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  1. Wow, fantastic image ..... I could go up to 500mm and probably 30 second exposures, will have to do a test shot and see (if the clouds move out of the way).
  2. Ok thanks , will look them up ... are they difficult to image?
  3. New to this so I'm wondering what to try next. I don't have a good view of the west. I have imaged .... The Orion Nebula.... The Andromeda Galaxy ... The Pleiades ..... and Bode's/Cigar Galaxy . and I am pleased with the results so far, but I have a lot to learn. Looks like a clear night tonight so recommendations please, my location is Middle England, and my set up is below. AZ-GTI in Az mode (good for up to 40 seconds) Canon 80D and either 70-200mm f2.8 lens .. or 150-600mm f5-6.3. some light pollution .. Bortle 5 My latest image (last night) Thanks in
  4. Possible but I think only if I remove some off the shoulder
  5. Thanks Adam, but I have to say this is not my screw and mine isn't this bad.
  6. Does anyone know what size thread the locking rod is in the picture below??
  7. Yes the latitude base from SW is sold with a small dovetail
  8. I have now been excepted into that AZ-GTI User Group.
  9. Also Live View if your camera has it, as this lifts the mirror out of the way.
  10. Interesting .. and I'm followingh you now on flickr
  11. And is your tripod perfectly level?
  12. @Dantooine .. I dont have a telescope just a Dslr camera and a few lenses, and due to the lockdowns (can't get out to do wildlife/landscape photography) I have started to get into Astro by getting a Sky Watcher AZ-GTI goto mount. Oh and why did you put your phone to the eyepiece, were you hoping to talk with someone out there ... lol ...
  13. Went out to try and get The Andromeda Galaxy but the cloud kept rolling in, but did manage to get 16 X 20sec shots of the Pleiades (my first ever). No where near as good as most on here but at least I'm getting some practice in.
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