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  1. My images may not be great examples but PixInsight will do it all.
  2. I have a question that is even more baffling, why do you show as making zero posts.......
  3. He also has his own website where you can pay for additional courses and the like. I've not done that yet but I am considering the base level as I really like his style and he knows the software inside out. He is a contributor to PI so not only does he know the software but he takes good images too given his APODs . Yeah I'm a fan lol
  4. If only..... I bought a 17.5 Morpheus a couple of days ago but GLWTS!
  5. I'm sure you've seen all the various resources but if not check out the Adam Block videos. If you look at no others at least have a look at some of the WBPP2 tutorials that he has put together. I also bought Rogelio Andreo's book (digitally) while I was at the trial stage too......
  6. My AZ-EQ6 is exactly the same too. It went back to RVO and they said they could balance it fine so I had it back. The only point where the DEC is “loose” is when the scope and weight are horizontal with no weight on the bearings if you see what I mean so I balance the scope itself at that point. I can probably move the weight a couple of inches either way with no noticeable difference to “balance” in the RA axis. I am convinced that’s why my guiding is sometimes a bit hit and miss......
  7. Hi All, I'm looking for both Optolong L-Extreme and Baader Contrast Booster filters please, both 1.25". Many thanks....
  8. Thanks again and yes plenty to play with and get my head around, so many options it's mind boggling. Just to put you out of your misery though I applied the MT to my original file and not the one I'd done any masking on so apologies for any confusion.
  9. Just had an initial play with MT and blimey, thanks for this one Not really understanding what the parameters are doing so just following an example above so far....
  10. Thanks and that's a great example. I knew I'd have to be careful of the targets and I also have a UV/IR already. I was thinking it would help on the moon flooded images though and that was some of my reasoning. This image of the veil for example, even thought it was a "bright summer nigh" there was no moon and there was very little gradient that my inexperienced eyes could see. Up until this one image I'd been battling with gradients and ABE/DBE in PI not seemingly working as well as it did for other folk. Finally getting an image that ABE/DBE seem to work well with made me think about a
  11. What a great image.... And just think there are probably folk on a planet over there thinking the same about us
  12. Thanks again for all the tips and advice which I'm goiung to pore over this evening but I have a question... I have been considering an Optolong L-Extreme filter so would that be beneficial to me for this type of image? I am in a Bortle 4 zone with zero light pollution from street lamps or neighbours if any of that is relevant by the way.
  13. Brilliant thank you that's great and I will give it a go....
  14. Thanks for this too, I'll have a run through this evening and see what I can do. It's fascinating in itself the options there are with PI to do these things.
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