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  1. A double delivery a camera and the adapters to attach it to my scope
  2. See you also got the may contain clouds sticker. Mine did also had about 5 minutes out with it in the last two weeks since getting it.
  3. Thanks yes it was, now just need the clouds to clear.
  4. No been out for ages but It is sold as a imaging scope it is F4 not F5 focal length and got a bigger secondary mirror than a psd. Next buy is a ccd camera but they can also used as a visual scope cost a bit more and don’t come with a eyepiece but still cheaper than buying a bigger shed and a 250p ds
  5. That is why I got the 250 Quattro it is only 730mm long but it that bottom heavy I had to move the mounting rings to balance it that’s why it looks high on the mount and only just fits in the ketter shed.
  6. Yes definitely need another counter weight the scope was only delivered Monday not had time to get one yet. It is Meade LX80 mount.
  7. New scope, new shed to store it in and on my old mount. Had my doubts it would go in but it does..
  8. Yes daylight saving is British Summertime star the end of March and ends in October.
  9. Hi I think you will find you have the same problem as me and I have had goto mounts for years. I have not used my Meade goto mount since May due to selling my scopes until trying my new one today and it was way off and failed to do the two star align twice until I realised day saving is off in the autumn and on in spring when I changed it it worked fine.
  10. Ordered this at the end of August & looking label on the box & at the weather forecast it won't be used this week.
  11. Just had confirmation it has been dispatched for delivery on Monday. Thanks
  12. Fingers crossed my 250 Quattro is on it been waiting since the end of August for it.
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