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  1. Only just catching up on PSP news. Was busy having cancer surgery (not as much fun as it sounds!) Fully understand why James has had to step down and like all those who have been there for the previous years I salute his hard work and dedication to pull it all together year on year. I'll keep an eye on this thread just in case we come up with a new party planner and location. If not then it was good while it lasted.
  2. James - Any chance of swapping my pitch (Neptume 5) for Perry's? As for the weather - I live 13 miles away and I can tell you that forecasts are next to useless - there have been clear nights when rain was forecast and vice versa in the last week. We are definitely due some luck!
  3. Ok so we've made our plans for tents and food - but what are we looking forward to seeing (other than the bacon nutty van in the mornings!) I'll kick off with Saturday when Jupiter will rise above the moon in the early morning there will be a Ganymede transit. I love a good transit! What else are we hoping to see?
  4. Sounds like you've had a hell of a summer! Glad to hear that you've hit the system with a digital hammer and all is well. Let us commence the ritual sacrifices to the cloud gods!
  5. Has anyone heard from James or any of the organisers? I've emailed and written to James but had no reply - The website hasn't been updated for ages - not seen much activity on here either so I was wondering if the event is still going ahead? Does anyone know?
  6. John Dobson dies aged 98. http://www.astronomy.com/news/2014/01/astronomy-popularizer-john-dobson-dies Skywatcher 250px flex tube. SW 130p GoTo AltAz, Patience. Http://www.nigelcampbell.net
  7. Wow - you write a post - wander off to look at stars (clouds!) and when you finally pop back you see so much activity! Glad it was useful and that it has fostered so much discussion and some great tips.
  8. Hi James, I sent you an email but did not get a reply - I successfully booked last year but I can't see any record of the cheque being cashed - are you waiting to cash it or did it get lost - let me know if I need to do anything (send a new cheque?) Thanks, Nigel (just bought a new tent - hopefully this one will keep the water out!! - In fact I'm hoping that buying a more waterproof tent will result in clear skies and no rain - its the reverse of buying a new scope!)
  9. Asking for a non astro friend - the photo is all I have to go on - looks like an 8 inch dob to me but don't know anything more than that? Take a look at the attached pic.
  10. Well I'm home now. Everything go too soggy (need to buy a better tent - or portable lifeboat maybe). Good luck to all who stick it out for the rest of the weekend and thanks to James and everyone for putting it on again. Next year it will be glorious (don't quote me on that).
  11. I have darker skies at home (12 miles away from Shallow Grange Farm) but PSP has a great vibe. Lots of like minded people sharing their passion for astronomy. You could pitch under a street lamp and still enjoy it.
  12. Ever wondered what Albert doodled in his notebooks? Take a look. http://www.pitt.edu/~jdnorton/Goodies/Zurich_Notebook/index.html
  13. Snowing here right now. Tuesday evening looks like the first clear evening from the forecast for me. Going to try and photograph it as well as visual observing.
  14. I'm going to buy a bigger tent this year. My tiny tent kept me warm but I want to be able to sit up indoors if the weather is iffy! I'm on the Saturn Field in pitch 27. Can we have a ban on buying new kit from September onwards to help keep the skies clear?
  15. Welcome Danielle. Best use if the cloudy nights into ask questions here. Lots of great knowledge in all areas of astronomy on SGL. Enjoy your new scope.
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