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  1. Hello everyone! Image processed in PI: -LRGBCombination (RGB combine) -DBE -BackgroundNeutralization -EZ Denoise -ColorCalibration -DBE on Lum -Stretching using HistogramTransformation -Applying Luminance Image with LRGBCombination (adjust saturation and check off chrominance noise reduction) -SCNR -MultiscaleLinearTransform-CurvesTransformation-Reducing Star Sizes with MorphologicalTransformation -Dark Structure Enhance
  2. First time when I process something in PixInsight. Hard to learn but very useful tool. Had big issues integrating Ha in RGB (tried for a week to process and combine Ha but without any satisfying results) so the image is without Ha. Main steps (these steps were not performed in this order, they are written as I remember): -Cropping with DynamicCrop -DynamicBackgroundExtraction -MultiscaleLinearTransform -Matching the Images with LinearFit -Stretching using HistogramTransformation -Colour-Combining with ChannelCombination -Performing the Colour Calibration with Photome
  3. I will definitely try that. Thank you! Yes, I've deleted phd2...good to know that I can just rerun the installer. Thank you!
  4. I've bought today a serial to USB cable. I intend to use it tonight. Thank you for the advice! Unfortunately I don't have that logs...idk why.. First of all, thank you so much for your time and for all the technical analysis. I'll make all the recommended adjustments and also post the logs to the PHD2 Help group. Hopefully I will be able to guide tonight with those adjustments and the USB-serial connection to the mount. Cheers, Vlad
  5. Adding the correct logs. Sorry. PHD2_DebugLog_2021-03-24_201800.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2021-03-24_201800.txt
  6. Hello everyone I've started astrophotography in September last year with the following setup: Telescope: WO ZS 61 Mount: EXOS-2 PMC8 (wireless connection to the laptop) Camera: ASI1600MM Pro Software: APT/N.I.N.A Had no problem with this equipment, taking mostly 60s subs (rarely 90s with round stars) without guiding. So...heading to the problem... Recently bought an ASI120mm camera with an Artesky guidescope. On the first night with this setup, I've managed to take approx. 5x300s in N.I.N.A. After that my mount got suddenly disconnected and then PHD2 never worke
  7. Processed in Photoshop. Stretched individual channels -> SHO Chanel combination -> Levels adjustment -> Curves -> Saturation/Hue -> Noise Reduction -> Star minimization -> 66% Luminosity layer Ghost of Cassiopeia.tif
  8. All of that makes sense. I really appreciate your input. Thank you, Vlad
  9. Hello everyone, I'm looking to buy some NB filters and wanna make the best decision. 1. Does the size of the filter impacts the quality of the image? (is it a big impact?) 2. I know that lower HBW is best, but... for example: does the difference between 35nm and 7nm is worth the price? 3.Can you recommend some H-alpha, OIII, SII? Thank you in advance! Cheers, Vlad
  10. Hello, You can only use it on one of the individual channels (R,G or B ). Here is a nice video about image processing that also includes SiriL. Cheers, Vlad
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