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  1. skywatcher 130 ads with zoom eyepiece and canon 90d thanks!!!! I've been trying few days and never got the sunspots. cause I don't know the technique, I just shot in different times this one is 1,8000. iso 800 thanks
  2. I think I got it, I could see it with the eyepiece. I took a few photos playing with different times. The best I got its when there was a cloud passing through. Its that small black dot on the right base, But checking in internet says theres no sunspots today...... did I hunt it? or it was mi imagination?
  3. Oh wait. No. I’ve equatorial...... and I think I chase ez.. oh my god i think you give me the answer...... Will try tomorrow thanks 1000000 times
  4. Hello there! I sent sysncan to be fixed because a problem. Since they returned I had no time to use it. Yesterday I uploaded last version and today.... 1. Ask me is im in northern sky, northeast.........never asked me that......with the coordinates, should be enough, isn't it? 2. when align to ONE star, only has Vega, can't change it! 3. When aligning to two stars, I can choose BUT, it says I HAVE TO focus in that star( the first one), the second it moves by itself. Before, I had to point Polaris and it moved to the first and the second.... anyone with this problem? is
  5. this is the closes I get to the moon SKYWATCHR 130 PDS. + MEADE ZOOM IN 8 MM. + BARLOW *2 I STILL DONT FEEL LIKE ARMSTRONG...... BARLOW *3 OR EYEPIECE OF 3-4-5_. mm to get closer ? thanks
  6. I never understand this For England I mean thanks
  7. Some stars including Vega in the eyepiece. I’ve a 130pds.remove the eyepiece and Put the cam and I make a photo using Kstars. i get this..... am I seeing the soul of the stars? Other Universe? seriously, what’s this? How can I take a normal photo?
  8. I’m a completely newbie that bought a go to expecting to write the name of the galaxy and be able to see it in the middle of the eyepiece. That’s what I thought. But is much more complicated than that. Much more. and due has electric pieces, can break ( mine is being fixed right now) anyways, the goto can be used manual if you get desperate, so , personally I’d go again with a go to, but keep in mind it’s not as magic as you can think
  9. Amazing results. I started yesterday and only got a white diarrhoea. Im using canon camera too. Ill try with iso 800 and longer exposures as you did. What is dark, bias,flats? Look my white vomit and be proud of what you did., In fact mine, looks like the doughnut galaxy....
  10. Thanks for your ideas. I’ll try putting high iso and see if can see it in live view. Focus in other object and find again m31 I don’t see good idea for me, as I don’t find it easily...and will be lot of movement in tripod/eyepiece.
  11. HI Wornish, whats the point about focusing in other object with different size-light-distance? the camera focus with the zoom as I can do lunar photos. the problem is that I don't know how to get something fainter was asking for some advice) probably im doing something wrong..... thanks
  12. Skywatcher 130pds interested un watch easy things.....I’m getting used to equipment! got m31 yesterday..... thanks
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