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  1. Slightly off topic but due to a bit of Googling the issue of price increases, blamed in part on container shortages, I now get sent shipping information and have been amazed by the amount of containers that fall off ships mid sea. I've linked to a article relating the loss of 240 containers off one ship, another another lost over a thousand. https://theloadstar.com/one-apus-and-maersk-eindhoven-may-be-back-on-course-this-month/ Although 'trade' newsworthy these do not seem to be unusual or infrequent infrequent events. Who knows what is now littering the sea bed, maybe you
  2. Double post, sorry can't see how to delete.
  3. I'm all for raising awareness of the problem of light pollution but the CPRE form doesn't ask for the age of the observer so any information will be skewed by the the deteriorating night vision of the older observers. Surely if they wanted an accurate picture of the problem, satellite data would give a great deal more consistent information.
  4. I know it's supposed to be the book to get when starting out in imagining but.......
  5. Hi, Actually managed to get some clear skies early last night and had some fantastic views of the Orion nebula with the Christmas present 32mm Omni. It was blooming cold and actually misted up the finder scope and the secondary mirror on the SW 200p. My question is once this happens and I returned the scope to the garage where it is stored should I put the caps back on the finder scope and the scope itself whilst they are still misted up to avoid dust and dirt getting on then or leave them open, probably over night, to dry out? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply, I know what you mean, I was thinking of that as a work around, I just wondered if anyone made a bespoke item but I guess not that many people have a horizontal mount.
  7. Hi, I have Skytee 2 mount, on which I use the side mount for my 200p and use the top mount for my 127 Mak, sometimes at the same time. (Yes, I got carried away with secondhand bargain madness during the first lockdown ) What I would like to do is use the top mount to mount my 15x70 binoculars so I can let the family see what I'm looking at without having change the height of eyepieces on the scope or them using steps. For this I would need a sturdy adaptor which has a dovetail (vixen?) base with the normal screw fit for the tripod mounting bracket between the lenses. Does
  8. That's why I put it in the wanted section! I managed a couple of early evening half hours before the clouds rolled in about two weeks ago. Fortunately I have all the kit to hand in the garage and a reasonably dark back garden, especially now the council have kindly changed the sodium street lights to LEDs. Frustrating, the clearest skies I have seen for weeks have been when I'm going to work in the mornings.
  9. Unfortunately I think a lot of people's alternative hobby is surfing the net and buying new kit, which obviously makes the cloud gods angry!
  10. Can people please stop buying new kit so I can play with mine!
  11. I have got a pair of the SVBONY style clamps although these ones are marketed as Rother Valley Optics brand. They look great and will give me peace of mind when I have the 200P mounted on it. Is there a torque setting for the two Allen bolts on the puck? I have a bicycle torque wrench that will go down to very low settings and I don't want to chance stripping the threads by gorillaing it. My Skytee was secondhand and didn't come with any instructions. Thanks.
  12. Hi, Does anyone know of any apps or software for stacking photos which works in Chrome/Android? I can only find ones that work in Windows or Safari. Thanks.
  13. Couldn't resist having a little play as the clouds partrd briefly down here. I don't know what to expect of this mount but there seems to be quite a bit of play in the slow motion controls, is this normal?
  14. Unfortunately, they look like the aluminium knobs. They look great, always important in the dark!, That's a lot of counterweight, what scope do you have on the other side?
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