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  1. Can you use on SCT corrector plate and ED refractor lens, or is this just for EPs??
  2. So what 2" EPs is everyone else using on small 70ish refractors?
  3. thanks for the info Hmm, why bother with the 2" functionality then if they are not practical to use
  4. Thanks. dumb question then, but why give the scope a 2" connector if you are better with 1.25 diagonal and 1.25 EPs
  5. Hi, I have a Baader Hyperion 8mm I bought a while ago, but not really had much chance to use it. but I also just bought an Evostar 72ED. I intend to get a 2" diagonal, and thought great, I can use the baader hyperion with the 1.25 nose piece removed. unfortunately I just found out that 1.25 nose piece has optics in it so removing it changes the focal length of the EP in 2" mode. has anyone used a hyperion with 2" only connector? What focal length does the 8mm become with front optics removed? ta
  6. Thanks @Louis D good place to start. looking at the 2" EP's is much more confusing than the 1.25s as it appears some 2" EPs are poor with faster scopes
  7. I've gone as low as 5mm BST EP on the firstscope and could just see the rings of Saturn and you can easily see Jupiter's moons
  8. Hi, i just got a nice Evostar 72 ED today, thanks @Trevor N what would be good EP choices for this scope? I currently have an F10 SCT with 1.25" EPs although I did acquire a Baader Hyperon 8mm recently, so haven't got any experience with a faster scopes. Assuming I can make use of Hyperon 8mm, i was looking for mid and low power EP. i've just been reading that some EP's are poor for faster scopes but finding it hard to work out what good options are with making expensive mistakes thanks
  9. Hi Pete, that's very kind of you. I'd like the meade case and the last case if possible. I'm 1/2 hour away so could hopefully pick up later in the week. regards Steve
  10. Hi @Jiggy 67, does the free version do day time align. You have to pay for the Pro-version. I'm allergic to paying for Apps
  11. Hmmm, bummer reading this as I just got a D3500, although luckily I work for a company owned by Nikon so only paid a couple of hundred quid for it. Wishing I'd got the 5600 now
  12. @miketw There's a goto scope on FB for £225 https://m.facebook.com/groups/240391446118062/permalink/1943586612465195/
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