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  1. Star Log

    Hi Abe, I'd also be very happy if you also please share this with me Many thanks
  2. A good session after all

    Great report....would love to one day do a comparison of my FC100DL to your Tak 100 F7.4
  3. Alt-Az mount for Tak100DL

    Does anyone have an opinion on a SW AZ-EQ5 vs Ioptron AZ Pro? Comparing the pros and cons?
  4. Alt-Az mount for Tak100DL

    Thanks Ian, although a wonderful option, I'll have to save a little before I can afford one of these
  5. Alt-Az mount for Tak100DL

    Morning all, I'm just re-opening this thread as I have been looking at an AZ-EQ5 and wondered if anyone could give me some opinions if this could be a good mount for my needs? Just as a reminder, I have a Tak100DL and am looking for a Alt-Az mount with GOTO capability. This is purely for visual use (not astrophotography) so ease of set up is really important. Ideally the mount will not be too heavy. I've had a EQ6 before and found it too heavy, and find that my HEQ5 is just about a limit to what I find comfortable to carry. Based on the discussion so far the contenders are the AZ GTi and the Ioptron AZ Pro
  6. great report...very happy to hear the panther and tec160 are a well suited pair
  7. High power eyepiece for TAK100DL

    Also really like the point about the size/weight differences...This is also something to take into consideration...as if I was to buy a AZ GTi mount with upgraded tripod, maybe I'd be pushing the limits of the mount with my FC100DL combined with my ~1kg 10x60 RACI finder, and a big heavy eyepiece
  8. High power eyepiece for TAK100DL

    These sound really interesting....just been reading a long (and almost painful) thread on them on CN....I think just to act as a compliment to the other eyepieces it could be good to own one. Maybe even though the view would be unfomfortable, if you had centred the object in a LER wide angle eyepiece, and using a tracking mount, you might get a nice quick view with exceptional contrast Or possibly I will buy one, find completly impossible to use, then have to sell on
  9. High power eyepiece for TAK100DL

    Thank you everyone again, I've learned a lot from this thread I think I will look out for a XW or Delite as a comformatble option and hightly rated, and maybe give a Fujiyama a go also...as these seem relatively good value Maybe I could go for a 4mm delite, 5mm XW, and a 6mm HD or Fujiyama ortho....how would that sound?
  10. shameless bump....these books are still available if anyone interested, and open to reasonable offers
  11. High power eyepiece for TAK100DL

    Thank you for all the replies so far there are lots of eyepiece choices here that I have not tried before... The Delites and Delos sound like they have a very good reputation, and it sounds like for pure performance but with narrow FOV and small eye relief the ZAO or TMB super mono's would be a good choice (assuming any of these come up for sale second hand). What is the difference between the Pentax XO, XW, XL. @Timebandit mentions " If in the event you wish to have comfortable viewing,but with great optics at Ortho level then I would get the Pentax XW 3.5 , 5 ,7 to suit viewing conditions." - are the XW models orthos? Just been looking at the Tak TOE eyepieces...they look really nice Not sure if I want to be a guinea pig though Also are the Tak TOE eyepiece a replacement model for the Tak Hi-LE's? Possibly the Vixen HR is too powerful, with the lowest mag being with the 2.4mm focal length --> that would give a mag of 375, which would be lovely for Lunar, but can I have an opinion on if that is pushing it for planets? From my experience I would think so for Jupiter, but not sure about Saturn. I have never come across the Fujiyama Orthos before..they seem very reasonably priced...do these compare to the University Optics HD Abbe Orthoscopic or the Baader Genuine Ortho range?
  12. I am looking to purchase a high power eyepiece to compliment my lovely TAK FC100DL My question is - if money was no object, what eyepiece would you choose for looking at objects like Jupiter at high magnification? I fully understand that the limit will be the seeing conditions, however, what eyepiece could you suggest to give the least distorted views Currently my best views have been with a x2.5 powermate and my 10mm radian - but I suspect I could go one better and reduce scatter with other options.
  13. Hi Garry, what price are these?
  14. Sorted....inspired by what @John had put together for his adaptation. Used the finder holder shoe that came with my Altair 10x60 RACI. This had 4 cut out slots wide enough to fit the tak threaded screws. I also used 2 serrated nuts to act as feet to allow the finder holder to sit nicely on the lip of the OTA barrel Hopefully no more neck strains Thank you for the advice - much appreciated
  15. Hi Paul, sorry to see this is for sale...its a lovely scope...if I could afford it I'd have it any day! Good luck with the sale