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  1. Yes, my opinion as well. I found a SkyWatcher EvoStar ED-APO 100/900 at a reasonable price. I think I will settle on that one. Its 870 dollars, so its is in my budget
  2. Thanks, i will for sure check the books out. I think i found a refractor that fits my needs. It is a SkyWatcher EvoStar ED-APO 100/900. Sounds good?
  3. Yeah, I've gathered that, but i'm curious about the strengths of a refractor. I will get a larger dobsonian as well eventually. The one I have seems to be decent, but you know, bigger is better.
  4. My budget is about 1200 dollars. Hope thats enough. Maybe even 1400. Did you ask me for the budget to do the looking for me? Cause you would be a god
  5. I think might buy refractor because of its portability, so i can go camping ans stuff and stick to the dob i have for now.
  6. I probably will, but i want to get to know refractors as well. Also, there are people saying refractors are good for DSOs, other saying they re not, idk what to believe
  7. Yes, i am quite a bit. Which one of the two would you say is better in general? The ED80 has a focal length of 600mm. I think I would be ok with the planet problem, i think DSOs are what interests me
  8. Right. I found an Achromatic refractor AR152 AIR-SPACED Doublet, 988mm focal length. Thing is it is not ED Its from Explore Scientific
  9. What is the optimal focal length for an ED80. I found one with a 600mm. Is that good?
  10. Oh, sorry, ill check it out Edit: Thanks, i must have overlooked it. Great explanation!
  11. Sorry, i am a bit confused. What is an optimal focal length, or focal ratio for a refractor, since i am seeing a lot of big ones, a lot of small ones, i dont know what i should look for
  12. Also @mikeDnight, do you recommend an achromatic one or an apochromatic one?
  13. Thanks, i think i might consider buying one after all, you convinced me! I might need to save some money for a very good one. I'll buy it without the mount, which i'll buy separatley, since i want it to hold my reflector as well.
  14. is a refractor a good tool for DSOs? Or is it better for planet viewing?
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