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  1. Thanks will look at that lot but it’s working again now. Took a couple of hours of not really changing anything but after one particular close of apps I started phd on its own and it started guiding. I then started Nina and it carried on guiding picked a target, set a sequence, of course it stopped guiding while it slewed, and guiding started again..... I’d set it to the horsehead for an hour knowing I’d lose it behind a tree about halfway but left it to see what happened. Went back out after the hour to see the scope nicely parked and about 15 useable images.... No idea what’s going on..
  2. Yep I realise that and as I mentioned all was well the night before. To be fair I was only looking for options on daylight fault finding so I could dig into it myself versus having someone fix it for me if that makes sense.... I had a look at the phd manual earlier and had not thought about the logs so they’re first on my list.
  3. Thanks all, will look at the simulator good shout. Yep settings exactly as the previous night no changes. One thing that was different was that at the end of the working session I noticed a NINA update which I applied. Thinking that may be the issue I tried APT but exactly the same. PHD seemed to just loop around calibrating and stopped from what I recall but just never started guiding. Focus seemed ok, plate solving worked fine, everything was connected and so on. I restarted things, disconnected reconnected, rebooted and nothing changed, this is why I want to try some "daylight" fa
  4. Hi all, I spent all night yesterday trying to get PHD2 guiding but to no avail although it had worked perfectly the night before.... Is there any way to fault find guiding issues during daytime rather than waiting for (wasting) the next clear night to do the same? Clearly logic tells me not but thought I'd ask just in case I'm missing some clever technique to get things done...
  5. Nice gesture.... I use Affinity so would you say the book is worthwhile over their own online videos and such? Also do you know if the version you've pre-ordered covers the new astro features too? Edit - I found his website and info on the 2nd edition so will pre-order it.... Thanks for the heads-up....
  6. Frustrating is not the word. Tonight I've spent about 41/2 hours trying to get PHD2 working and no chance yet it all worked perfectly last night. Just as I packed in last night I noticed an update for NINA so I installed it. Maybe that was the problem so tried APT and that was just the same.... PHD2 just seemed to loop around calibrating, stopping and repeating, messed with everything I could think of but no joy....
  7. I took a load of M31 last night too so hope mine come out as well!
  8. As I'm so new to this and it's not currently getting any higher I'm on my 18th frame of M31...
  9. I have the 10mm and briefly tried it without the 1.25 section the other night. As I placed it in to my (WO 2") diagonal I could see it was like looking down a tunnel so took it out before even giving it a chance. Maybe I was too hasty so will try again though....
  10. Did you check the focus was ok though? I am not using asiair and I am very new to this but pretty sure I got those same sort of messages via NINA/PHD2 when I was not focused properly....
  11. Clear here so for my second image ever I’m having a go at Bode’s galaxy..... About an hours worth done and still very clear. The moon is bright but hey ho we’ll see what happens..
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