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  1. For anyone that has one of these zoom eyepieces, can you still fit a mobile phone adaptor to take pics? to adjust zoom, do you twist the body or twist the top part? thanks
  2. Thanks, ideally looking for something slightly smaller like the SW100p
  3. Hello, I'm after a small dobsonian style starter scope. Ideally: Skywatcher heritage 100p, or Orion skyscanner/starmax but will also consider Skywatcher heritage 76 or Celestron firstscope I can travel to pick up Many thanks
  4. I've had an LT127az. There are two versions of Starsense explorer....The LT and the DX. The LT version uses a bird-jones design so is inferior to the DX and more difficult to collimate from what I understand. I just upgraded to an Omni 127 XLT, which has the same aperture as the LT127az but the image quality is way better which made me realise how limited the LT127az optics are. As for the starsense, it looks like it could be good, but light pollution by my house meant it was very limited. If you are really keen on the starsense then get a DX model. In my opinion if your budget won't stretch to the DX model I'd get a starwatcher 130/150
  5. Hi, firstly I'm still a noob with all this so apologies in advance for the dumb questions. I just purchased a Celestron Omni XLT 127, which I think comes with a CG4 mount. As far as I can tell this is the same as EQ3-2 mount. I was under the impression that it would need a Polar scope fitting. when I looked at getting a polar scope online I saw this type of thing Below is a pic of where the polar scope should be, but it already has a part fitted with circular graticule etched on, so I'm a little confused about what I need to fit? if anyone can point me in the righr direction I'd appreciate it. thanks steve
  6. Hi has anyone got a synscan upgrade kit for CG4 EQ3/2? many thanks
  7. It was crappy weather anyhooo, but thanks for the info. I'm sure I'll be up there again soon.
  8. Hi, I'm travelling up to glossop area tomorrow for work and staying over night. Can anyone recommend a good observation point on that side of the peak district to do some stargazing?? Somewhere i can park up and possibly get the telescope out. Thanks
  9. Great thanks for the recomendation
  10. Thanks for the recommendations. my girls have watched some Maddie & Gregg, but I wasn't aware of the 'space week' I'll check them out. i've shown them the moon, and I got them up to see Neowise, but it's still a late at this time of year for stargazing.
  11. Hi, would anyone recommend any good books for 7 year olds about space, astronomy and science etc. just looking to interest and inspire them in general about space and astronomy. thanks
  12. Wow great views again last night in Cambridgeshire. I could just see it above the roof tops from one of my daughter's rooms. My wife was just going to bed so I showed her with the binos, but it was quite feint so i got out the telescope and got a good view. It might be another decade or two before we see another so we woke the kids up to see it also. They were quite excited. i then took a walk out to a darker spot in the village and got some great views of Neowise, Mars, jupitrt and Saturn
  13. Wow what a great night (morning) I Only recently started with astronomy but even with a starter scope and an old DSLR i've seen great views of the moon, Saturns rings, Jupiters moons, and to cap it off last night great views of Neowise. completely hooked now
  14. Great Pic. what camera were you using and what settings? thanks
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