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  1. Hi Malcolm, your comments are very interesting. I knew Tasco had become a group of companies at one point and I didn't realise that more than one kind of the toy telescopes had poor optics. I know what you mean about how Celestron and Vixen would have been outside Christmas present realm. All the Argos catalogues used to have were Tascos, but i remember most of these were "proper" refractors and were in the camera and binoculars section. I think my 5TN is a more modern equivalent of these telescopes. Sadly, mine is on a tabletop mount (I couldn't get one on a proper tripod) and while th
  2. Hi Malcolm, your post is very interesting. Were the poor scopes you mention the 40x40 ones with the push and pull focus? There is a photo of one of these in my 1980s catalogue. I have heard that some kids were actually put off my the cheap telescopes with stopped-down apertures. This happened to me - my parents bought me a cheap refractor with a push and pull focus (not a Tasco) that was bright blue and what I didn't know at the time was that it contained a baffle. As my parents didn't know about telescopes they would never have known that they had bought rubbish and not quality. Jupiter
  3. An impressive looking Telescope. My Tasco is smaller and has a 50mm/2 inch lens. The 1980s version of my telescope had much more metal and much less plastic! Still, the bright planets and Orion Nebula show up well with the Tasco and I am pleased that I bought a version of the telescope i always wanted when i was younger.
  4. I didn't really see much colour when I looked last night. I haven't seen NGC 1502 yet, but I noticed a lot of background stars in Camelopardalis as well as most of the brighter stars that form the constellation's pattern.
  5. I had a closer look at Kemble's Cascade tonight and I saw more of the stars - very impressive with my 6 inch Sky-Watcher. I had a good look at most of Camelopardalis as well. I am not certain but it seems to be an overlooked constellation due to its faintness.
  6. Hi John, I have read that Tasco telescopes were much better made in the 1960s. While the mounting on my 2 inch/50mm isn't the best (it is on a table tripod), the views are perfectly acceptable and I have also had a good view of the Orion Nebula with the Tasco. I always wanted a Tasco refractor for Christmas as a child so I wanted to get one in recent years and I haven't been disappointed. Very sadly, I didn't have a proper telescope as a child (I won't go into details on the awful "toy" telescope that almost put me off astronomy...). I can imagine there have been many astronomers who starte
  7. I remember around eighteen months ago I mentioned Tasco telescopes on the forum and I commented about the unfair criticism they have had. I have a small Tasco refractor that gives perfectly good views of Venus's phases, Jupiter and its moons and Saturn's rings. I have a 1980s Tasco Catalogue that has a really good range of refractors as well as two reflectors. Unfortunately, the tube of my Tasco is plastic as well as the focusing knobs and the eyepiece barrel, but back in the 1980s metal was always used and the 1980s Tasco counterparts look so much better and the metal tubes are noticeable
  8. I haven't seen Betelgeuse yet with my telescope, but I have seen Aldebaran as well as Vega and the colour contrast is very noticeable. I think many of the stars in Kemble's Cascade are magnitude 8, although I haven't studied all of their magnitudes yet.
  9. I saw Kemble's Cascade on Friday with my 6 inch Dobsonian and I noticed that the colours of many of the stars weren't noticeable. I am not sure if this was due to the seeing conditions, as I live in a very light-polluted area or whether the colours would only show more with a larger telescope. I used a 10mm eyepiece. I remember seeing an impressive photo of Kemble's Cascade two years ago on The Sky At Night.
  10. Hi Iain, thanks for the link. I agree about Uranus's grey colour - on the second night due to the poorer seeing conditions the planet appeared a grey colour. I am not sure what size of telescope is needed to show Uranus's moons, but I heard that a large amateur reflector can even show Miranda.
  11. I finally saw Uranus on Sunday night and again on Monday. Although I had studied star charts carefully and I scanned the area below Delta Piscium with my x20 binoculars, it was still difficult to find Uranus with the telescope and due to light pollution in my area it was also hard to see stars in Pisces in the finderscope. Sunday was the clearest night in my area for weeks and I definately saw Uranus as a tiny white dot with a bluish-green tinge. It was very noticeable how Uranus looked very different to the surrounding stars. Monday's seeing conditions weren't as good, but I was still abl
  12. Thanks. For some reason Uranus was hard to find just because almost everything I saw looked like a star and the object I think was Uranus only looked slightly different. I can imagine as the seeing conditions weren't the best, this resulted in the planet's colour not being very visible.
  13. Thanks. I couldn't understand, though, why the object kept fading in an out of view. Although I think it was probably Uranus, its colour was only very faint although I don't know if light pollution can be a factor in how distinctive Uranus's colour can be.
  14. I think I might have seen Uranus on Friday night with my 6-inch Sky-watcher Dobsonian. I haven't had the Dobsonian for long and I was really keen on locating Uranus. The seeing conditions weren't perfect and my area always suffers from light pollution, but after studying an online diagram of Uranus's position, I did see a point of light that looked different to all the stars that had a very faint bluish-green tinge. I used a 6.5mm eyepiece. If this was Uranus, I noticed that it faded in and out of view for some reason unlike any star I observed. I also saw a video of Uranus on YouTube take
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