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  1. Yeah, I've done that already, looks like I'll need a few more mm off then, thanks for the heads up!
  2. Oh right, okay that makes sense. Thanks again for the help! Clear skies
  3. Update: If anyone was curious about what this could be, it was down the the belt. I had to take it off, flip it around and adjust the tension again and the clicking was gone. Glad the drop didn't cause any damage!
  4. Just gathered a few more test frames, that weird coloured blob seems to be moving across the frame?! Now another bright blob around Vega has just popped up! These are some nasty looking reflections, but I don't know what's causing them. L_0009_ISO400_120s__20C.CR2
  5. Luckily enough, tonight is a decent clear night so I've been able to do a test run. Stars are looking nice and round all the way to the corners now, so you were correct, thanks a lot alacant! Do you have any idea what that odd looking thing is under the bright star? I'm guessing some sort of reflection. Looks like I have a slightly twisted spider vane as well.
  6. Hi people, So I've been a bit of a fool and managed to drop my entire HEQ5 Pro mount head on my foot (Ouch). I was carrying it upstairs 'attached' to the tripod so I could make some adjustments to the DEC axis since there was a slight amount of play. So I set the tripod down and bam, the head rolled off and landed right on my foot. Silly me didn't realise the head screw wasn't done up all the way! So I gave it a test to make sure it was okay, got the hand controller out and moved it in both RA and DEC and it seemed fine. Then I decided to proceed with what I was going to do in the first place, adjust the worm gear engagement for DEC since there was a bit of play. After following astro baby's guide, I can hear this awful clicking sound when rotating the DEC axis a certain direction. I've attached a video below to show what I mean: HEQ5 Video.mp4 Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, I really hope I haven't messed it up too bad. Cheers, James.
  7. Yeah I know. But the clouds rolled in quickly so I only had time to quickly look at polaris out of focus. I did briefly view the star in focus but it still looked to have that fringing on the edge, but the clouds soon rolled over so I couldn't tell properly. I thought that the out of focus star test for collimation was supposed to look the same in the edges as it does the center ? It looks to me like the dark circle has shifted slightly when at the edge of the frame. And I've already cut off some of the focusser, looks like it may need a little more cut off as you suggested, though. Hopefully I'll get a longer patch of skies tonight so I can actually test the stars in focus. I just assumed that the out of focus star test looked bad at the edges - but we'll see. Thanks for helping out :).
  8. Well this is not the result I hoped for star test at the centre: And at the edge:
  9. Great. Now I just need to wait for the sun to set, cross my fingers and toes the weather forecast is correct for once and the sky will be clear. Thanks again for helping out.
  10. Not sure why the image didn't attach in the previous message, but here it is.
  11. Sure. Okay, I've adjusted it again, this looks better to me, not sure if it's perfect..
  12. Yeah, true. As I was doing the collimation with the cheshire, I noticed that as I reeled out the focusser, collimation slowly went out! This is with the focusser all the way in: And all the way out: I'm guessing this is due to some tilt in the foccuser or something?
  13. Right. Have you got any other ideas in mind I could try before getting out under the skies for a test? Thanks for taking your time to help me out so far.
  14. Oh right, okay. Thank you. Hopefully there should be a patch of clear skies tonight so I can give it a test.
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