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  1. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    Thank you, great set up.
  2. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    They do seem to look bigger in the pics than real life, it packs down to 31.5cm retracted and just a little over 2 kilos. Very good travel scope.
  3. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    Yes please do when you have a moment, I do have one of those ball heads but hadn't considered before mounting a scope on it, how is the movement and damping?
  4. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    Very neat, how is it on the manfrotto ball head?
  5. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    Mark, These are 72mm F6 TS Apos. Very easy for aircraft cabin travel. Possibly the 90 you refer to might be as well, obviously slightly heavier and longer so might depend on your bag and or airline. Performance wise very pleased, the rack and pinion focuser is really well engineered so much nicer than the SW Crayfords!
  6. One of Skywatchers more inspired moments for sure! Out of production now but it is a superb performer, used it on Jupiter about a week ago with a Baader zoom and got cracking views.
  7. I have ended up with 4 scopes on the payroll, all get used for different things and different times. For longer nights out the Evolution 9.25 SCT is a fantastic piece of kit for hunting down DSO and feinter objects. The mid range scope on AYO II mount is a VX6 which is really easy to move to a dark site and cools pretty quickly, used for when time is a bit more pressing. Also 2 refractors an Equinox 80 which I use with a Lunt wedge or local travel and a more recently acquired TS72 mm F6 as a dedicated travel aircraft carry on scope. I'm really not sure which I would choose if I was allowed only 2 of those , each one has its strengths.
  8. JG777

    Secondary Mirror Problem

    I have removed my secondary mirror on a number of occasions and when it's placed back into position correctly via the pin the collimation was as good as it was before removal. As long as the adjustment screws are not altered collimation should remain as it was.
  9. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    Very neat and 4 kilos, that's excellent. Forgot to add my lunt 1.25 to the mix thanks for the reminder!
  10. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    Oh right, I didn't realise from the angle! Where did you get it?
  11. JG777

    Show us your dewcap­čśŐ

    About this time last year someone here coined a phrase "The start of Summer madness" I think we have arrived!
  12. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    That's interesting, looks like a fair bit of weight there with your NV kit. Have you sourced a longer dovetail yet? Will be interested to see some pics when you do. One other thing that slightly helped was locating the RDF further forward onto the clamp ring, might not seem much but all the grams add up!
  13. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    Hi Gavin, I found that I could move the Altair clamp as far forward as possible and then move the scopes dovetail forward to equalise the balance as best possible. In the image you can see the dovetail overhanging but still clamped firmly in the Altair. I also changed the 2 inch diagonal to the 1.25 to help lighten the back end and the result is nicely balanced. Not quite perfect but as best as I can get and better than the 80mm scope. I really like this 72mm as well takes up far less room in the bag and means I can fit my DSLR in there now!
  14. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    The mount is a Tecnosky Elle v2 which I got from Rupert at Astrograph. This version has 8192 encoders fitted for the Nexus DSC hook up. The mount is really well engineered and solid and also comes apart in minutes by use of Allen key if space is really tight. The DSC tray comes with it but if your not using DSC you can use the mount without the tray with the smaller fixing bolt. Sadly you cannot balance a pint of beer on the tray either, one of those astronomy compromises we all have to make....
  15. JG777

    Show us your travel kit

    Here's mine, goes anywhere. About 8 kilos I think but for aircraft travel the mount and tripod go in checked baggage the rest with me.

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