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  1. Very impressive ..... was the original image cropped much?
  2. Thanks for your reply No scope ... Just my Canon 80D Slr camera and Sigma 150-600mm zoom lens set at 500mm, but on a cropped body camera that gave me equivalent focal length of 800mm.
  3. Still quite new to all this astro stuff, found the conditions quite a challenge last night. Moon close by and poor light poloution. 160 X 25 second images Iso 400, f 6.3 @ 500mm Canon 80D AZ-GTI in Eq mode Stacked in DSS and processed in photoshop. Your CC very welcome.
  4. I use a 1mw laser for polar alignment but only switch it on when I'm close to polaris ....... but I check the skies before I switch it on and listen out for any aircraft or helicopters . It's only on for a couple of seconds.
  5. Yep you got to be pleased with that one ... nicely done.
  6. shropshire lad


    Hello Dave and welcome to the forum
  7. Yes I have done M106 , and that's quite close to 109 ...
  8. Well isn't that typical .... a clear night coming up and the moon spoils the party ......
  9. tomorrow night to image ... question is this. Using AZ-GTI in EQ mode ... Canon 80D and 500mm (sigma 150-600) bortle 7 a. 4 hours imaging M109 b. 4 hours imaging M100 c. 2 hours on each. What would you do ??
  10. Can you put a link to the video please.
  11. Yep ... that's a cracking image ...... well done.
  12. Nice and sharp and good crater detail ... good one.
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