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  1. I didn't understand all, but I assume in your opinion is less accurate than this... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-heq5-pro-synscan.html And is 230 pounds less....... Am being stupid to think that having an equatorial and az in the same tripod is something desirable?
  2. Vlaiv, your answer are always poor gold for beginners....... What do you think about this one? its the one im in love with https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/skywatcher-az-eq5-gt-geq-alt-az-mount.html
  3. Basically I was thinking to get the skywatcher eq 5gt. The one that has ez and equatorial. Why? I have a telescope, bit of a toy, but enough to see decently the moon. So id like to begin to learn how the mount work, the goto think, change from one mode to another.....so focusing in the use of th emount I already own a canon with a 70-200L, so I can begin to take some photos( I own photoshop and a mac pro). The moment a I realize what Im using more, visual with kids, or taking photos, id get the OTA( was thinking the zenitsstar 73, but im opened to other things, even second hand. I really have a good time with kid and skysafari looking the stars( with binoculars and the toy telescope) and learning some from them, but I think the goto would open a new world to us..... and because I just want to buy once , I think this mount is ideal as open both worlds.....
  4. woooow, thank you very much to all of you.....
  5. Hi, I have a few question.As you can see im bit lost.....If someone would answer me..... 1. I f I have a telescope with go to, but im using ipad with skysafari to move it.....is it redundant the goto thing? 2. do you need to polar align a scope and after align to 3 stars every time? can you align just to 3 stars and no polar align? what happens to those which the tree of the neighbour don't allow you to see polaris? 3. its the starsense the only product to align the telescope by itself? 4.if using for visual and go to, why ez its better than equatorial if its the goto moving it for you? 5.to connect ipad to telescope you need a wifi expansion......do the asiair pro include that? 6.if you use skysafari or goto, do you need another small guide scope? I mean. I see people use the big scope and always has a small one with a wide view....but if the goto its taking you to the things, whats the point of the small one? 7.i like the William optics 73 apo. If I buy that one, can I see straight away or need to buy eyepieces? plenty of doubts as you see......thanks!
  6. Hello everybody! I want to share my beginning in Astronomy. It could have been started long time ago. my uncle has a observatory at home! I remember it since I was a kid. He built it by himself, with this big dome, surrounded of hundred of books. he even teach Astronomy in college ( was a biologist though!). Although the telescope and all the gadgets always gave me curiosity I never spent time with him looking the stars. I still can remember those planetarys stuck on the wall......I guess he must be a good astronom stargazing just with the eye! From what Im telling, has past more than 30 years. Now im in my forties with 2 small buggers and actually living in UK.( as youd have guessed with my not perfect English) On Christmas my 6 years old son said that he wanted a Telescope for Santa Claus. A good idea, I though! when speaking at work about this, one of my colleagues told me she had a telescope that was not in use from his now old son. Goood! free Santa present I thought! He loved the telescope in Christmas day. It really looks nice. We waited for a few days until we used. Focus that telescope is more difficult that getting a teddy bear in the Christmas fair. I downloaded one app to tell me what whas that shinny star in the sky. Oppppps! not a star says the app! its venus! It looked ............mmmmmmm, ( shitty). My son was expecting to see some martians, probably streets and a couple of spaceships.... how disappointing see a shiny point!!! I realized that the telescope was a toy. The legs moved more than the hips of Shakira. And impossible to see something decent. I liked though the next part. We got into home and we read about Venus. A couple fo data to remember. That's it! but very cultural! Next target was vega! we caught it and we read about it! I think im going to get something decent. Something I can enjoy and try teach some things( that id have read previously..... I don't mind spending money in things that bring culture at home ( Ive plenty of uncultural stuff, ipads I mean....) As a gadget lover, ive dome some research. I think my natural upgrade would be a celestron 6 se. but I don't like the idea that only can be moved with controller. Come on! telescopes has to be moved with hands! as a serious amateur photographer ( have canon 40d , several scopes, tripode, mac pro....) I like idea of learn astro photography in future, and I don't want to invest twice, so I was thinking about the eqh5gt mount. I know its more difficult but my question here is......if is going to be moved with goto why should it be more complicated?????? and If kids wants to find stars, they can move the telescope in az mode. Having in the shed the mac pro, if in future I begin photo, I just have to have a long cable to connect everything. So my initial thoughts would be skywatcher eqh5gt mount and a William optics 73. And the wifi cable! connect it to ipad must bring lots of fun for daddy and kids deciding what to see. Around 1600 pounds in total. A lot of money to invest in the short term, but if is used, a good all life investment.I just paid 200 pounds tax and didn't get fun! by the way, I cant cope with the freezing nights, I don't know how you can be looking stars when in 4 degrees........I think well be summer-astronomers! any thought about my possible purchase?
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