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  1. More of Musks litter heading skywards today, who actually gave him permission to launch these satelittes? While it was annouched last week that in the north of Scotland thay have been setting up sites to access the data from the satellites.
  2. I wouldn't bet on it, everything seems to be made in China, even under the labels, we used to laugh at Chinese and Japanese translations in their manuals, but the laugh is on us now.
  3. I watched Mars Attack again, just make sure you aren't carrying any virus when you land there, yak yak
  4. One German retailer, soon after the New Year, website said they didn't deliver to the UK! I was going to place an order a few weeks ago but backed out because they said some of it was on back order and awaiting delivery. Perhaps Chinese goods aren't getting through customs! This pandemic will still be sending shockwaves around the globe for sometime yet, but lets not forget Brexit. BBC News 04/01/2021 VAT is now being collected at the point of sale rather than at the point of importation. This essentially means that overseas retailers sending
  5. One of the problems we have had with LED replacements is that they have been fitted to lamp post that have been there for forty year plus, the top is fixed and is tilted upwards, the one across the road lit the hillside behind us far better than the sodium lights, a word with the council, bless them, they fitted a hood.
  6. In a snow hole or igloo one candle with an air hole will keep you alive.
  7. Perhaps a dehumidifier would be better than a small heater, the heater will not get rid of moisture in the air.
  8. Our council quickly put a shade on the new LED street light that lit our house and the hillside behind it, but my neighbours bathroom lights all night, if I ask he will pit them off, but not his wife, from dusk to dawn.
  9. Hi Try https://espmc-eight.groups.io/g/MAIN, everything you want to know and more. Cyril
  10. My back garden rises steeply upwards to become level for about 20 yards, -4 and getting to that level patch is really a no no, the steps even in summer are always damp so a prolonged winter's freeze makes it a tempting low grade winter climb, crampons and axes though are retired on the shed wall, guess where the shed is, up the back. WD40 has kept my shed padlock free every winter since the shed was built, 1996, if I spray the steps????????
  11. It would be obvious to any detectives out there, it's been turned upside down so the owner can see the moon the right way up!
  12. Thanks for that guys, I haven't used it this year at all so it was just a guess,, offers?
  13. For sale Explore Scientific PMC-Eight + Exos2GT mount and cables. £650 ono. Cyril
  14. You need to get wise and stop peeking everyone knows you'll get caught out. I'd would have thought that you'd also developed a knowledge of local conditions over the years, so you need a weather report, set a time for action, check equipment, relax with a cup of tea until zero hour then pounce and with any luck you'll catch the ancient gods of the sky napping and wake bleary eyed in the morning satisfied in the knowledge that knowledge overcomes adversity.
  15. Cloud, rain, cold, but when I do get a clear night my neighbours suddenly illuminate the world by leaving every light on possible, the one next door has halogen lights in their bathroom and kitchen that make the windows look like doorways into some alien underworld, no curtains or blinds and on all night, why??? Mmmm perhaps my shuffling about at three in the morning scares them, oooooo there's the bogeyman outside again.
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