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  1. Delivered already!!! The guys at RotherValleyOptics really came through!!!
  2. Not cheap - I was thinking of giving this a punt https://www.365astronomy.com/SkyWatcher-Shoe-for-Finderscope-Bracket-with-2-Holes-CURVED-BLACK.html the Dia looks like 94mm ish and the curved 100Dia might work?
  3. Hi guys - I'm looking for any advice anybody can offer to source a red dot finder and specifically the mount (and screw) that is compatible with my newly acquired scope (80mm f6 Revelation Semi-Apo Refractor). i think what I'm after is similar to the pic attached or this link: http://www.astrosite.co.uk/equipment/kit-archive/80mm-refractor/ theres a pic at the bottom the thread (clone of this) ideally i I could mount my dovetailed existing red dot finder (skwatcher i believe) but I'm open to suggestions! thanks for reading Dave
  4. Arrrggggghhhhh Bristol Cameras won’t get stock in till mid Jan!!! luckily the guys at RotherValleyOptics were able to help (currently in stock) as of today. clearly they are in high demand!
  5. Cheapest I could find it was £55 BristolCameras (kids have bought it me for Christmas!) looking forward to having a play with it! thanks for the heads up!
  6. Really good thread this guys - thanks for the heads up. looks like I'm after a smal android device!
  7. I'm very interested in this device - sounds cool! did I read that if I had two iOS devices I could run SkySafri and Synscan app well enough to get Ss running (could use old and new phone)?
  8. For me I use a big(ish) 8" dobsonian from the back garden and an ST80 to be mobile. I'd still class myself as a beginner and the dob I have has been really good to pull around searching for stuff with a telrad. Also get a decent phone/tablet app and you're learn stuff so quickly. Whilst it's not an ideal portable solution I've had it out to other sites a few times (tube across back seat and base (mount) in the passengers footwell!). I'd definitely recommend buying second hand to keep costs/risk low (you may decide not to continue). At the same time the much smaller ST80 has been
  9. Hi the Neximage 5 camera I bought was second hand and has been really good fun to play with. It's definatley opened up another new chapter to my Astro hobby! would definitely recommend!
  10. How do we make that T-shirt happen? I want One! As for the Neximage 5 camera - I can honestly say it's been quite easy to pick up (a little help from some YouTube videos). All you need is a laptop and you're away!
  11. So I had another go at Saturn with my ST80 now that it's getting a bit more sociable! I was set up on my Synscan SW AZ Goto, with 2x Barlow and captured 2315 frames using my NexImage 5. Followed by Registax stacking 60% of the frames. Quite happy with my results so far - yet to post process with Gimp (maybe a job for the weekend) Comments/tips welcome - thanks for viewing cheers Dave
  12. So... my first decent night (24th May) trying my NexImage 5 camera on Jupiter (this was actually the second video that I took at 2206 just getting my eye in) I used my SW 200p Dobs on my EQ platform without the barlow. Processing wise I captured 4903 frames then ran PIPP with the Quality sorting to 50% fames then RegiStax6.1 stacking a total of 80% frames. This is similar to my posting in the Planetary Imaging forum ONLY this time with my Second use of GIMP (and trying to get my wife to agree colours!) Comments welcome thanks for considering.
  13. So... my first decent night (24th May) trying my NexImage 5 camera on Jupiter I used my SW 200p Dobs on my EQ platform with2x Barlow. Processing wise I captured 3063 frames then ran PIPP with the Quality sorting to 2000 fames then RegiStax6.1 stacking a total of 1000 frames. This is similar to my posting in the Planetary Imaging forum ONLY this time with my first use of GIMP (not entirely sure it's better) Comments welcome thanks for considering.
  14. Great smart phone image! how did you process it?
  15. That bracket (posted above) is very similar if not identical to the one that I use. I bought a couple of brackets form eBay and this one was definitely better because it clamped to the eyepiece body (definitely recommend for phone). The other one I trialed gripped the top edge of the eyepiece but I found that it would droop and potentially fall away from the eyepiece (not good). Great tip by Bengrant76
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