5 tripod with a GT tracking mount and controller. It s now not needed but I cant find a clue as to how much to advertise it for.!
  2. I live in warm sunny England! In a rather small house. I d be quite happy to keep it inside and peer through its around its tripod to watch television , but my indoor boss wont!
  3. Kept in garage normaly. Thanks Mike. A bulb is a good idea. I put one in a steam engine boiler all winter!
  4. I have found a replacement for my fungulated Skywatcher refractor and wonder about sealing the lenses to stop any damp potentialy seeping in. I wonder if the fumes of anything I use might affect the coatings ! It will have to be kept in a garage. thanks Jonathon
  5. I had decided to replace my fungal achro with a Bresser 127 quad f9 (ish) achromat but have just seen very similar Opticstar 127. I would nt expect it be as good as its about £100 less but thought I d ask for anyone on here who has experience of it. Thank you Jonathon
  6. Thank you everyone. I have an 8 inch newt and have started already making a fork to go ontop of a big tripod and just spent out on 6 eyepieces! Unfortunately I just bought a replacment focuser from FLO so it will be worthwhile buying another similar telescope one day just to fit it!
  7. I have cleaned the lenses but cant seperate them which is where the problem is. I think it s just about had it. Bit dissapointing as I can no longer just replace it . I thought modern coatings would be better, after all they all dew up. Skywatcher perhaps..
  8. Various places in 12 years I ve had it all but one dry except a garage. Nothing out of the ordinary I should think.
  9. Been seeing dark shadows through my achromat for a while and now found these strange things inbetween the lenses along with something that looks a bit like oil blotches (its not!) The little spots are dust inside too. Anyone know whats going on please? Jonathon
  10. I am not a computer person and only have a laptop bought specificaly for astronomy. I found sharpcap is unuseable on windows 10 without much fiddling ,didnt worry me too much as I know someone who can help ,one day. But felt a little peeved to say the least when my laptop wouldnt accept a virtually unused spc900n either. To save me more nonesense does anyone please know of a cheap,ish, webcam I can use on a 1 1/4 eyepiece and is ,might be, acceptable to windows 10 and be used with the laptops own video and photo apps. Thank yoy very much Jonathon
  11. Thank you very much. There is hope then..?
  12. I am looking for a simple webcam-spc/toucam - app which I can use offline. Living on a narrowboat in the fens means no wifi,variable mobile signal and not having much interest in computer operating to be honest ,I really want something I can plug in and use.If anyone knows of one ? Thank you Jonathon
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