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  1. Amazing results. I started yesterday and only got a white diarrhoea. Im using canon camera too. Ill try with iso 800 and longer exposures as you did. What is dark, bias,flats? Look my white vomit and be proud of what you did., In fact mine, looks like the doughnut galaxy....
  2. Thanks for your ideas. I’ll try putting high iso and see if can see it in live view. Focus in other object and find again m31 I don’t see good idea for me, as I don’t find it easily...and will be lot of movement in tripod/eyepiece.
  3. HI Wornish, whats the point about focusing in other object with different size-light-distance? the camera focus with the zoom as I can do lunar photos. the problem is that I don't know how to get something fainter was asking for some advice) probably im doing something wrong..... thanks
  4. Skywatcher 130pds interested un watch easy things.....I’m getting used to equipment! got m31 yesterday..... thanks
  5. Hello, due me excitement I’m beginning to see things I’d love if any more advanced user could write a list of 10 summer targets easy and beautiful to see here in a England. thanks
  6. Hello, yesterday had m31 in the middle of my eyepiece( zoom Baader). Put the canon with the help of an adaptor and through the camera I couldn’t see anything. Played with the different mm( 7 to 24) but in live view I always saw black. Played with the focuser of the telescope( 130pds) and nothing. Live view all black. Took 30 sec iso 3200 and photo is all black. andromeda was still there as I removed canon and checked again. what I’m doing wrong? Camera can get focus as I took lunar photos before with good detail. thanks
  7. Hi guys! yesterday I had bit of success! the advice that worked were: - use gmt +0 - daylight YES - new eyepiece 32 mm to see more sky i saw Andromeda! I even took a shitty photo! Thanks everybody!
  8. Im in the same platform than you "Skywatcher the troublemaker". At the moment I haven't aligned the mount any time, and im sure where polaris is.......im on holidays soon, so ill take it with time....( look for a post with my name " im giving up", there are good advice there...) I can track the moon/sun, for a few minutes, after goes out the eyepiece..... if I don't use the track option, it disappear from the eyepiece sooner, much sooner....so, it works, but nor for hours as I was expecting... with all the mounts sold, I think they should do a masterclass for us....
  9. Not working. Contacted flo. Seems has to be sent back. Shame......
  10. ill try modem cable this weekend and ill let you know
  11. The mount is connected to a skywatcher power tank. Is fully charged and is feeding the raspberry ok, so that’s not the problem.Thanks!
  12. No. No friend with telescope Is it possible that raspberry burned the cable? hows possible that? should I contact flo? the mount has one month!
  13. Hi Lonestar. If the cable is faulty it shouldn’t slew when I tell it to do so, should it?
  14. Thanks Nebula. ive plugged to usb only, it says both axes no reponse.. But I can skip that message and let me put day and time. Don’t ask to polar align though. i can’t/don’t know measure volts.
  15. Thanks for your time It’s a skywatcher he5q gt. as you can see I was using the usual cable from mount and everything was ok. After I plugged that usb from the raspberry, the handset only will turn on of if the raspberry is on. If unplugged the usb cable, doesn’t matter, tripod light I on but handset off. As soon as I plug the usb, begins to work. I must have touched something in the menu. I’ve tried the pc mode on/off but no difference. Still needs the energy coming from the raspberry. any idea? thanskss
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