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  1. Hi all, Recently purchased ZWO ASI224MC and I'm looking to add IR Cut and IR pass filters to collection. Looking for budget options to start with. Thank you
  2. Hi Looking for either ZWO ASI224MC (preferred), ZWO ASI290MC or ASI120 (USB3) . Ideally I want a budget dual purpose camera to do guiding and some planetary imagining. But would also consider asi mini as guiding is my top priority. Might consider other cameras. Thank you. Edit: after bit of reading also interested in ASI290MC
  3. Thank you Fifeskies Good point about FOV of camera, i was only taking into consideration the guidescope fov vs the main scope.
  4. Thank you StevieDvd Just to clarify you say "Software PA alignment basically does that by using your main scope/camera and platesolving" However I plan to be using my guide scope for that as I don't believe my DSLR can be used for this? Hence my question, does my main scope and guide scope need to be precisely aligned to the same spot?
  5. Hi all, I plan to use my DSLR on my main scope and use my guide scope with guide cam for PA. I'm using AZ GTI in EQ mode, so no polar scope. Does my guide scope need to be perfectly aligned with my main scope to have good PA? Or same as for guiding just roughly in the same direction? Main scope will be WO ZS61, guide scope probably 50mm.
  6. Just a note if anyone is looking for a Skywatcher EQ Wedge, FLO have couple in stock.
  7. Hi all Looking for guide scope and guide cam, can be separate or as package. Also still on the lookout for EQ Wedge (Skywatcher type) . Thanks for reading.
  8. Hi @jif001 I forgot to subscribe to my own thread and missed this. Thank you for your message. I would grab this if it was the WiFi version, but as I've just purchased AZ GTI, I'm more interested in the 'pro-bits'. Best of luck with sell.
  9. Hi Cesarf, I've seen one advertised on Facebook and on E-bay (bidding still going) Appears to be the same person advertising. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sky-Watcher-Skymax-127-AZ-GTI-Telescope-With-GPCAM2-And-Accessories/284033349178?epid=2256014258&hash=item4221b4f63a:g:tZYAAOSwUE9feKPZ
  10. Hi all, Looking for a SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Equatorial Wedge, alternatively William Optics one. also interested in - L-Bracket camera holder for SkyWatcher Star Adventurer - Skywatcher Counterweight set for Star Adventurer If you have full Star Adventurer Pro to sell let me know also interested. Thank you
  11. Thank you @knobby Still learning, those are single shots, so far I'm unlucky with my stacked efforts, too much light pollution and my processing skills are rubbish. I'm using DSS and GIMP.
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