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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Callisto, however, without the dovetail plate, it becomes too back heavy. This would probably put stress on the motor if it's unbalanced
  2. Thanks JemC - Ah, forgot that when I first measured it that it didn't have the flattener so I have just weighed it again with the scope and flattener along with the camera (with battery) and red dot finder etc and it comes to 2.8Kg and the counterweight is 1.4Kg. So in total, 4.2Kg. To be fair, it's not far off the weight limit but should still be okay and the fact that I can move the CW even further down and even buy an extension rod suggests it could take more weight.
  3. Thanks Steve, that's a very good point. My patio slabs are quite wobbly when walking on them. The only problem though is that I set a timer for 10 secs before it starts taking 30, 1 minute, pictures and I go indoors for 30 mins before coming out again to check it. So can't see why it would be moving that much in-between. However, It might be what's causing the double stars though. With the star trails, I've never had any zig zag lines, just straight lines that all go in the same direction, all the same length. In fact, I've just flicked through the pics really quickly almost making a
  4. Thanks PEMS, I polar align it almost perfectly every time and sometimes do it again half way through to check it and It's still perfect. For the weight, this was one of the things that concerned me at first (can't remember how much it weighed) but I do remember everything was under the weight limit for the tracker by quite a bit. I've seen people with an extension rod to fit two counter weights lower to balance their equipment, so I don't think that could be the problem. Thanks for the help though!
  5. Hi guys, hoping you can help with the tracking problems I'm coming across with my astrophotography setup. I've been using it since August 2020 and have kind of put up with the problem until last night where I think it's getting worse... Specs below (let me know if you need anything else): William Optics Zenithstar 61 II (360mm F6.1) - Zenithstar 61Adjustable Field Flattener iOptron SkyGuider Pro Camera Mount Full Package K&F Concept Aluminium Tripod with 2kg weight Canon EOS 250d (cropped sensor 1.6x) The problem: I take roughly 40 pics with each being
  6. I didn't think about having a different mount actually... That's a good idea. The Omegon dobs look good and are cheaper than the Orion push-to as well. Just a shame they're in Germany I've found this company: https://www.tringastro.co.uk/dobsonian-91-c.asp and they have a store roughly an hour drive away (opening 16th July) and they have a decent range of dobs so I will be visiting them next weekend. They said they have a Sky-watcher 300 flex goto on show so I can see how loud they are in person. Haven't looked into Bresser dobs yet but looks like it could be another possibility if the
  7. Thanks guys, I would normally buy things online but when it comes to something this expensive, I wouldn't want to take the risk of losing my money. If I needed to return it and Orion said no or just ignored me, then there's not much I can do but if I buy it from a store, then I can physically take it back. Looks like I'll just have to get the sky-watcher without the goto to avoid the noise and use that money I'll be saving to get the 10" with better eye pieces.
  8. Hi, I'm relatively new to the whole telescope thing but have done my research and was fixed on getting the Orion skyquest XT8i or XT10i. By spending that much money, I didn't like the idea of purchasing it online from their website without seeing it in person (and not having the reassurance of being able to take it back) and looked for stores in the UK that would supply them. After plenty of research, it seems like they don't exist anymore and they are only in the US? Is this right or could anyone help me? (I've looked at the Sky-watcher 250PX/200PX flextube skyscan goto but it is si
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