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  1. Hi all, Had some clear patches tonight just as Saturn transitted the gap between the houses opposite. All I can say is wow, even though the seeing was not great and then the wind picked up, all i did for 30 minutes was to keep looking at the wondrous site within the eyepiece. I was using Celestron 130EQ, and used a 30mm, 15mm and 10mm eyepieces, with and without a x2 Barlow lens. Cannot wait to view it again. Cheers, Terry
  2. Hi all, Been a while since I posted, what with work and cloudy skies here in West London. A couple of quick pics. Cheers, Terry 23rd Aug. 24th Aug.
  3. Thanks for all the good advice. Followed astrobabys instructions. Was nervous at first but took the plunge. Managed not to break anything and stopped when I thought it looked ok. Will do again soon. Thanks again. Terry
  4. Hi all, Thanks for all the great advice given here. Think I will spend Sunday reading and rereading then giving it a go. Terry
  5. Hi, here's a quick shot down the eyepiece, still being very new to this, do the experts here think I need to collimate? Scope is Celestron Astromaster 130. Terry.
  6. Hi, A quick grab this morning at 7am, single shot. Terry
  7. Hi, I am currently using the 30day trial of BackyardNikon, so far I have found it good for still and for movie captures. I think about $50US if I decide to purchase. Terry
  8. Hi, A close up today of some activity. As before, I am still learning this great hobby. Cheers Terry
  9. Hi all, Heres a shot I took today. Still very new to this and tried different technique. I shot 10 frames in Backyardnikon, then processed the images through imppg to centre, then stacked in registax 6, with some adjustment in wavelets. Such a steep learning curve, but the missus says it keeps me quiet. Thanks for looking, Terry
  10. Hi, A capture from today taken after the missus let me have 10 minutes off from gardening....lol Cheers Terry
  11. Hi, Within 30minutes of taking the picture its completely clouded over. Terry
  12. Hi all. A quick shot this morning at 7.30am. Cheers, Terry
  13. Hi, A couple of quick grabs this morning at 0730. Terry through the clouds.... ....no clouds and not much else to see New grab at 16.40 this PM
  14. Hi, A quiet time today. Cheers Terry
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