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  1. festoon

    Celestron C5 OTA & focal reducer.

    I have got a meade f/3.3 reducer working fine with my C5. Great for EAA.
  2. thank you @stash_old. So basically you make the mount think its been through an alignment process allowing you to sync from the ascom driver. I'll give that a go tonight
  3. Got a very helpful response from the app team at skywatcher last night But some planetarium applications( if not most) does apply a limitation on Sync operation: The object to be Synced should fall within a reasonable range near the current position reported by the telescope system. "To verify, try the following: 1. After connecting Stellarium with SynScan App, you should be able to see where the telescope is pointing. 2. Choose a star near the telescope’s current pointing and Sync to it. We would suggest to try the following in practice: 1. Do a 2-Star alignment to obtain a fairy good alignment. 2. Goto the object which you want to observe. 3. Center a known star nearby. 4. Sync on that star in planetarium. The current SynScan Pro app does not support using Sync command for aligning the mount, but it is a feature underdevelopment. It will allow aligning the telescope outside of the SynScan Pro app with a third party application (e.g. an application that uses plate solve technology.)" @stash_old you were right about needing a 2 star alignment process done first before using sync in stellarium (and it needs to be close by). I look forward to the development feature where we can use platesolving and sync for initial alignment. Will have a play to confirm the suggested process works well the next time I get my equipment out
  4. Thanks I did email them back last light and got a reposnse by the morning. Very helpful too, I'll put their response into my original post. I guess they were very busy
  5. Hello all, Just wondering if anyone else has sent a question to the skywatcher app email address only to not hear back... This was in response to a post I had a few weeks ago. Best suggestion was to to email the app team at skywatcher. I emailed app@skywatchertelescope.net a week ago but did not get a reply.
  6. might be a good "Santa" if visisble around xmas eve
  7. Will do @stash_old....I'll email synscan app team. Hopefully will get a response The mount is fantastic...so lightweight and easy to use, even on my eq5 tripod. Would never send it back, but this would be a great to have to make the mount even easier to use!
  8. Thanks @stash_old!! I tried with CDC last night and it had the same issue as Stellarium - sync does not work. I am not doing a 3 star align...I am using platesolving to find objects then wanted to use the sync function to enable accurate goto. If anyone else has any input if a 3 star align is required to use the sync function using the synscan app, that would be much appreciated
  9. Hi @happy-kat, thanks so much for the reply. Yes I have updated the firmware for the mount...which went well. But unfortunately this is not the cause. Would be very happy to hear if there is a way to possibly determine what is going on when I press CTRL+3
  10. Hello, I have a query about the CTRL 3 syncing for stellarium. I have a AZ GTI mount which is being controlled by Stellarium scope using the Ascom driver for synscan app using WIfi. When in Stellarium the mount happily slews to objects when I click CTRL+1. However sometimes if I need to manually adjust the position of the mount and sync the position to the object, when I click CTRL+3 the position of the cross hair does not change and does not re centre on the object. However sometimes it does update when I click CTRL+3 Any ideas how I can fix this problem? or determine what to do to work out what is happening? Thanks!!!!
  11. festoon

    Skywatcher AZ GTi Help

    Hi Al, Can I please check what you did to resolve this problem. I still have to use point and track option. Did you update the firmware on the GTI? Or did you just update the ios app? regards
  12. festoon

    Portable EAA Setup

    Hi @RobertI, thank you for your answer You have come across the same problems as me...I tried astometry.net but the images failed, I guess because of the fact the pictures were not 'square' to the screen. Also finding the specs of the R2 chip seem very difficult..This I found on CN Size 1/3" 976 (H) × 582 (V) active pixels (1020 (H) × 596 (V) total number of pixels) 5.0 µm (H) × 6.25 µm (V) pixel size I dont know if you use the total pixels or active pixels
  13. festoon

    Portable EAA Setup

    Hi @cuivenion, thanks for your answer You are absolutely right....The reason I asked this is that the R2 imager has a fixed position 0.5x reducer (with the lens about 50mm from the ccd chip). If I am right I am achieving too much reduction,so would need to move the lens further from the ccd....but I would have thought the manufacturer would have chosen the spacing to achieve the stated x0.5.
  14. festoon

    Portable EAA Setup

    Is it possible to ask for some help on these images I've taken...I was using the x0.5 reducer that came with the R2 imager (so I would have expected f/5 from the C5), but just comparing them to what I'd expect they look more like f/3.5. Is someone able to please give an opinion on what focal reduction is being achieved here with the C5?
  15. festoon

    Good Grab n Go mount for Celestron C5.

    As highlighted in my post earlier this week, I think my C5 goes well on the AZGTi. Only had them together on a couple of nights but so far, very positive!! I'm not sure how it would perform manually panning....

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