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  1. The end of LP filters?

    I used to work for a company as a physicist developing large area lighting panels, and the principle behind the majority of white LEDs is you use a blue LED diode and a yellow phosphor to achieve a white balance, so yes typically there is usually a strong narrow spectral peak in the blue, and a broader less strong peak in the yellow. An example spectra is shown below For this purpose I have been considering supressing this blue peak in the LED spectrum by using a light yellow 495nm filter. It would be interesting to see if this helps. You could even combine this with a traditional LP filter to remove the Na emission lines from the spectrum. I believe this is the approach used by IDAS for the new D2
  2. New, and Improved LP filter?! :)

    Do we think this could be useful for visual reduction of light pollution also? Really like the way the filter is designed to take out the strong blue peak from the LED emissions spectrum. Interestingly, to just supress this blue peak in the LED spectrum you could use a light yellow 495nm filter
  3. Do you have a picture of the skysurfer v on the equinox 120...I was not sure if the v was a big beast or not...and was maybe thining of using a skysurfer 3 instead
  4. First car in space today!

    Just looked here https://www.n2yo.com/?s=43205 The altitude is rising all the time, as the car moves away from earth...when I last looked it was 4000km. Assuming the car has a length of 4.5m, then currently its angle subtended is 0.1 arc sec. You would need a very large 40 inch telescope to resolve this.....and as its getting further away all the time, its only going to get smaller
  5. First car in space today!

    Probably a silly question...but will be be able to see the car from earth with a telescope? that would be surreal!
  6. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    I guess to test it, you would turn on the mount, ensure the aux encoder is set to enable on the handset Turn on skysafari, point the telescope to an object, centre it on the eyepiece. Then select the object in skysafari and hit align. Point the telescope to another object, centre it on the eyepiece. As the encoders are on skysafari will show a pointing position close to this star, but if it is off select this object in skysafari and press align again. If this does a 2 star alignment for GOTO using skysafari, it will be a really fast way to get set up Last night, using the wifi adaptor I turned aux encoders on using the synscan app. If I release the cluches on an AZEQ5 mount and move the axes around the pointing position automatically updates on skysafari.
  7. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Hi Kerry, I've been wondering about this...the skysafari manual says -------- Note: for encoder-based "Push-To" systems, like the Tangent Instruments BBox, Celestron Astro-Master, JMI NGC-MAX, and Orion Intelliscope, SkySafari now lets you perform a 2-star alignment. This eliminates the need to level your telescope mount base. Simply set up your telescope, point it at the first alignment star, select that star in SkySafari, and tap "Align". Repeat the process with a second alignment star, choosing "Align" rather than "Restart Alignment" when asked. Your encoders should now be aligned to the sky. You can continue to align on additional second stars; but SkySafari only uses the two you most recently aligned on. If you want to forget the pervious alignment stars and align as your first star, choose "Restart Alignment". Make sure your two alignment stars are at least 10 degrees apart; 90 degrees apart is ideal. SkySafari will warn you if your alignment stars are too close together, or if their positions don't match - for example, if you've accidentally selected the wrong alignment star in SkySafari, or you're not really pointing the telescope at that star in the sky. ---------- As far as I understood the AZEQ5 and AZEQ6 used encoders on their axes, so in principle you should be able to perform this procedure for alignment using skysafari for an AZEQ5 or AZ EQ6. What does everyone think?
  8. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    That's a good suggestion to turn the screen brightness down...will hopefully save a bit of battery
  9. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Thanks @Stu. The main issue is it drains the battery of my phone quite quickly if I leave the screen always on. Oh well...there are always issues, and they seem to end up with the user spending more money for new equipment
  10. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Good Morning Kerry I hope you are well! Unfortunately I do not know if the synscan app works with a skyfi wifi adaptor
  11. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Morning everyone Just wanted to pass on some information, and ask a question... I have managed to set up a skywatcher wifi adaptor on my new AZ-EQ5 using the synscan pro app on my iphone 4s. And just to confirm the alignment routine north level alignment works fantastically with the AZ-EQ5 in AZ mode. I can be set up and aligned in minutes. I have downloaded skysafari on my second device, a ipad mini and can connect by doing the following 1) Connect IPhone to synscan network and open synscan app and connect to mount 2) Run alignment routine 3) Connect Ipad to synscan network 4) Open skysafari and go to settings 5) Enter IP address that my iphone is using to talk to the wifi adaptor. This can be found by going into your iphone settings, then press wifi, then press the (i) button next to the connected synscan wifi 6) enter port number 11882 and press done 7) Return to skysafari home screen, press scope and then connect Now this is what I found, it will only connect if your device running synscan (in my case my iphone) is still active. If the device has locked skysafari will not connect to the wifi. So to get over this I have had to on my iphone, go into settings, then general settings, and set auto lock to never. It now connects fine. I presume what is happening is that when my iphone locks its is dropping its connection to the synscan wifi network or the synscan app does not run in the background. Does anyone know if there is a way of fixing this. I.e. to have the iphone locked and keep its wifi perminanely running or the app perminantly on?
  12. Which Tak

    You can add my DL to the tally šŸ˜€
  13. Opening the Trapezium.

    Thanks John, more reason to buy those XW's
  14. Opening the Trapezium.

    Hi John, with your FC100DL, which focal length of eyepiece did you use to try and resolve E and F on the trapezium?