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  1. .................Deep Joy, The Joy shields arrived today!!!! Two days quarantine for that . As soon as we buy something it's cloudy skies guaranteed anyway, - sorry everyone. Wish you clear skies D
  2. Hooray, the Star Adventurer pro pack arrived, looking forward to the dew shield this afternoon! Now the skies will be cloudy for ages . - Sorry everyone
  3. Hi Steve , we too are just starting , welcome, they seem a really friendly group here. Good luck and clear skies
  4. Kluson

    New here!

    Hi Both, We are in a similar boat, really enjoying it here, so much great advice
  5. Canon 600D is a great camera, there's one on Camera Jungle cheers and good luck D
  6. still waiting on the Dew shield. I can assure you all that the moment it arrives, we will be in for cloudy weather. This I have learnt already
  7. are you only selling as a complete package?
  8. thanks, that's exactly what I need just the hot shoe adaptor which can be bought separately clear skies D
  9. Phew, That's great - Thanks so much for the advice wish you clear skies D
  10. Hi Guys Not sure which forum to ask this question but here goes. I have a now redundant red dot finder from my Celestron SE6. Is there a way to fit this to the hot shoe of my DSLR? My finder has a clamp which looks like the kind of thing you would find on a telescopic sight, it would be good to put this to use on my DSLR Many thanks in advance D
  11. Thanks so much for your advice Steve, . I had already ordered from Amazon before I saw this last post. It arrived today. I have not yet opened the product packaging. I can see that the top of the unit has a large oblong button? and a smaller round one. Is this the right one. I can always send it back to Amazon. there is no rush as our Dew shield has not yet arrived I wish you clear skies D
  12. That's great, please let me know how you get on , I would also like to get a Raspberry Pi cheers D
  13. Actually it was Fenland Paul who said that not me. I just quoted him. He was giving us a run down of how he got on with his start adventurer. I was very interested to know as a beginner also going down that road. I am going to mount mine on a vanguard pro 2+ tripod which is a very sturdy beast. Thanks and wish you clear skies D
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