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  1. Great scope, I have one as well and use it for air travel. Optically and mechanically its a very high standard.
  2. If the C9.25 is not in use sometimes I use a small refractor 80mm class on the Evolution mount and its very useful and easy to set up. All my other scopes are mainly used on a AYOII with encoders because like yourself star hopping here is difficult with LP skies. I like the silence of it all and the minimal power needed, no need to drag power out with you. I also prefer the much greater options and choices you have with DSC than with Nexstar or SW. You do still however need good alignments on two stars for accuracy. I would say from my own experience accuracy is about the same as Nexstar. I can get a lot more done with push to than without. I nearly went for the SW AZ EQ5 but what put me off was the play reported by many in AZ mode. I don't think one system is better than the other, its really just preference. If you want tracking then goto is the way forward, I think if I was buying today I would seriously consider the Ioptron AZ Pro. I'm not sure there is a great deal of choice with encodered mounts, the new Rowan one will have the option and with slow mo controls but total cost will be a lot higher than a SW AZEQ5 or the AZ pro. £1585 with encoders, Nexus and a saddle, you may also need counterweight bar and weights depending on set up, more dollars. My AYO was just shy of a grand with encoders, then you need to factor in the cost of the DSC unit £430 for the full beans version but less for the wifi non keyboard Nexus which you can then link to Sky Safari. Or the Argo Navis, about £215 if customs don't pick on you, add another £70 approx if they do. Ultimately what it tells you is that goto is cheaper than push to in almost every single case and with some obvious advantages if you require them. Not all mounts and push to's are equal, AYOs and Rowans being hand built are bound to have some sample variation, there may be a requirement to delve deeper into the DSC systems to correct fabrication or alignment errors. I recommend you see a set up before progressing, if you passing by let me know and drop in to have a look.
  3. No surprises here, will people ever learn though? Light pollution is key 'bringer of insect apocalypse' https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/nov/22/light-pollution-insect-apocalypse?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard
  4. I sometimes use one on my Evolution mount as the original wi fi is not that great in some places, just plug it in to an AUX port and connect to the signal, I use SS6 pro. Ensure you are getting a later v2 module as the v1 were not too clever, still a few of those floating around second hand.
  5. Have a look here https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/596500-evolution-with-a-celestron-power-tank/ in particular post 11 from Michael Swanson. Full articles here https://www.nexstarsite.com/OddsNEnds/EvolutionExternalPower.htm probably most people who had a battery issue had them replaced under warranty, but yes I also recall Celestron stating a battery replacement kit would be available in the future, how old is your mount?
  6. I travel with the TS 72 in hand luggage, and most of the rest of it in checked luggage. The scope is very good , build quality is very good and the rack and pinion focusser is excellent. Optically very good as well witn FLP 53 glass it has become my aircraft friendly scope due to being so easy to carry on to aircraft. Expect a lot of suggestions here, including a visit from squadron "Tak Attack".
  7. I would suggest asking the advice of Serge at Astro Devices once you have all the dimensions of the dob, he will make you a bracket and tray and help locate a suitable place. He does have some examples of installation https://www.astrodevices.com/Products/NexusDSC/ExamplesOfInstallation/index.html Your encoder location and cable length will need some consideration depending on set up its important not to have a stressed cable into the encoder port.
  8. Just in case you missed this site http://binocularsky.com/index.php
  9. The cricket field is ok if Reading still use it and you want to join, but access to the field is a bit tricky from the road especially with a lot of gear. When I used it a few years ago, you need to contact someone who then contacts the owner and then they have to text you back, and then Reading would advertise that on the FB page, so anyone whom you don't know might turn up. They seemed to want to turn any visit into a group visit. I did manage to secure independent permission for use but never bothered in the end. As mentioned Swallowfield and the area between Reading and Basingstoke might turn something up, skies are a bit darker there although at the Reading end of things the LEDs on the M4 have made things worse. One of our dark sites are there, permission from an angling club I use with a gated car park, but I am only visual so the occasional angler turning up with lights on is not really an issue, think it might be for imaging. I recommend looking at the OS Explorer maps for the areas and going out in the daytime to identify safe places, see them at night as well then draft a letter up asking for permission for anything that is suitable. Car parks, farms, small holdings, allotments, church car parks, etc. Its worth the effort to find somewhere.
  10. Don't forget to check your power, it is often the cause of alignment errors when the mount is not getting enough juice. The one I had would flash the red light at 11.7 v and start to misbehave.
  11. The Nexus DSC has internal GPS, location coordinates and time are updated in about 20 seconds, unless you mean tapping in the target from the keypad. There is little point in buying the DSC and using Sky Safari, you just have an expensive black box doing not much. So the Wifi Nexus makes more sense if Sky Safari is to be used.
  12. Totally right, an unstable mount will kill the best scope in the world. What is often overlooked is the tripod, it really is key to stability. Like others I learned the hard way eventually saving funds for some Swiss engineering and some Berlebach wood, it becomes a night and day difference. Sadly its all cost but my attitude now is measure twice cut once. I did for a time use an SW ED Apo 100mm on AZ4 which had the steel tripod, that was more stable than the aluminium one. A fair difference as I recall, never needed slow mo either. When it worked it was quite stable with the 100mm but mine was poor quality, mount and scope and that lot and I were soon divorced. I have to admit I now avoid SW stuff and have only one item from them an Equinox 80, everything else has either arrived faulty, of just has not lasted the pace.
  13. Stu, it should be the same or better, ie it should work. I only have the full beans DSC, I like SS but prefer the box to do the work.
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