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  1. Hi Holly, Glad to hear that they stocked up. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the situation, my has arrived on the 4th of Nov and it's glorious! Here it is next to my small 130P: Also wanted to mention 2 things: - Bresser was nice enough to include a solar filter, although the weather didn't allow for any good viewing so far - If you get the focuser microreduction add-on, please be careful when installing. With all the care in the world and mine's allen screw broke in the shaft. Waiting on FLO to let me know what the procedure is next. To end o
  2. @Pixies, amazing news! FLO's website did not mention it so I though I would have to get one myself. Thanks for letting me know
  3. For which bearings is this, John? Alt, az, maybe the focuser's, all of them? Thanks again for all the knowledge sharing. It's really appreciated!
  4. Update (for posterity): I've been speaking to the wonderful people over at FLO and made a pre-order for the Bresser 10" Dobsonian today. It will take a few weeks to get this, as it is back ordered but @johninderby made a really good case for it and, after some through research, I decided that it was the best value for money option I could possibly get. Thanks again for all the extremely useful info and tips, John! I'm so pumped! Can't wait for first light with this bad boy. In case anyone in the future has the same struggle as I, here is a list of everything I ordered: - Br
  5. Sorry about the delayed reply, @Whistlin Bob. Must have missed your message when it came through. I have been browsing Astro Buy & Sell for a while and found an older 12" Revelation Astro that seemed perfect. Unfortunately, by the time the seller got back to me, it was already taken. Haven't managed to find any dobs in the UK since then. If you know of some, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thanks and have a great week ahead!
  6. I emailed them yesterday evening and Markus Ludes just replied Unfrotunately, they don't have it in stock. I will check again with the UK retailers and maybe wait for the Bresser to be back in stock, if it's not to delayed. If anyone can think of other similar options, please, don't hestitate to post. Thank you all again for the invaluable feedback! Cheers
  7. We do have a pretty big Skoda with lots of space in the back, so that should necessarily be an issue. The main concern is quality (for optics, focuser and general build) within the £1,000 budget.
  8. Thanks for the info, @dweller25! Since I have you here, I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding my options. Cheers!
  9. I found this German company that might still have the Bresser in stock and, with shipping, it would be about 640 EUR: https://www.apm-telescopes.de/en/telescopes/dobsonians/bresser-messier-10-dobson.html Do you know anything about them? Thanks again, John!
  10. I've been seeing pretty bad opinions on the build quality for this one, so I'm not sure. Also the extra setup plus the need for a full shroud gives me pause. @johninderby, I was wondering if there was something else, other than the higher price point, that you think is off with the Orion SkyQuest XT10 PLUS. I understand that the R&P focuser on the Bresser is a bit more stable with large eyepieces and cameras, but is the Crayford that bad? Also, is there anything else that rubs you the wrong way with this one? Thanks again!
  11. I had it's bigger brother in my original line-up: "Explore Scientific Ultra Light 12" Dobsonian (Gen II) - Although this is just a bit above budget (£1,063 + £7.50 shipping) and the truss design gives me some pause (regarding the ease of setup, the need to constantly recollimate and the potential need for a shroud - as I live close to Manchester's light polluted center), I've read that they improved quite a few things with the 2nd generation. The light gathering capabilities would obviously be better but it would mean that I would have to give up on the RACI and the eyepieces, at least fo
  12. @johninderby, it seems like no one has in in stock, both in the UK as well as Europe. I guess I missed that train What would next best option be, in your opinion? Cheers!
  13. Yeah, just gave the Bresser support team a call. Apprently, because of the huge amount of orders they've been receiving, they have ran out of some parts that connect the OTA to the alt bearings. They are waiting for some more now but said it would be at least until late Oct or early Nov before a new batch is out
  14. Mhmm...so that means that they are probably back ordered. Hopefully FLO, RVO or other UK astro shops are getting some soon. Thanks again for the interest, John
  15. What's weird is that they don't seem to have the Bresser Dobs on thier website: https://www.telescopehouse.com/telescopes/telescopes-by-type/dobsonian-telescopes.html Even if you check the Bresser Telescopes only, they are missing: https://www.telescopehouse.com/telescopes/telescopes-by-brand/brand-bresser-telescopes.html
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