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  1. Welcome to a very friendly and informative forum. Bins will be excellent for a bit of comet watching.
  2. A couple of shots from (a very warm) last night on the smartphone. Saturn and Jupiter and 3 of its moons Skywatcher 130/650 reflector, 20mm EY, Celestron Smartphone mount, Motorola Moto G6 phone.
  3. At least some advantages to being furloughed. Skywatcher 130/650, 20mm EY, Celestron Smartphone mount, iPhone se.
  4. Hi, I want to clean the primary mirror and it seems the most important thing to do is rinse it with distilled water. Here in the U.K. this seems very hard to find locally and expensive for cold steam! I live in a hard water area so have a kettle with a built-in Britta filter. Would cooled boiled water from this kettle work as well as distilled water, had anyone tried it? Grateful for any replies.
  5. Welcome to the West Country, having made the same move nearly 30 years ago, you won't regret it. Clear skies.
  6. Hi, I have been enjoying using the Celestron AstroMaster EQ90 over the last couple of weeks, mainly on the developing moon until it got too bright. But I got seduced by a secondhand bargain, (I hope), in the form of a Skywatcher 130/650 Newtonian on a eq2 mount with an old version of a motordrive. After decontamination to be allowed into the house, I've cleaned it up and was pretty pleased with the views of the Strawberry moon last night, just using the small opening in the tube cover, I'm still waiting for my moon filter to be delivered. I can't find much info on the scope. Can anyone tell me if the primary reflector would be a parabolic and if not does it matter that much. The primary mirror is pretty dirty, actually had a dead fly stuck on it, I carefully removed the holder and mirror and gently blew the fly off and hopefully some of the dirt with a very low powered airline. It's still dirty but the views of the moon and some of the stars seemed good to me. How dirty can you let the mirror get and what effect would I see to know I should clean it? Also the eyepiece holder is threaded on the outside at the 'top', is this for attaching a camera T ring directly to? Hopefully pictures will attach. Graceful for any advise.
  7. Thanks, I'll give that a go.
  8. Thanks all for the warm welcome. Long story short, I've ended up with a secondhand Celestron AstroMaster 90 eq which has been brilliant (literally over the last few nights) looking at the moon. I have just about mastered the eq mount, thanks to YouTube but no doubt have much to learn that I don't know about! I have really enjoyed viewing the features of the moon, especially sitting out at midnight wearing shorts and t-shirt!
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome. I always thought I lived somewhere fairly dark until I tried setting up in the back garden, suddenly you realize it's like Las Vegas out there! So if you know any good dark sites around the Warminster area I would be very grateful to know.
  10. Hello, I have recently joined the forum so thought it best to say hello. I have had a passing interested in astronomy from many years which did result in me having very briefly an secondhand refractor telescope which I did manage to see Jupiter and some of its moons with help from Google Sky. This was when my children were very young and I soon realized that heavy telescopes on wobbly tripods and toddlers don't mix well so that had to go. Over the last few years I have had some Celestron Skymaster 15X70 binoculars to use which have been great for moon gazing but a bit wobbly for anything else even when resting on the garden table. So after much internal debate, lurking on various forums and reining in mission creep (oh, that looks good but for a bit more I could have this, or for a bit more than that I could have this........), I have just ordered a SW Heritage 100P as a next step, (and a moon filter and a copy of Turn Left At Orion). Hoping for clear skies.
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